2013 NFL Draft: Analysis and ranking of the top 10 QB prospects


This analysis is based on offensive snaps watched from five games of all these quarterbacks prospects and also based on many scouting reports in the web, mostly from NFL.COM, SBNATION.COM and CBSSPORTS.COM.

I chose mostly bowl games, games against top 30 defenses (some are top 50 defenses) and against ranked teams. I will evaluate the strengths and weakness from every prospect and give a personal analysis from a Chiefs fan point of view.

The quarterbacks were chosen based on uarterbacks based on,, and

Alphabetical Order:

Matt Barkley - USC 6-2/230




  • Great footwork.
  • Played well in high profile games against top teams.
  • Played in a pro-style offense.
  • Makes good decisions in the pocket.
  • Excellent work ethic.
  • Very good accuracy in short passes but average in deep throws.
  • Great in the play action and with pump fakes, something that scouts love to see.
  • Very good at seeing favorable matchups and releasing the ball quickly.
  • Great sideline throws with very good accuracy.
  • Three times team captain and very good intangibles.
  • Improved every season.
  • Very good football IQ.


  • Has some decision-making problems.
  • Average arm strength and not ideal size for the NFL.
  • Not a good runner.
  • Most of his throws fly too much in the air raising the possibilities for interceptions.
  • Not very good throws to the middle, sometimes tries to do too much and throw bad passes.
  • Most times locks on his initial target.
  • Had great supporting cast leading to think he could do better than his numbers show.

Games watched: 2009 #5 Ohio State (#5 ranked defense), 2010 #4 Stanford (#25 ranked defense), 2011 California (#28 ranked defense), 2011 #4 Oregon, 2012 Stanford (#21 ranked defense).

Final word:

Barkley is a really good prospect; he is ready to start in the NFL right away, he played in a pro-style offense is whole college career and take most snaps under center. He is better than most people think. He has great footwork and his sideline passes are really good, putting the ball in the perfect place for the receiver to catch it. The concern with him is that his size is not the ideal for the NFL and the lack of arm-strength, his arm is not elite but he can make all the throws. The deep throws could have better accuracy and most of the plays he made where short passes and then the receivers got a lot of yards on the run. He had a great supporting cast, but that’s what he will have in the NFL. What I really like was that he improved every season; he showed better leadership in the last two seasons and improved his reading on the defense. That shows that he still has room to improve and could be great.

In his senior season, he had lots of troubles with injuries and a really bad O-line, he lost confidence in his throws, depending almost on short throws, but still managed to put very good numbers.

He will be a really good QB in the west coast offense and is projected to be a very good game manager with possibilities to be a star.

He is a top 10 talent and it’s a very good option for the number one pick to the Chiefs with Andy Reid (running the west coast offense in KC) making the choice.

Tyler Bray - Tennessee 6-6/215




  • He has first-round height and arm ability.
  • Great potential.
  • Most gifted passer for the 2013 draft.
  • Can make all the throws.
  • Have great confidence in his ability to make every throw.
  • Very good on slants passes due to his quick release.
  • Has the ability to put the ball 50 yards into the field.
  • Does a fine job of keeping his eyes down field.
  • Impressive deep ball accuracy.
  • Has experience playing under center and a good drop back.


  • Big concerns on his maturity had many off-field troubles.
  • Sometimes, Bray gets over-aggressive with his big arm, which has gotten him many interceptions.
  • Not a good decision-maker.
  • Concerns with leadership in and off the field.
  • Inconsistent with his mechanics and ball security.
  • Has a slow throwing motion.
  • Durability is a concern.
  • His own head coach said Bray needed to grow up and become a leader.

Games watched: 2010 North Carolina (Music City Bowl), 2011 #19 Georgia (#3 ranked defense), 2012 #7 Georgia (#27 ranked defense), 2012 #3 Florida (#5 ranked defense), 2012 #10 South Carolina (#12 ranked defense).

