Let's talk About the potential QB draft

Let's start off with there is obviously a number 1 QB out there. For those who don't agree let me put it this way the number 1 QB out there is the one who will mesh with our team better, and who can win more games and be the better leader to help this team. The question is of course who is worth it and who will fit with our team better.

#1. Matt Barkley, USC


Reason being is you don't throw 100 TD's in college for no reason. He is no fluke. Matt Barkley is the real deal. His career stats are 1001 completions for 1562 pass attempts. That is a 64% completion percentage. He had a 147 QBR. He threw for 116 TD's and 12327 passing yards. He threw 48 Interceptions. He is the first true freshmen to ever start at USC. We're talking about a guy in his senior year who played with a crappy line. Who is mobile enough can get out of pressure. I'm not saying he is the best ever. What I am saying is that he is the best in the draft. His deep ball and his sideline throws are the most accurate in the draft. This I think is the most important because of Andy Reid. He has the smoothest throwing motion and mechanics. He is also more likely to check down then force a ball in there. He is no Andrew Luck and he is no RG3. He I personally think has the most potential in the draft. With Andy Reid and 2 other former QB's they could easily give him the tools he needs to be one of the greatest with his natural feeling for the pocket collapsing. Even if they make him nothing more then a game manager. He is able to call proper audibles and change plays at the line. The things he needs to work on is his middle of the field throws intermediate level. He is also confident.

#2. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas


This guy is just great on the field the throws he can make. One of the strongest arms in the draft.Then again i am a stats guy so lets throw them out there. He is 593 completion for 948 pass attempts. That is a 62% completion percentage. He had a 128 QBR. He has 7765 passing yards 52 TD's and 26 interceptions. I am not so impressed by his accuracy on deep throws it seems like he is so unsure of how hard to throw it he tends to under throw it more often then not. This causes his receivers to of course lose stride. This can be fixed and the potential he possesses could guide any team for a long time. This guy's ability to stand tall in the pocket is amazing. So hard to get him down. This guy is strong all around. He is mentally tough the way I've seen him come back from behind and win games. My problem with Tyler Wilson is his deep balls. His mechanics while throwing is kind of like the way a shortstop throws it in baseball he kind of short arms it. He doesn't get his whole arm into it. I think that is the source of the reason the ball hangs around. In the NFL you cant do that. That will easily get another interception to your stat sheet.

#3 Geno Smith, West Virginia


This guy is good in college but as you can tell i start off with stats then give opinion. This guy was 988 for 1465 pass attempts. That is a 67% completion percentage. He threw 98 TD's and 21 Interceptions. He had a 145.5 QBR. The things I like about this guy is his confidence. He hates losing. He also hates it when he makes a mistake. His arm strength is at least the 2nd best in the draft. If not 1st. How many of the QB's drafted today had the strongest arm in the draft Not many. The reason I think everybody is so caught up on him is that we want him to be like RG3 or Cam Newton or a Russel Wilson. You catch my drift. This guy's running talent isn't very productive. He has had some good run's this season. In the NFL unless you are on of the three I named earlier you are not going to be very successful in doing it. He doesn't have the speed or very much the talent at running. I have seen this guy try to escape pressure when there was none around and end up landing his self into trouble. This guy's arm talent is great. His legs are what scare me. and not in a great way. When he is in the pocket he sits really low. He is not standing tall in the pocket like I like to see. It's like he's squating. One thing I don't like is his complete throwing motion he is kind of side ways when throwing the ball. His follow through is really what kills me. His accuracy is great on short throws. His intermediate throws are kind of lacking and are sometimes behind the receiver. His deep throws aren't as bad as Wilson's but he could work on sideline throws and working on not slowing his receivers down. He might slow them down by a step but in the NFL that 1 step or even a half a step is important on whether the DB can make a play on it or not. But this guy's arm strength is by far top two in the draft. I just see some resemblance to Tavaris Jackson or Jamrcus Russel. With one of the things I love about the guy is his hating to lose or make a mistake is one of his greatest flaws. He can't put it behind him it seems. With some time the right coaches and the right receivers around him he could be a deadly QB.

#4 Landry Jones, Oklahoma


This kid is honestly interchangeable with any of the previous 3. He 1388 for 2183. Thats a 63% completion percentage. He has thrown for 16646 yards 123 touchdowns and 53 interceptions. He had a 140.8 QBR. This guy has proven his self for the past 4 years. His arm strength is great. His accuracy on all parts of the field is good. This guy is very so underrated. The problem is his mechanics are long. In terms of the time of throwing the ball. He needs to get rid of the ball faster. His footwork also needs some work. He stands tall in the pocket and he also has some trouble escaping from pressure sometimes. This guy will just fall sometimes when pressure comes. This guy with an offensive line will be one of the best in 5 or so years. If he's around in the 3rd round I think we should have him and whoever else we choose to battle because this kid can play. He might just win. The sky is he limit for this kid i think.

#5 Mike Glennon, North Carolina State


This kid's arm strength is the only one I can say that can compete with Geno's. All though I do think Glennon's is stronger. He was 646 for 1069. Thats a 61% completion percentage. He threw for 7411 yards 63 TD's and 31 interceptions. He had a 124.9 QBR. This guys arm strength is second to none. Thats the good part about this kid. The only problems lie with his deep balls like Tyler Wilson his arm is so strong that he doesn't exactly know how hard he should throw it. He is very confident and tough. He throws it behind his receivers so badly that his receivers tend to have to go back towards the ball which face it in the NFL thats getting an Interception to the stat sheet or worse getting a receiver hurt. You can't just throw it up you need to place it where it needs to be. Which tells me he doesn't have a feel for his receivers who he has been with for years.

All in All If I did nothing for you but just tell you the stats of these 5 guys who I would have no problem with the chiefs picking up. Then I did my job. I have watched a lot of tape on these guys particularly. These are the only guys I hope and can see the Chiefs my home town take a chance on. Tell me what you think and feel free to comment I would love to hear inputs on what you guys have to say and how you feel.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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