Biggest Chiefs' Rival?

It’s Red Friday Eve and RRRAAAAAIIIIDDDDEEERR week. If you arent pumped for this game, you arent living!

In the car this morning I was listening to 610 sports radio. They were having a discussion about who is a bigger rival to the Chiefs, the Broncos or the Raiders? I’d like to add to this discussion my own opinion.

Its pretty obvious that if you are a Chiefs fan you hate the Broncos AND the Raiders. There’s no doubt they are both rivals. For me, they both carry weight. When the Chiefs are flying high, much like they are now, you look back at past seasons and remember heart breaking losses to each of these teams. 1998, Divisional Playoffs, Chiefs go into the game with only 3 loss, they come out with their 4th and final(season ending) loss to the Broncos. Or maybe, the last 6 years, yes SIX years at Arrowhead during Raider week...all of which have resulted in a loss. Its bad to lose, its terrible to lose at home, but to lose at home to the Raiders? That’s just, well no clean words can be said for losing at home to the Raiders!

Both of these rivalries are close. KC leads the Raiders by 4 games, and the Broncos by 6. That’s right, even after losing copious amounts of games these last few years, the Chiefs still lead both series. Both rivalries are because one never knows going into a game who will win. You can say that for any NFL game though. Star player gets hurt, the whole team falls apart, the underdog wins. I think it takes on a whole new level when the Chiefs play the Bronco or Raiders though. Any good/smart football fan knows that when it comes to rivalries, stats and records are thrown out. Its about who shows up, who hates who more and who has more heart.

The definition of rivalry is ‘competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.’ Thanks Google. So, with that definition, they are both rivals. But which team is the best rivalry?

In my opinion its the Raiders. I mean, yes we all hate Denver. They cheat, they throw punches(ahem Bill Romanowski), who also played for Oakland so there’s another reason to hate them both. BUT, the Raiders are unruly. They have the type of fans that you just flat out cant win an argument with. They are always right (sarcasm). And what’s with the freakish monster costumes all of their fans wear? What happened to a t-shirt or jersey and some facepaint? Also they play on a stupid baseball field half of the year. What real football team does that? My point is, a good, fierce rivalry is one where the fans will make up all sorts of reason(legit or not) to hate the opponent. Much like I did above.

Dont get me wrong, the Broncos and Chiefs have a great rivalry. But to me, that rivalry has some respect. I have to respect what the Broncos have done lately. I dont like it, by any means and I’m certain that Peyton’s "neck surgery" was actually a surgery to place a video game chip into him. There is some crazy good video gamer, in his basement on Sunday afternoons controlling this guy. Some could argue that the Broncos are who we are gunning for each year. They usually win the division, they are the ones we need to beat. However, if we cant get past the Raiders, who seem to always find a way to beat us, it doesnt matter. We lose twice to the Raiders we dont have a shot at beating the Broncos in the division standings. The Broncos play in cold weather(the way football should be played), they have a FOOTBALL field, not a baseball field masquerading as a football field, and their fans(some of them) will honestly sit down and have decent conversation about football.

I by no means like either team. Do I like to see them decent? Yes, because it makes it all the more satisfying when the Chiefs pound them. But when it comes to who is the best rival, I’m giving the slight edge to the Raiders. Ugly colors, play on a dirt field, psychotic fans, and usually a terrible football team round out my reasons why I HATE THE RAIDERS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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