Final word:

He seems like a Jay Cutler type of guy, with his quick release and big arm, a gunslinger. He could be a first round pick with his performance in the combine, but he is not ready to start right away in the NFL. Many coaches will love his tools but he needs a lot of work mostly because of his lack of maturity and leadership. Poor decisions in the field led him to throw interceptions, but many of those also came in part of poor hands of his receivers. He didn’t have a great supporting cast like Barkley but mostly had a good O-line. He probably is going to make bad decisions when get pressure. Love his willingness to make the big throw in many plays, he relies heavily in is arm to make the big throw but many times this lead to bad throws and interceptions. He didn’t lock too often on his receivers but also didn’t have patience to wait for a receiver to be open. He reminds me of Brady sometimes with his stand in the pocket and good eyes down field.

Bray has first-round talent, but his problems with maturity and leadership will drop him to second or even third round. I would love if the Chiefs find him in the third and let him groom with Reid as HC but probably a team is going to pull the trigger in the early second round or even first round on him.

Zac Dysert - Miami (Ohio) 6-4/228




  • Has a lot of experience.
  • Selected by his teammates as Miami football's first-ever three-time captain.
  • Good decision maker.
  • Very good football IQ.
  • Really good accuracy and mechanics.
  • Not great but good arm strength.
  • Very good size.
  • Good stats with a very poor supporting cast.
  • Smart player in the run.
  • Very good on pre-snaps reads and audibles.
  • Played lots of snaps under center.


  • Didn't play well against good competition.
  • Slow release.
  • Inconsistent with his throw power and accuracy at times.
  • He handled well the pressure but tends to take a sack instead of running and throw it away.
  • Not very good zip on the ball.
  • Locks too often on his primarily target.
  • He seems too slow in the pocket and not confident to make a throw.

Games watched: 2012 Ohio, 2012 Ohio State (#36 ranked defense), 2012 #25 Kent State, 2012 #19 Boise State (#19 ranked defense).

Final word:

Dysert is a good prospect in terms of experience, started in all of his four years in college and produced well despite having a poor supporting cast. He has great football IQ, knows his players too well and takes the most of their abilities. He is the type of player that will throw picks at the next level, but he will also move you down the field. He reminds me of Kyle Orton, he could be a great backup but with good coaching could be a reliable starter. In terms of making pre-snap reads and audibles, Miami’s coaches have as much faith in him as Indy’s coaches had in Peyton Manning for the first decade of the millennium.

He will be great value in the third or fourth round, has lots of good tools and experience that can be good valued by scouts. He will not ‘wow’ you with his abilities but won’t make many mistakes in the field.

Like I said, Dysert could be great value in the third for the Chiefs but will not be an instant starter; he needs to be groom but doesn’t have a high ceiling like other prospects.

Mike Glennon - North Carolina State 6-6/232




  • Has ideal size and arm strength for the NFL.
  • Glennon can really spin the ball into some tight windows.
  • Quick release and very good footwork.
  • He seems really comfortable in the pocket and can work under center.
  • Arm strength is enough to throw the ball all over the field
  • Very good passing on the run.
  • Very good reading the defense and finding open receiver.
  • Played better than his numbers indicate.


  • Played really good against weak teams, but had some struggles against better competition.
  • Too often threw off his back foot, which led to drops in his accuracy.
  • Issues on deep throws accuracy.
  • Needs to develop more confidence in his arm strength.
  • Needs to read the defense better pre-snap.
  • Needs a clean pocket to make his best throws.
  • Struggled against pressure, tends to retreat instead of stepping up to deliver in the face of pressure.

Games watched: 2011 #22 Clemson, 2011 Louisville (Belk Bowl, #24 ranked defense), 2012 Miami (#47 ranked defense). 2012 #12 Florida State (#2 ranked defense), 2012 #14 Clemson.

