Raiders-Chiefs odds: KC favored big but Oakland has won 6 in a row at Arrowhead


The KC Chiefs are 5-0 while the Oakland Raiders are 2-3. You can guess what this means for the NFL odds on Sunday's game.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 9.5-point favorites against the Oakland Raiders, according to SB Nation's NFL odds page. I just got done re-reading Nick Jacobs' Raider breakdown and I feel more confident that the Chiefs will win this game than just about any other (besides the Jaguars of course). Probably by even more than 10 points.

But alas this is the Raider game. It's impossible to predict how this one will go and history has proven that. Dating back to 2003, these two have one of the tightest average margins of victory in the NFL, so history's stance on this game is that it's going to be a close one.

Check out the chart below of the last 10 years of Chiefs vs. Raiders:

Date W/L Chiefs Raiders Margin
10/20/2003 W 17 10 7
11/23/2003 W 27 24 3
12/5/2004 W 34 27 7
12/25/2004 W 31 30 1
9/18/2005 W 23 17 6
11/6/2005 W 27 23 4
11/19/2006 W 17 13 4
12/23/2006 W 20 9 11
10/21/2007 W 12 10 2
11/25/2007 L 17 20 3
9/14/2008 L 8 23 15
11/30/2008 W 20 13 7
9/20/2009 L 10 13 3
11/15/2009 W 16 10 6
11/7/2010 L 20 23 3
1/2/2011 L 10 31 21
10/23/2011 W 28 0 28
12/24/2011 L 13 16 3
10/28/2012 L 16 26 10
12/16/2012 L 0 15 15
Average 12-8 18.3 17.65 7.95

The Chiefs had a nice run at the top but then the losing happened (and kept happening ... and happening ...). The Raiders 20-17 victory at Arrowhead on Nov. 25, 2007 was the start of a six-year run of winning for the Raiders at Arrowhead. The streak lives on today.

That streak is one of the story lines this week. Friend and contributor of AP Herbie Teope got a few "WTF" reactions when asking Chiefs players about that streak this week. Read his piece on ending the streak here.

9.5 points is a big line in the NFL, especially in a year when the league is setting records for the number of close games. That line is the oddsmakers strongly believing KC will win this game. It's the third biggest spread of the week behind Jaguars-Broncos (27.5, which is the biggest ever), Titans-Seahawks (14) and Cardinals-49ers (11).

Does the Raiders streak at Arrowhead end this weekend?

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