Geno smith is nowhere near as good of a QB as RG3 or Andrew Luck......Right?

So first of i'm doing this on a tablet so if the format is all messed up I appolagize. Some times this thing does crazy stuff. Also i have never posted before but i have been hangin around since right before the 2008 draft. I'm writing this because over the last few weeks i have seen a ton of post about how smith (during this post i will refer to "smith" several times i am always referring to Geno not Alex. That should be clear but you never know.) is not nearly as good as the top 2 passers from last year drafts. I'm not really writing this to say if he is or isn't because i don't know. But I have never seen any reason why no numbers, wins, loss anything. And to be honest after doing some research, I will share in a second, i can't figure out why he can't be as good or at the very least very close to as good. And if I have missed something that makes it obvious that he is nowhere near as good feel free to let me know.

So one last disclaimer I am gonna talk about some stats and i know they're not everything but its a start. Also i have watched some gametape of his from this year and last, I'm not really gonna talk about the tape but if there was anything that led me to believe he was no good i wouldn't even of wrote this.

Ok so the format on this is terrible i had a excel spread sheet but can't import it. So due to the format problem im gonna cut this short but you'll see smith has comparable stats while facing tougher defenses(the defenses are ranked my how many pts they allow a game not yrds).


name comp attp pct yds y\a td int qbrate

luck jr 263 372 70.7 3338 9 32 8 170.2

luck sr 288 404 71.3 3517 8.7 37 10 169.7

luck tot 551 776 71 6855 8.8 69 18 169.9

RG3 jr 304 454 67 3501 7.7 22 8 144.2

RG3 sr 291 402 72.4 4293 10.7 37 6 189.9

RG3 tot 595 856 69.7 7794 9.2 59 14 167

smith jr 346 526 65.8 4385 8.3 31 7 152.6

smith sr 327 466 70.2 3597 7.7 37 5 159.1

smith tot 774 992 68 7982 8 68 12 155.8







..... OK well thats not coming out either....... hmmm well what you would of seen by the chart i had was that geno smith put up comparable numbers while faceing more top 50 defenses, also him and RG3 have the same win loss record even though smith had 4 losses dispite putting up more than 30 points.... im gonna stick with reading post.



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