Final word:

Glennon is a strong-armed passer but not necessary a gunslinger. He is big and can make all the throws. He could be an instant starter in the NFL, but has problems with his reads and struggled handling the pressure. He could be really good with good coaching and can develop into a star in the NFL but still needs time to that. He is not as ready as Barkley or Smith but would be a good choice for the Chiefs if they traded back to the middle of the first round. He has a high ceiling and would be a great pickup to develop sitting him in the first year if Reid decides to bring a veteran.

He would ‘wow’ a lot of scouts in the combine with his ability on long passes, has a great arm and was great bringing his team from behind in many games. He definitely is a first round talent in this draft.

Landry Jones - Oklahoma 6-4/218




  • Has good size for the NFL.
  • Good arm strength that could become elite over the next few years.
  • Can make all the throws with great zip on the ball.
  • Has played under center and has shown good abilities with play fakes and pump fakes.
  • Has shown abilities to understand well his offense and read well defense.
  • With a clean pocket he is very good on deep throws with great arm strength and good accuracy.
  • Good on short throws and crossing routes.
  • Good leadership and seems like a quite player off the field.
  • Had shown maturity in complicated situations on the field.
  • Solid character, strong in his faith.
  • Smooth, high release.


  • He has put very good stats as part of a pass-happy offense, lining up mostly in shotgun formation.
  • He is not considered a franchise quarterback by league executives.
  • One of his major flaws is his inconsistency, especially in his accuracy.
  • Major struggles under pressure.
  • Tend to locks on initial target.
  • Not good footwork.
  • Note very good reading the field at times.
  • No killer instinct.
  • Lack of confidence in his throws at times.
  • Not very good against good competition.
  • Problems with decision making.
  • Sometimes he is afrustrating passer and it doesn't always look pretty.
  • Downfield accuracy is not good.

Games watched: 2010 #20 Nebraska (#11 ranked defense), 2011 Florida State (#6 ranked defense), 2011 Texas (15 ranked defense), 2012 UTEP, 2012 Iowa State.

Final word:

The best word to describe Landry Jones is ‘average’, NFL.COM compares him to Matt Cassel and that tells everything you need to know about this guy. If someone told me that a quarterback prospect has been compare to Matt Cassel then that quarterback has some major problems. I personally think that Jones is a middle of the road prospect that could be a good backup in the NFL. He has very good arm strength and has improved in his final season but his major flaw, inconsistency, is a big problem.

He could be very good if a really good coach take him and groom him; maybe Andy Reid could pull the trigger on him, but in the third round not early. He has the size, the arm and the experience but his flaws on inconsistency, decision making and the lacking ability at reading defenses will do damage on his draft stock.

He is a fourth round talent.

E.J. Manuel - Florida State 6-5/240




  • Very good size for the NFL.
  • Strong arm, he can do all the throws.
  • Very good throwing on the run.
  • Very good runner with good speed to take long runs.
  • Improved in every season in college.
  • Very good on play action plays with his good ability to sell the run.
  • Very good touch on throws to every level of the field.
  • Team leader, high character player.


  • Forced too many throws hence, gave too many opportunities for the defense to make turnovers.
  • Not very good on short throws, are often behind or over the receiver.
  • Not very good handling pressure, get happy feet and throws in a not-set position.
  • Tried to do too much too often.
  • Doesn't adjust to the rush.
  • Showed inconsistency in his deep throws, many underthrows and overthrows.
  • Not a natural pocket passer, he tends to go to the outside to make a throw.
  • The knock on him is that he is not good on the mental part.
  • Some scouts see him as someone not ready to run an offense in the NFL.

Games watched: 2011 Miami (#47 ranked defense), 2012 Virginia Tech (#25 ranked defense), 2012 #14 Clemson, 2012 Wake Forest.

Final word:

E.J. Manuel is a good prospect that many believed this guy was the next RGIII; well, he produced but not as well as RGIII. He has some similarities with RGIII, a strong arm, great mobility and very good accuracy in deep throws but he doesn’t have the decision making ability that made RGIII a top 5 draft pick. He often tried to do too much and failed with his ability to read the defense. He has the best physical skills of any quarterback on this list and that could be something good having Andy Reid to coach him if the Chiefs decide to take him, but he is not in the mold of a west coast passer.

