Andy Reid on Chiefs No. 1 pick: 'It better be the right guy'

Al Bello

Andy Reid is making the media rounds on Wednesday and of course the question we all care about is who that next quarterback will be.

Kansas City Chiefs new head coach Andy Reid talked with Pro Football Talk Live shortly before he went on the Jim Rome Show. And that came before his segment with Mike Francesa on WFAN. Got it? OK, good.

Reid was asked about -- what else -- the quarterbacks.

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"The most important thing is that it's the right pick," Reid said on Pro Football Talk Live. "You can't get caught up in saying you have to have a quarterback. You do that, and it's not the right guy, that's a problem. That's a real problem. That sets you back. Whoever you take at that spot, it better be the right guy. It doesn't matter the position."

I'm one of those "Take a QB NO MATTER WHAT!" people. I've been a Chiefs fan my entire life and I've never seen the Chiefs have a draft pick this high. I want the quarterback.

Of course, my job is to write about the team. Not make those decisions. So it's a little easier for me to say that.

Where will the process of finding a quarterback start?

"You better start by looking at the guys that are here," Reid said.

Hold your breath, Chiefs nation. I don't think that's a sign he's reviving Matt Cassel vs. Brady Quinn in 2013.

"You're talking about guys that you're asking: am I going to be a cardiologist or an orthopod? And then all of a sudden you're going to change on them and overnight make them go from being the cardiologist to the orthopod. That's a tough thing to do. That's how it is when you have to learn new offenses and new ways."

Maybe choosing the medical field is the way to go. As Dr. James Andrews has taught us this week, you don't need to be an NFL player to dominate NFL headlines.

"You always keep your eyes open at that position," Reid said." You always do that. If you have a great player, you make sure you have a great backup."

What a novel concept.

"We'll look at it in the draft, we'll look at it in trade, we'll look at it in free agency," Reid said. "We'll keep our eyes open."

Even if the Chiefs find that franchise guy, keep going. Keep picking quarterbacks. Take GM Scott Pioli's draft philosophy -- drafting a quarterback every year -- and actually execute on that.

What will you find?

Maybe some extra draft picks. A.J. Feeley, for examples, is a second round pick. Kevin Kolb flamed out in Arizona but he netted a second round pick.

Draft a quarterback this year. And then keep doing it.

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