I Pick, You Pick, We All Pick: Week 6

Week 5 Roll Up:


Eric: 7-7

Nate: 7-7

Vince: 7-7


Matt Miller: 8-6

Pete Prisco: 8-6

Adam Schefter: 8-6

Cincinnati finally lived up to its potential causing all three amateurs to miss the pick. The other consensus losses were Indy over Seattle, Cards taking down the Panthers, Raiders shocking the Chargers and Geno’s Jets upset in the Georgia Dome. Eric was the lone taker on the Giants pulling off their first win while Nate called the Pack being too much at home for the Lions without Megatron.

Season Roll Up:

Amateurs: 138-93

Eric: 46-31

Nate: 47-30

Vince: 45-32

Experts: 144-87

Matt: 54-23

Pete: 46-31

Adam: 44-33

Miller adds another pick to his overall lead and has the experts up seven picks. He is the only expert beating all the amateurs.

Week 6 Picks:

New York Giants at Chicago Bears

Eric: Chicago

- I picked the Giants to get their first win last week and missed. This week I can’t see them going into Soldier field and upsetting the bears.

Nate: Chicago

-I keep thinking that the Giants are too good to keep losing, but they will definitely keep the losing going this week on the road against a tough Bears teams.

Vince: Chicago

- The bears are just way mre physical than the Giants.

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

Rivalry week baby



Eric: Kansas City

- The Raiders have beaten the Chiefs in Arrowhead every year since 2006. That’s astonishing and frightening to think. I actually puked in my mouth a little bit. Everyone knows I’m in the Army. One of my good friends is a medic and he and I cut all ties this week since he is a pathetic Raiders fan. That’s right I cut ties (for a week) with a guy that would render me aid under fire. It’s THAT serious. Arrowhead will be rocking trying to break the sound record!

Nate: Kansas City

-Raiders are starting Reece at running back and will feature the worst group of receivers the Chiefs have faced this year. Pryor is good, but won’t be able to overcome the Chiefs defense in what will probably be the loudest stadium in NFL history.

Vince: Oakland *Upset Pick*

- Pryor is just going to run on them.

Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings

Eric: Carolina

- With Cassel starting I can’t and won’t pick the Vikings. This job will be Freemans soon enough.

Nate: Carolina

-I have a better chance at rooting for the Raiders this week than Matt Cassel does of putting together back-to-back solid performances at the QB position.

Vince: Carolina

-Who’s the Vikings QB?

Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Eric: Philadelphia

- The Buccaneers front office is imploding. This is a game that the Eagles must win to keep pace with Dallas, Foles or not.

Nate: Philadelphia

-The Bucs defense will be able to slow down the Eagles offense, but they won’t have enough firepower on offense to hang with them in the end.

Vince: Philadelphia

-Watch the eagles move the ball on the bucs with little problems.

Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets

Smiling at the haters....



Eric: Pittsburgh *Upset Pick*

-I’m going to pick the Steelers to get their first win against the overachieving Jets.

Nate: New York

-The Geno success continues to ooze all over the haters. Jets win behind another solid performance by Geno and the defense.

Vince: Pittsburgh

- 1st win for Ben.

St. Louis Rams at Houston Texans

Eric: Houston

- The Texans will take out their frustrations on the Rams. Schaub gets back on track calming the Houston fans.

Nate: St. Louis *Upset Pick*

-When the head coach is seriously considering benching the starting QB, it doesn’t exactly mean things are going very well for the team. That’s the situation the Texans are in and the Rams are seeing blood in the water.

Vince: Houston

- Schuab is gonna put up or shut up this game

Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns

Eric: Detroit

- The Lions slow the Browns roll. Fortunately the Browns are better off than their owner. A quite interesting story that you can read here

Nate: Detroit

-Weeden is back at QB and the Browns mojo will begin to fade away this week against the Lions. Cleveland has been hot as of late, but let's face it.....



Vince: Detroit

-This game will be closer than people think.

Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens

Eric: Green Bay

- The Ravens can get pressure but Aaron Rogers is used to pressure and has the ability to exploit the Baltimore secondary. I think Joe Flacco makes a mistake that in no way constitutes his salary, once again.

Nate: Green Bay

-This won’t be like the week one disaster that Baltimore experienced against the Broncos, but the Packers offense is eerily similar and almost as potent.

Vince: Baltimore

- With Ray Rice more involved the Ravens all the way.

Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills

Eric: Cincinnati

- Perhaps the Bengals have found themselves; perhaps last week was a fluke. Regardless I’ll take the Bengals D against whoever the Bills QB is.

Nate: Cincinnati

-There are two things I’ve learned this year involving the Bengals. One: I can’t spell Cincinnati without using spell check….. and at times that doesn’t even help. Two: Who the hell are these guys? Win when they are supposed to lose and lose when they are supposed to win. I’ll give them another shot.

Vince: Cincinnati

- The Bengals should ride this momentum awhile.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos



Eric: Denver *Lock of the Week*

- The game hasn’t even started but while I’m typing this the Broncos have scored 35 points. LONG day for the struggling Jags.

Nate: Denver *Lock of the Week*

-I think morale victories are dumb, but that’s all the Jags can play for in this game. If they can cover the 28 point spread then maybe they can feel victorious.

Vince: Denver *Lock of the Week*

- Will they ever lose?

Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks

Eric: Seattle

- The Titans fought hard last week and just came up short. Their 3-1 hopeful season quickly turns to .500 while the "12th Man" sees its record go down to true fanatics in Kansas City.

Nate: Seattle

-The Seahawks don’t lose at home and Fitzpatrick loses everywhere.

Vince: Seattle

- Nothing beats a good home field advantage.

New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots

Eric: New Orleans

- The Patriots D slows down the Saints high flying offense but it turns out the Saints have a D this year too. Advantage goes to New Orleans who has more weapons.

Nate: New Orleans

-The Saints are the best team in football with a great balance of offense and defense. Despite the return of Gronk for the Pats, the Saints will prove why they are the team to beat this year.

Vince: New England

- Tom wont have a back to back bad game.

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

Eric: San Francisco

- The Niners carry over the momentum from last week and beat a team they are superior to. Kaepernick needs to take advantage of the turnovers his defense causes and put the Cardinals away early.

Nate: San Francisco

-Too good of a defense by the 49ers for the Cards offense to overcome.

Vince: San Francisco

- The Cards have done nothing but disappoint this year.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

Eric: Dallas

- The Cowboys won’t have to get into a shootout like they did last week though they may put up as many points. This game is the first step to a division title if you’re a Dallas fan and another step to the cellar if you’re a Redskins fan.

Nate: Dallas

-Romo redeems himself and ends up winning the shootout this week.

Vince: Dallas

- Hmm RG Who? Get him out of the league.

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers

Luck is focused on winning the AFC South



Eric: Indianapolis

- Luck is on fire as of late. The Chargers will have to wait until next week to get a win against the AFC South.

Nate: San Diego

-Maybe I’m just not good at recognizing talented football teams, but I still don’t believe in the Colts right now. The Chargers give them a reality check this week.

Vince: San Diego

- Could go either way really lets just see who is hot.

Bye Week:

Atlanta Falcons & Miami Dolphins

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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