He has many question marks but still is a very good prospect. I think he could be a very good pickup in the fourth round.

Aaron Murray - Georgia 6-1/210




  • Very good mechanics and footwork.
  • Very good awareness in the pocket.
  • Arm strength is good to play in the NFL.
  • He's a hard worker in and off the field.
  • Very good throwing motion.
  • Good use of eyes on the field and pump fakes.
  • Accuracy is not a problem in deep throws.
  • Good leader and high character guy.
  • Have major improvements in his final season.


  • One of the major concerns is his inconsistency.
  • May not have a high ceiling like other prospects.
  • He couldn't read to well the defense and that lead to average completion percentage in his career.
  • Lack of preferred size.
  • Not very good on decision making.
  • He sometimes will force throws, specifically when his team is losing and he is trying to come from behind. This lead to interceptions on horrible throws.

Games watched: 2011 #9 South Carolina (#4 ranked defense), 2011 #12 Michigan State (Outback Bowl, #5 ranked defense), 2012 Vanderbilt (#17 ranked defense), 2012 #2 Alabama (#1 ranked defense), 2012 Georgia Tech.

Final word:

When I was doing this analysis it was just announced that Aaron Murray will return for his senior year so, I didn’t want my time to be lost so I’ll decided to finish the analysis.

Murray has the potential to be a first rounder, but his poor decision making and his inconsistency may hurt him in the draft, that’s why I think he made the best decision when decided to stay in college one more year. If he continues to improve he certainly will be a first round pick in 2014. One of the major concerns about Murray coming this year was his inconsistency, something he’ll need to work on. He made beautiful throws then awful ones, he was Manning in one drive and then Palko in the next one. But his intangibles are very good, with a clean pocket he can throw to every part of the field with good touch and good accuracy.

To me, if he would decide to declare for this year’s draft, Murray would be a second round pick with the possibility to be picked in the first round by some desperate team.

Ryan Nassib - Syracuse 6-2/229




  • Nassib has good arm strength and can make throws at all levels of the field.
  • Good mechanics.
  • Tries to see the entire field in every play and make the right decision.
  • Good with his accuracy throwing on the run.
  • When he has a clean pocket he is a dangerous weapon with good placement on deep throws.
  • Very good quick release that can put the ball in tight windows.
  • Very good awareness in the pocket, when is pressure he steps up to make a throw.
  • Has shown leadership and willingness to make every play.


  • Not very tall for the position.
  • Is a gunslinger that wants to make every throw perfect hence making many bad decisions.
  • Impatient when feel pressure, try to do too much and force throws that normally ends in interceptions.
  • Inconsistent with his mechanics, footwork and accuracy.
  • Tends to make poor reads and relies too much in his arm.

Games watched: 2012 #21 Louisville (#23 ranked defense), 2012 Rutgers (#14 ranked defense), 2012 USC, 2012 Missouri.

Final word:

Nassib lacks of size will make him drop many spots in the draft. But the biggest concern with Nassib is his decision-making and his impatience when feeling the rush, he tries to do too much producing big mistakes and interceptions. Other concerns are his lack of accuracy in in his deep throws, bad footwork and poor reading of defense. He relies too much in his arm and try to put the ball in tight windows with his target covered having other receivers open.

Nassib could be a good backup in the NFL with potential to be starter like Stanzi type of prospect. Probably a fourth or fifth round talent.

Geno Smith - West Virginia 6-3/220




  • NFL size, mobility and arm strength.
  • Very good field vision and reading of the defense.
  • Always looking for the open receiver.
  • Really nice touch in deep balls and excellent accuracy on short throws.
  • Can place the ball in tight windows and his sideline throw is very good.
  • Quick release and excellent footwork.
  • Handled well the pressure stepping up to make a throw or run.
  • Very good with decision making.
  • Standing in a clean pocket he is the most reliable quarterback in college with his throws.
  • Top speed for a quarterback that can make him a dangerous weapon in the NFL.
  • Excellent intangibles, is confident when is in rhythm, a true leader of his offense, shows incredible intelligence and knowledge of his offense.
  • Has shown improvement in every season in college and still have room to keep improving.


