The QB Argument: Whose the Best and are any worth the Number 1 Pick?

I know this topic is being beaten to death, but it's an important topic for this team, and with all the arguing in the threads I'd like to put my opinion out there for ALL of you to see.

As previously stated, there has been a lot of debate in the NFL media on who the number 1 QB prospect is, and if they're worth a Top pick. There is also a lot of debate on if the Chiefs will spend the number 1 pick on a QB. I believe they will. Although, the "experts" spoiled by the last draft of Luck and Griffin believe all number 1 QB selections should be the once in a generation QB's only. scoff Many people on the web, and in the media believe a new LT is in our future by the name of Joekel, buuuuuut I don't buy it.

First off, we have a Top 5-10 LT by the name of Branden Albert on our team already. I DON'T WANT JOEKEREL!



Why we would seemingly replace one of the most proven LT's in the NFL with an unproven rookie is nonsense to me, but I digress. The fact of the matter is LT is not a need. QB is a need. The biggest need we have. I don't think it bodes well for a team if the most important position on your team is also your biggest hole. (2-14 only seems to justify that statement if you ask me.)

Many "experts" and mock drafters all around the web are saying, "NO QB IS WORTH THE NUMBER ! PICK KC!" but for whatever reason the 4th and 7th picks are perfectly okay to spend on a QB in this draft. To me that is just for lack of a better term, a jackass comment.

Now that is out of the way, since QB needs a QB lets look at the "Top 2" QB's available via Draft (not the same for everyone, obviously) available QB's, in my own personal ranked order. While I know stats aren't everything, I'm still going to post all passing stats of the 2 QB's from Freshman-Senior year.

1. Geno Smith, WVU



The top QB prospect in this draft. Many of you share this same sentiment with me and many of you also don't (I can't force you all to be right, you can't blame me for you being wrong!). Although, there is a couple concerns I have with Geno being, the Air Raid offense, and putting to much pressure on himself to try to "do it all" as said by Dana Holgresen (this is also a good quality though, if handled properly), but they're minor. Smith's Pocket presence is second to none. He flows with the pocket instead of taking his eyes off his targets falling into the fetal position or as I like to call it "Casseling." On top of that, you won't find a player in this with better ball placement and accuracy than GS3.

So, let's take a look at Geno's stats here:

2012 369 518 4205 71.2 8.12 87 42 6 19 163.9
2011 346 526 4385 65.8 8.34 84 31 7 26 152.6
2010 241 372 2763 64.8 7.43 71 24 7 28 144.7
2009 32 49 309 65.3 6.31 33 1 1 5 120.9

The first thing that should pop out to everyone is the steady improvement made by Geno every year. You see him becoming more and more of a great college QB every year. Now for the people that believe tape is the true testament a player's ability I present to you, GAME TAPE!

vs LSU 2011:

vs Clemson 2011:

vs Oklahoma 2012:

vs K-State 2012:

vs Baylor 2012:

vs Texas 2012:

vs Texas Tech 2012:

And my personal favorite video that highlights EVERYTHING that makes Geno worthy of the number 1 pick:

Next up, is the man whose dream it would be to play in KC, rolls eyes:

2. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas



The next best available QB, (although I do not find him worthy of the number 1 pick) is Tyler Wilson. I want to really like Tyler Wilson. I do. But, his gunslinger attitude just doesn't suit me, nor does his concussion history and small hands. I'd much rather have someone with just as strong (if not stronger) of an arm, whose more accurate and takes care of the ball better, and has no serious injury history, a la Geno Smith. That being said I wouldn't be mad with this pick if we traded down to Arizona's spot ensuring they get their QB and we get multiple extra draft picks from them plus a good QBOTF. Now lets look at some stats:

2012 249 401 3387 62.1 8.45 80 21 13 14 143.8
2011 277 438 3638 63.2 8.31 68 24 6 26 148.4
2010 34 51 453 66.7 8.88 54 4 3 3 155.4
2009 22 36 218 61.1 6.06 21 2 2 0 119.2
2008 11 22 69 50.0 3.14 10 1 2 3 73.2

Good stats, but not nearly as impressive as Geno. Also turned the ball over a lot his Senior year. But still showed he's a good QB. GAME TAPE!

vs LSU 2012:

vs Rutgers 2012:

vs Tulsa 2012:

vs SCAR 2012:

vs Ole Miss:

Take what you will from the stats and video's provided and my little tidbits of insight although I know it wasn't much.

Also, sorry for not knowing how to put the videos in as links. You'll have to copy the URL's.

To those of you who read I thank you for your time. Criticism's are welcome as are player opinions. Please share; I hope you enjoy the Fanpost.


Rily Forrest McCall




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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