The Madden Trial: Chiefs vs. Titans



Hey, AP! I've been thinking of a new idea for a series I could do every week in which I simulate a game of Madden (with an updated depth chart) every week, then look at the box score and highlights to see what our friends over at EA Sports thought of our chances at winning this game are.


Keep in mind that this post is satirical. I am well aware that this is not a legitimate way to predict games and I am well aware that I'm a huge nerd pussy who should have his lunch money stolen or whatever.

I have inserted Marcus Cooper into the 3rd CB spot and have made Bailey our subpackage DE opposite Poe, as well as putting Stephenson and Schwartz in at the line spots and have Fasano (who looks to make a return this week) starting over McGrath, who is our #2.

Without further ado...

After a 9 yard run by Chris Johnson from the first play from scrimmage, Fitz is sacked by Houston for a two yard loss and then throws an interception to Dunta on the next play.

Chiefs have the ball at the 21 and get stuffed on two run plays and Avery drops a deep ball. Punt.

Chris Johnson tears us up for 3 first downs in a row on the ground and in the air, but then Jordan gets him for a 4 yard loss and the defense stays strong. Punt.

Alex gets flushed by Jurrell Casey and gets picked off by Sensabaugh after trying to go deep, who runs it back to our 9.

Fitz throw a short pattern to Walker for 5 yards and scrambles for the last 4 for a TD.

Touchback. Jamaal starts off with a run off RT for a first down. McCluster catches two straight first downs from the flats where he is left with a lot of cushion, then on a pitch to the outside Stephenson pulls around to hammer a DB and escorts Jamaal to a 29 yard TD scamper.

Tennessee does nothing with the ball. Punt.

KC marches down the field with intermediate passes to McGrath, Fasano and McCluster before Jamaal breaks free on a run. He looks to be on his way in when Pollard flies in from the side and knocks the ball loose. Tenn recovers and has it at their 10.

Two teams exchange drives that result in nothing.


Alex tosses the ball up deep to Bowe, but Verner reaches up first and grabs the pick. Tenn has it at their 38.

The ensuing Titans drive results in nothing.

After the punt, a bubble screen to Avery goes for 41 yards. Fasano catches a nice ball to take us to our 4 and then Jamaal comes out of the backfield unaccounted for for the quick TD grab. 14-7 Chiefs.

Titans get a first down on the next drive but a crushing hit but Poe on 3rd and 4 keeps Battle from picking up the first.

Next drive, Jamaal runs for 20 yards, but the run is erased by a hold. Alex sees the pocket collapsing on the ensuing play and tries to roll out but doesn't see Zach Brown blitzing. He's hit hard and fumbles, recovered by Verner.

Titans march down the field but Tamba nails CJ2k on a cutback and forces the ball loose. Houston recovers. Play is reviewed and it turns out he was down. Nothing comes of the drive and they settle for a field goal.

Next drive, nothing happens. We punt.

Next drive, nothing happens. They punt.

Alex gets sacked after two good Jamaal runs and we punt.

Fitz breaks the streak of ineptitude and throws a huge 50 yard bomb to Nate Washington for a TD.

The two teams exchange drives before Tennessee scores a field goal on the last play before half.


Consecutive dropped passes by Hemmingway and Avery on 2nd and 3rd down force us to punt.

After a 30 yarder on their first offense play of the second, Allen Bailey breaks through for a monster sack and they can't recover. Punt.

Alex Smith pulls it on the read option and goes 29 yards before sliding. A long ball to Hemmingway goes for 34 yards on the next play. Checkdowns to Jamaal go for another first. Sherman gets stuffed on 2nd and Goal but Avery grabs one in the corner for a TD. 21-20 Chiefs.

Titans get shut down after legitimately one of the coolest sacks I've seen on Madden. Poe shoves his guy back into Fitzpatrick at the snap and knocks him down with the center's body. Punt.

Jamaal makes a couple of good runs for firsts but on 4th and 2, he comes through with a 9 yard reception over the middle to keep the drive alive.


Alex Smith gets out of the pocket and runs for 16 yards. With a power play off LT with Asamoah pulling around, Jamaal runs into the endzone untouched. 28-20, Chiefs.

Houston with the sack to put the Titans back far enough to try a long bomb that gets picked off by Berry. He runs it back to their 30.

Fasano grabs a 26 yarder before Smith calls his own number on the read option for the score. 35-20, Chiefs.

Justin Hunter looks to break free for a huge gain before Berry comes across the field and drills him to force the ball out. DJ recovers.

After a balanced drive that marches us down to the opposing 10, Akeem Ayers comes through unblocked and hits Alex and also forces a fumble that is recovered by Dawson.

Fitz tosses up 5 deep balls that all get completed. Tosses it to Craig Stevens for a 5 yard TD. 35-27 Chiefs.

Jamaal gets 6 consecutive carries for 2 first downs and we kneel the ball for the win.

Chiefs win, 35-27.

End stats.


555 total yards.

280 rushing yards (235 Jamaal, 42 Alex, 3 Davis)

275 passing yards

4 sacks (2 Houston, 1 Bailey, 1 Poe). Leading tackler is Akeem Jordan and Justin Houston with 9 each.


316 total yards

84 rushing yards (60 CJ2K, 24 Fitz)

232 passing yards

3 sacks (1 Brown, 1 Casey, 1 Ayers)

Leading tackler is Zach Brown with 15 total tackles.

GAME BALL: Jamaal Charles had 235 rushing yards, but Jon Asamoah's 5 pancake blocks and 0 sacks allowed pioneered this offensive performance. Game ball goes to the run game.


Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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