  • His offensive system is pass-heavy and almost every play is from the shotgun, needs to work in his transition to a pro-style offense.
  • When he is not set to throw, his accuracy takes a major damage and the ball leaves in a bad way.
  • When lost his rhythm struggled badly, missing open targets and lost confidence to run and awareness of the pocket.
  • Concerns with mental toughness to deal when his team is losing and trying to come from behind.

Games Watched: 2011 #2 LSU (#2 ranked defense), 2011 #22 Clemson (Orange Bowl), 2012 Texas Tech (#39 ranked defense), 2012 #5 Kansas State (#43 ranked defense), 2012 #11 Oklahoma (#44 ranked defense).

Final word:

To talk about Geno first you have to know what type of offense he plays in: The Air Raid Offense utilized by many teams in college like Texas A&M with Johnny Manziel, Houston with Case Keenum (NCAA's all-time leader in total passing yards, touchdowns, and completions), Oklahoma State with Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma with Landry Jones, Baylor with RGIII and more.

From Wikipedia: The air raid offense is extremely pass heavy, in part because the quarterback is asked to audible in and out of plays depending on how the defense is aligned. Like the west coast offense, the air raid uses short passes as an extension of or even replacement for the running game. Instead of running the ball and maybe getting just 3 yards, the air raid uses a short pass in the hopes that the receiver can then turn that into 7 or 8 yards instead. The audible system is extremely important to the air raid offense. As such, as many as 90 percent of the run plays would be called at the line of scrimmage when the situation presented itself as an advantage.

West Virginia’s offense is very similar to what Reid wants in the players to run it. Small but speedy receivers and running backs, and a quarterback with very good accuracy and enough arm strength to put the ball all over the field.

Now, this system is pass heavy that means that many of Geno’s stats are inflated but that doesn’t mean he is an average quarterback. Geno is a franchise quarterback that can be a star in the NFL. Seeing that the air raid offense is similar to the west coast offense and that is probably the offense that Andy Reid is going to run here in KC. Geno is, with Barkley, the most adequate quarterback prospect for the Chiefs.

Geno is a special player; he is not in the level of Luck but has many good things to like. He is a football nerd (really passionate for football), can read defenses very well and change the play in the line of scrimmage (in part of the air raid offense that requires a quarterback to audible most of the time), has the ability to put the ball in any part of the field and have the legs to run and get a lot of yards, although he has a pass first quarterback mentality.

Some concerns with Geno are the lack of playing time against top defenses (he played very good against #2 LSU defense in 2011) and the inability to play the best when he was needed. Many times when his team was behind on the scoreboard, Geno struggled, he seemed to lose his rhythm and his accuracy was average at best. I think with more experience, Geno will be able to correct this.

Geno Smith is a top 10 talent for this draft and could very well be the #1 pick for the Chiefs.

Tyler Wilson - Arkansas 6-3/220




  • Very good arm strength and accuracy throwing to all parts of the field.
  • Ideal size for the NFL.
  • Tough guy that can take hits trying to complete the play and have the willingness to play good and try to score even if his team his losing by more than two scores.
  • Showed improvement and played good taking a big spot left by Ryan Mallet.
  • Reads the defense well and is probably the best quarterback in this draft handling the pressure.
  • Very good decision making.
  • He received good preparation for the pro game from Bobby Petrino.
  • Throws well on the run and from a lot of different body angles and positions.
  • Showed patience waiting for his target to be open.
  • Had eyes all over the field looking for an open target.


  • Slow delivery that could get him in trouble with smarter defensive backs in the NFL.
  • Had overthrown his receivers in many passes, showing inconsistent with accuracy.
  • Average footwork, especially when comes from under center.
  • Makes poor decisions on occasion. Threw some not-smart picks having the possibility to throw it away.
  • Played poorly against the top two defenses in the country (LSU and Alabama).

