Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs news 10/11

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NJ Chiefs Fan is off today so I'm filling in for him, which is why Arrowheadlines is not as good today as it usually is.

Chiefs reap benefits from ‘second’ draft class by KC Star

The Chiefs, based on their 2-14 record of a year ago, had first crack at every player waived during the first three weeks of the regular season. And while it’s commonplace for teams to churn the bottom of their rosters and pick up a player or two, the Chiefs’ plucking so many who have contributed so much so soon to a 5-0 start is unusual, if not unprecedented.

Chiefs Coordinators Talk Raiders Week Matchup -

"Very good," Toub said. "We think they're one of the best, right now; they're playing really fast. (Raiders ST) Bobby April is a great coach; he has them playing fast. They have good returners, obviously a good kicker and a good punter; so, we have our hands full this week, for sure." The Chiefs special teams unit has scored twice in 2013, marking the first time Kansas City has had multiple special teams touchdowns in one season, since the team recorded three special teams touchdowns in 2009.

Chiefs’ Houston still not cleared to play Sunday - KC Star

Zombo, who has two tackles this season, credits new Chiefs general manager John Dorsey for bringing him in from Green Bay. "I think he realized the talent I had," Zombo said. "In Green Bay I was injured quite a bit. This is the first time in a long time, at least two years, that I’ve been healthy."

Inside Slant: Why are Kansas City Chiefs 5-0? - ESPN

The chart shows the top five and worst five in the NFL based on percentage of dropbacks that have been disrupted. The Chiefs have disrupted nearly a quarter of all passing plays they've faced this season, significantly more than the next team and well ahead of the NFL average. Indeed, the Chiefs lead the NFL with 21 sacks through five weeks of the season. Their 30 pass breakups, 10 batted passes and 20 passes defended also sit atop the league rankings. They are tied for third with seven interceptions.

Raiders don't play prevent - KC Star

Pryor, when asked if he aspired to the kind of efficiency displayed by Smith, said, "I think I'm a little more risky than him. He does his thing and that's him. I just go play ball.. . . I know they've got a lot of checkdowns. That's efficient, I guess. We want to be explosive and try to attack."

Kansas City Chiefs fans aim to break Seattle Seahawks' noise record | AP

While fans paid the $700 fee to expedite approval of the record attempt, a team spokesman confirmed that the franchise paid for an adjudicator from Guinness World Records to fly to Kansas City for the game. Rowton said the cost of that was $7,500. "We got a late start compared to Seattle. They had a four-month jump on us," Rowton told The Associated Press. "But we've got support on all levels, even the players are behind this."

Chiefs’ Pederson says Avery, Fisher and Charles will likely play Sunday - KC Star

"Jamaal’s the guy, he’s gonna go," Pederson said. "He’s a tough kid. Will we spell him from time-to-time with Cyrus (Gray) and Knile (Davis)? Yeah, we’ll do that and give him a blow. We did it last week and we’ll continue to do that ... we’ll just monitor his progress throughout the game.

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