Glitter Bomb Free Agency and 4 Round Mock Draft

Here we go ready or not the offseason is fast approaching and there are some key decisions to be made by the Chiefs new staff. I am pretty good at predicting things as some of you now know I am an insider of sorts. If you missed my previous fan post you can view it here. As you can tell I obviously called it. Enough of tooting my own horn here now it's time to get the goods.

Free Agency

#1 I think we have to start in house. Lets get Dwayne "check out the back of my jersey" Bowe signed. I don't know 6 years 60 million. It's not my money what do I care all I know is besides Sean LaChapelle he's probably the best wide receiver in Kansas City history (Otis Taylor is third).

#2 Brendon Albert needs to play guard, and not because I think we need to draft Luke Joeckal but because well I'll explain later just bear with me for now. I do want him signed though. He isn't a pro bowler or anything but at guard he would be. I like Albert, I would say 6 years 40 million.

#3 Dustin Colquitt is a no brainer. He's at times the best Chief in the game. Punters are cheap too so lock him down.

#4 Jake Long, I know he's gotten injured the past couple of seasons but it doesn't scare me off. I think he will probably want Joe Thomas type bread but since he's been hurt we may be able to get him for less. I'd say 6 years 70 million. Some are saying the Dolphins may tag him and then try and trade him. I say we give them our first round pick in 2014 for him if that's the case. Here is a link to an article related to this on the Dolphins site.

#5 Matt Flynn, If John Dorsey is our new GM (and I hope he is) then I wouldn't mind getting Flynn or even if we don't get Dorsey sign him. I've seen him play, albeit just one game he looked really really good. Accurate with a good arm. I would go 2 years 10 million. If we have to trade for him I would give a fifth round pick for the guy with a conditional 2014 second rounder if he starts for 8 games.

#6 Mike Wallace, Okay so we have Bowe, Baldwin, McCluster, and Breaston. I still have high hopes for Baldwin panning out to be something special. Breaston and McCluster I'm not to sure about anymore or am that high on. Andy Reid loves to stretch the field and Mike Wallace is a guy who is proven he can do that. I would give him 4 years for 40 million.

Da Draft (No worries we don't have to go Ditka style here.)

#1 QB Geno Smith. Why, well it's been discussed over and over again that's why. We need to turn over every stone until we find a franchise quarterback that's why. Geno will be a solid pick and he will have Matt Flynn to back him up.

#2A ILB Kevin Minter. I think he's probably the second best inside linebacker in the draft this year. He's a little on the short side at 6'1" but he finished the year with 130 tackles with a whopping 15 for a loss. He also had four sacks. If we got him in the second he would be a steal.

#2B CB Jonathan Banks won the Thorpe award for the best cornerback in football. I think Dee Millner and Xavier Rhodes will go ahead of him though and leave him in the second round. I would rather have Minter but wouldn't be upset with this grab.

#3A CB Tyrann Mathieu guy is somewhat of a risk but he is worth a third round selection in my opinion. I would put him at the nickel spot if we got Banks, or start him opposite Flowers. I would also have him returning kicks and punts.

#3B Ryan Nassib or EJ Manuel maybe even Mike Gleenon. Who knows who maybe down there.

#4 RB Marcus Lattimore should be in the first round but after two ACL surgeries the best back in college football should fall like a fat girl down the draft. I think he would make an excellent one two punch with our boy Charles.

As always thanks for reading.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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