Games watched: 2010 #1 Auburn (#55 ranked defense), 2011 #2 LSU (#2 ranked defense), 2011 #9 South Carolina (#4 ranked defense), 2012 Rutgers (#14 ranked defense), 2012 #10 South Carolina (#12 ranked defense).

Final word:

Tyler Wilson may be the best pure passer in this draft, has been tutelage by Bobby Petrino and that’s a big advantage. What I liked the most of Wilson was his toughness and willingness to win, even if his team was behind by more than two scores. He kept fighting throwing good to great passes showing great intangibles and leadership.

That decision to play, to win, to fight may put him ahead of Smith and Barkley, because that’s something you can’t teach, that’s something only elite quarterbacks have.

He has ideal size and arm strength and has the ability to put the ball in tight windows and learn quickly how to beat the defense reading well the position and play of their defensives backs. Against the rush this guy is very good; he has the toughness to take the hit and still delivers a great pass putting in tight coverage, also read well the rush and steps up in the pocket with good footwork and eyes wide open searching for the open man and with a little slow release still delivers the ball with very good strength. Almost all the balls he throws are catchable and he is very good throwing it on the run.

He is definitely a top 10 talent and could be the best quarterback in this draft with a high ceiling. I think he is not in the mold of an Andy Reid type of quarterback like Geno or Barkley but Wilson is a franchise quarterback.

Personal Ranking:

I think Geno Smith is the best quarterback in this draft but by a small margin with Tyler Wilson, to me Geno is better because of the familiarity between his offense’s system and Reid’s system. Tyler Wilson is an exceptional player that could be great with good coaching and Barkley is an experience quarterback with great knowledge of the position, knows how to play in a pro-style offense and how to lead a talented team with high expectations. These three quarterbacks have the intangibles and leadership to be starters in the NFL and have very good possibilities to become franchise quarterbacks. I will be happy with one of them with the first pick.

Then there are the good but not great prospects: Bray, Murray and Glennon. I believe that Bray is going to be very good in the NFL, he certainly has all the tools to succeed and if he matures and develop his intangibles he is going to be a really good starting quarterback. Murray is going to stay in college and that is a great decision, he could be the first quarterback drafted in 2014. Glennon is a good prospect but has some questions with his intelligence on the field but he is a first round talent. Even I said that Glennon could be a very good pick in the top 15, I put Bray ahead of him in my ranking because I think Bray has more potential to be great than Glennon but Bray could very well fall to the category of "boom or bust".

Dysert and Manuel have potential to be starters but they probably going to be backups in the NFL, Manuel could be a WR or TE in the NFL with his size and athleticism. Jones and Nassib could be very good backups in the NFL and have long shots to develop as starters.

Dream scenario: Taking Geno with the first pick and Bray with the third round pick.

#1 Geno Smith

#2 Tyler Wilson

#3 Matt Barkley

#4 Tyler Bray

#5 Mike Glennon

#6 Aaron Murray

#7 Zac Dysert

#8 EJ Manuel

#9 Landry Jones

#10 Ryan Nassib

Final Note: I’m not a professional analyst, and this is the first time I've written my analysis of prospects. I did it because this is probably the most exciting offseason in the last decade for the Chiefs fans and with the number one pick a lot of people believe that this is not the year to take a quarterback with that pick. I think they are wrong and I want to share my takes on the quarterbacks to show that last year’s draft only happens one time in probably every ten to fifteen years (even with Manning the Colts managed to win the same number of Super Bowls that the Ravens won with Trent Dilfer) but this draft has the same projection to compare with the 2008 draft (Ryan, Flacco), 2009 draft (Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman) and is definitely better than the 2007 and 2010 draft.

Thanks for reading, I know is very long but I just wanted to share all my knowledge.

Please give me your thoughts on the comments.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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