Possible trades before the deadline to help the offense out.

I just have the feeling Dorsey is going to make some kind of move to improve the offense before the tarde deadline to make a run in the playoffs. I was thinking if we really want to go all in on this year why not do it. Our offense isn't good but it's not horrible, I honestly think we are one piece away from having an above average offense and an above average offense with our defense? the sky would be the limit. Defenses are able to pay attention to Bowe and Charles and be OK, but if they have to deal with 3 players of that caliber they would probably be in trouble.I definatley think we need to look into obtaining a new tight end first and for most because we know Alex Smith loves throwing to tight ends, so let's explore the possibilities of who we could acquire than could boost this offense.

Tight Ends We Could Possibly Acquire ----------

Tony G-

Yes, there has been talk of getting Tony G back from the Falcons, but I don't think it would be worth it because he has said he is only playing this year. So we would essentially be buying him for 10-13 games which wouldn't really be ideal. If he promises to play next year then I'm all for it, i think our offense could become above average if we could have gonzalez fasano bowe and charles on the field at the same time, it would be a great story too.

other possibilities??

mercedes lewis (jags)? -

is he injured right now? if not I would like getting him for the right price if the jags are willing to give him up. He's a big ass target at 6'6'' and has some speed, he could be our vernon davis for alex smith. we would be unstoppable in the red zone too, with lewis and fasano that would be a beast combo.

lance kendricks (rams)-

I haven't watched the rams that much honestly so I have no idea how they use their personnel. I dunno if they use two tight end sets alot or not, but I do know the man that starts in front of kendricks is a straight up beast and isn't going anywhere named jared cook. i have always liked kendricks when i ahve watched he has elite speed for a tight end and is more of an "H" back kind of like aaron hernandez was. he is really speedy though and would definatley add some speed and quickness to our tight ends that could really open things up for us. Since he is a back up I think we could possibly get him for a third, if the rams are interested,

kyle rudolph (vikings)-

I dunno if the vikings are looking to call it quits yet but it looks they're done havign matt cassel as a starter while josh freeman waiting in the wings looks like a white flag to me. If they would be interested dealing this guy that would be great. he is BIG at 6'6'' and athletic with great hands he's like a poor-man's gronk but still good.

james hanna (cowboys)

i know the cowboys arent done yet and could very well make the playoffs, but this their third string tight end. hes not ur ordinary third string tight end, he has blazing speed im talking about wide reciever speed and is 6'3'' 250 and has alot of upside just waiting for his chance to shine, this would be intriguing.

owen daniels/garrett graham (texans)

i dunno if theyre ready to call it quits yet but both of these guys would be good options. this not very likely though cuz they love to run those two tight end formations.

Wide Recievers

Josh Gordon-

I think this guy is gonna be a star, if we are gonna draft a WR in the first next year anyways I honestly wouldnt mind us giving the browns a first for josh gordon, I think he's gonna be that good.

Hakeem Nicks-

He's like a more athletic version of dwayne bowe, and for a third that really isn't a bad deal at all. If andy thinks another wide reciever would really help this offense all that much then I would pull the trigger honestly. This is the most likely scenario I think, and our WR corps wouldnt be a joke with bowe nicks mccluster and avery not too shabby.

Do you guys have any ideas? I want to speculate on this because I just think Dorsey and Reid will be aggressive like they have been and go for another piece to go on a run

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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