My first quarter Chiefs report card from a fans point of view

Well the first 4 games of the year have come and gone and our Chiefs Kingdom is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY(stolen from Duck Dynasty,thanks Phil). My point of view is a fans view,i don't watch all 22 film, and this is not about X's and O's so to speak(but i do know what they are ). What i do care about is that our Chiefs team is going all out, 100% effort as a team and giving the fans all they have every game this season. Last season was very tough to watch for so many reasons, and painful enough on every level imaginable that i won't rehash it here.

Disclaimer the following is the thoughts of 3 fans i interviewed for this article:

Subject One:Male 55 Chiefs fan ME: Do you watch the Chiefs? Him: I just watch the games but i don't know a lot about football. I just watch the offense and the defense,the defense seems very good and the offense sucks. ME:Why does the offense suck? Him: Well they don't throw deep ever and they need a quarterback really bad. He just doesn't have the long throw capabilities. ME: What do you like about the defense? Him:They are fast and they get a lot of sacks,hard hitters. I really like Justin Houston the most man he's fast.

Subject Two:Female 43 ME:Do you watch the Chiefs play. Her: Hell yes,they are my team Baby. Me:What do you think of the Chiefs so far this year? Her: They are really kicking ass especially the defensive line. And Brandon Flowers is the man he covers all the best one on one. WOW!! ME:What is your opinion of the offense and special teams(seemed knowledgeable so i thought i'd ask) Her: Well the offense is kind of sucky right now but i think they will get better,the QB doesn't seem to like to throw the ball. He reminds me of Matt Cassel just more accurate but i think defenses aren't scared of him going deep. Also why doesn't he ever throw it to Bowe, he is our best receiver you know. Don't know much about special teams but the punter is cute.

Subject Three:Male 55 ME:What do you think of the Chiefs so far this season? Him:Definite improvement over last season i can tell you that.(well duh it couldn't be much worse right?) ME:What do you think of the offense and defense? Him: The defense seems to be way ahead of the game at this point. It seems like they know what the other team is gonna do,maybe because the coach has played them so much? Offensively they just seem very unorganized and unsure of themselves. Then again when they have to it seems like they really play well. I wonder if it is all so new they just have not got in sync yet or what. ME: How do you feel about special teams as a whole. Him: I think they are doing good,the punter is good,the kicker is good and the returns seem better than before.

Well that did not go quite like i expected. I really thought i would get more analysis from the fans, you know like we do here on AP. Which leads me to believe we are all either are football nerds so to speak or we don't have normal lives. I guess that i must rely on my friends here at AP for the in depth analysis of our Chiefs. The Chiefs who are 4-0 right now and looking better each week,seem to have taken a page from the Royals and have Come To Play.

Which i believe leads me to my outlook on the first quarter of Chiefs football in the Andy Reid era. First and foremost let me say this, my wife doesn't even watch football. But for some reason this year she has decided each Sunday to put on a red Chiefs shirt and watch the game with me. Now i am superstitious so i will keep a close eye on this for all here on AP. Back to our Chiefs,as a regular fan with a little knowledge of athletes and the way things should work i'll put out these thoughts.

The coaching staff deserves a ton of credit and i do believe the Chiefs have one of the best staffs in all of football. From Andy Reid down to the strength and conditioning personnel. This team has the same basic core members and other than the coaching staff and a few starters this is last years team(so i guess it's not last years team but you know what i mean). As a whole this team acts different from the way they go about business to the way they talk to media to the way they react on the field. I believe the coaching staff that Reid has assembled here has done something that normally takes 3 or 4 years of winning to do. He has changed the culture of this team and the fans(yes us too). Please follow me here, this team just went through arguably the worst season a team could go through. On and off the field it was a fricking train wreck. We had a head coach(if you call spongehead fatpants a coach)who's favorite line was i don't know. We had a horrible tragedy off the field with the man who shall not be named leaving his child without parents. The team itself played with no heart or motivation and at times it seemed as they had no faith in each other.

2013 has begun with a new outlook and attitude by our new coaching staff,new GM with the Chiefs best interest at heart,our fans(we know we are the most knowledgeable and faithful fan base in the NFL) and and it seems now like we have a new attitude by the players also. This team seems to be all about team and each man doing his job and depending on the man beside him. It has been a long time since i have seen the team concept working to perfection as it has so far here in KC. the last time i can remember a team being so all for one was mid 70's Steelers. I feel the change is very positive and will be much easier to maintain with the fast start achieved.

As far as the personnel groupings and specific areas of the team i offer these thoughts. The coaching staff has done a wonderful job in every area and must be commended with an A grade. Even though improvement is always available and should be worked toward the in game adjustments and basic game plans is why i feel they get the A. The defense and Bob Sutton also get an A here,great game plans ,good execution and excellent adjustments give this unit an A. The special teams as a whole can and will continue to grow. They looked great in preseason but i have never put much stock in preseason. The amount of new personnel acquired late put Toub's group a little behind but they are catching up. I am somewhat concerned about the blocked punts though so this group needs to grow and get better and receive a B-. The offense really is right where i expected them to be right now,which is still learning each other at the skill positions. My main concern on offense is the slow starting offensive line play, i felt it would be ahead of the passing game and seems to be kind of weak. Now our line is one of the youngest in the NFL and i will give some room to grow there. But the grade overall is a B and the only reason it is that high is for some reason these men know how to finish a game off. Of the 4 games played this offense has put the game away in the 4th quarter 3 times, that is awesome. So there you have my basic grades and outlook on quarter one of this season.

As always thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS. Look for my next post on the coaching staff and if you haven't already read my post-Welcome to John Dorsey's Blue Collar Contracting as the players he has acquired after cuts seem to be helping this team now.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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