The Red Rider 200 Shot Carbine Action BB Gun

Just like that last Christmas present ...Here are a few of my thoughts on our recent Head Coaching move ,all wrapped up in a Chiefs Red bow...

Livin' just outside of Philly as I do ,I'm gettin' a unique perspective on the Walrus Hiring...The "Fans" here are glad to see him go after 14 years of "Close But No Cigar"...We as Chiefs Fans have had 20 years of not even being close..."One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure" was never so evident than in the NFL's Yearly Coaching Carousel...

I know we're all more than a little bitter from the Squandered Gunther years, The Prolific "O" & Generous To A Fault "D" years w/Dicky V,The Crappily made"Welcome To Camp"signs of the Hard Knocks Years w/ Herm ,"The Homeless Guy / Bottle Rocket " impression Haley gave us & The "I Just Don't Know Why Jamaal only Had 6 Carries " we just suffered through with Romeo...

The Knocks I'm Hearin' on Reid are "Clock Management" ( See last 4 minutes of their Superbowl,You know ...the one LESS than FORTY+ YEARS AGO !!! ) In Game Adjustments ( Uh Oh )Lame Post Game Press Conferences ( Listen for the Quote to the press @ the beginning from Andy : "Time's Yours " )...Throwing More Than Passing (Even if you don't have the weapons for it ) And a Hybrid 4-3 "D" called the "Wide 9" that focuses less on LB's and more on attacking linemen & a great Secondary (See Possible Draft Picks Spoiler Here) It's A "Live By the Pass & Defeat the Pass First" mentality...

On the plus side ...which Philthydelphians are loathe to admit (They Did Boo Santa Claus & Pelt Him w/ Snowballs after all)... 9 playoff appearences in 14 years is More than we've had in 50 years as a Franchise...He's not afraid to Draft & Groom QB's & turn them into winners See Donavan McNabb,A Six game win streak w/ the likes of A.J. Feeley,Kevin Kolb (At least enough to turn a ? into a 2nd rounder in a Trade )Michael Vick , Fresh outta San Quentin U & Now Nick Foles...

His "D"s @ least w/ Jim Johnson were rabid & his Offenses are attacking & Vertical...

Lastly...Kudos to Clark for getting the Best Coach Available early in the process giving us the best shot at the low hanging fruit for Position Coaches & the credibility to attract Quality GM/Personnel Guys after a Historically Poor Year ( 1st time we've ever had the #1 Pick )...

Our collective enthusiasm seems to carry w/ it an ( *) these days and maybe rightfully so...But each day it's gettin' easier & easier to remember you're a Chiefs Fan...Go Chiefs !!!...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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