Breakdown of Mike Glennon - My Take

So the Chiefs still need a QB. There are many to choose from with the first overall pick. I did a breakdown on Geno Smith earlier this year, so I decided to do another. This time I chose Mike Glennon. Many scouts say that he has a lot of potential, but sometimes his awareness and decision making is a little off. Well lets take a look.


VS Tennessee

-Really like his arm,the ability to sling it is awesome, easy to see why scouts like him

-Can leave you scrathing your head on one play and then looks great on the next (2:30).

-I like the fact that he stood in there on 4th down and gave his guy an accurate pass. (3:15)

-Has great touch on his throws from 11-25yds

-Bad read on his 1st INT. It looked like the defense was in cover 2 and the corner just sat the rout.

-Held on to the ball too long should have just thrown it away. There was nothing there, it would have been a better decision than a safety.

-His 2nd INT was just him trying make a play he forced it and the safety made him pay.

-His TD was a mix between a play breakdown and just some luck.

-His 3rd pick was a little underthrown. I would have liked to see him sling it toward the sideline rather than an underthrown pick. Good play by the defense.

-Fairly mobile for how big he is.

-His last pick was him just trying to make a play at the end of the game. Pretty well threw up a prayer and the D came up with it.

-Heres the video link

I did notice in this game that they passed way more than they ran. I thought their running game looked good later in the game. Wish they would have ran it a little more earlier in the game. Also I know at the end of the game the defense was probably more worried about the big play rather than a 3 and out. But it was nice to see Glennon work the 2min offense. Also his recievers had some drops that Glennon threw a pretty decent pass to. Curious to see how much different the game would have been had those balls been caught. Another thing I noticed was Glennon was under pressure most of the night. It is hard to be productive when you have that much pressure. All in all it is clear that this was not Glennon's best game.

VS Connecticut

-Great job putting the ball on the money and hitting his receiver in stride for the long TD.

-Heres the video link

Hard to find a link for the full game if you can find one please post it in the comments, I would love to watch it.

VS South Alabama

-Real accurate with his deep ball. Good pass in stride for the touchdown.

-His 3rd Td pass looked like a deep fade. Good job putting the ball on the money.

-Here is the video link

Once again found it difficult to find tape on him. Just another small highlight real. Again if you can find one that is longer and has more of his snaps please share I would love to see it.

VS Citadel

-On his passing TD, I know he had pressure in his face, but I still don't like that he threw off his back foot.

-The stats show he also rushed for 2 TD's saying his longest run of the day was 2 yrds. Most likely a QB sneak. Good to see someone with his frame is still able to move.

Here is the video link

I want to apologize for not being able to find good film of Glennon. I was a little bit more succesful When I did my review on Geno. I'm sure I sound like a broken record but if you can find longer video with more of Glennon's snaps please share.

VS Miami (FL)

-The snap was a little high, but there is no excuse about that going through his hands. (1:15)

-First deep ball is underthrown then the next ones perfect. I don't get it it. (2:30)

-Like the vision to see the running back open and get it to him for the easy score.

-The rusher had a free shot at him would like to see a little better awareness. The running back might have had that gap. Could have been the RB's fault I'm just not sure. (4:00)

-Guy Open downfield just looks to be a bad pass. (4:55)

-On the slant he was staring down his receiver from the start. Could be dangerous in the NFL. (5:40)

-Dangerous throw in the red zone. Can't have that, but comes back and shows his off his arm and slings one in there on the next play.

-This TD really shows off his arm strength and is him turning a negative into a positive. (8:25)

-Some of his passes make you wonder what he was even trying to go with the ball

-And his deep ball and the ability to hit the runner in stride is what most of the buzz around him is about. (9:10)

-His touchdown at (9:30) looks like the play broke down, but I like the fact he stuck with it and scored a TD.

-On his 1st INT. it looks like there was some miscammunacation. It looked like the WR ran a deep curl and Glennon threw it thinking his WR was running a go route.

-His second pick was just Glennon throwing up a prayer. Just chucked up a prayer hoping for a miracle. Not that big of a deal.

-Here's the video link

Finally a game with some tape! One thing I noticed is Dropped balls again. There should have been no excuse for some of them. Also I am begining to like Glennon's ability to move the ball down the field. He reminds me more of a NFL QB than Geno Smith(not saying he is better or will be better than Geno, just saying he looks more like an NFL QB right now). Really he played a better game than his stats showed I thought.

VS Florida State

-Through much of the first quarter and even into the second a lot of his throws were off

-The pick he threw in this game was a good play by the defense. The corner just undercut the rout and made a play on the ball.

-I like that he is not afraid to throw it short or swing it to the back if their open rather than try for the home run every play.

-Like the ability to recognize pressure, step up in the pocket, and make an accurate throw (5:00)

-Just a great job "tricking the defense". Real nice play (6:15)

-Great job on the touchdown hitting the underneath guy, but also throwing a great pass so the defense doesn't jump the rout.

-Like seeing him escape the pass rush and get the ball down field on a first down.(9:45)

-It's good to see him take his team to beat a higher ranked rival.

Yea sure he beat the 3rd ranked team in the nation at the time, but by no means did he look good or comforatable in this game. Florida State had a real strong pass rush in this game and the were constatnly making plays. He did have a game winning drive at the end of the game, but the majority of his throws were bad throws severall of them could have easily been picked off. His recievers did have a few drops, but some of his passes were way off. Not a very good game by Glennon, if defenders would have been one step to the left or right during this game I beleive NC State would have lost this game and Glennon would have at least 2 more INT's.

VS Maryland

-Shows off the canon to rifle one in there.

-Good touch on the mid range pass for a touchdown.

-Threw off his back foot again, I know there was pressure, but I still think he could have steped into that throw

-Once again shows off the great arm strength and the ability to hit the runner in stride. (2:25)

- Heres the video link

Sorry another short video, from what I saw there were a couple of things that concerned me. I counted twice in this highlight that Glennon threw off his back foot. He was pressured on both, but I still dont like it. Also He only completed 48% of his passes in this game. He didn't throw any picks, but 48% is not very good at all.

VS North Carolina

-He is deffinately not a read option QB lol. (:30)

-Even though he was down most of the 1st quarter he looked good. there were 2 drops by his receivers and only one pass that left me wondering.

-Drops really hurt NC State moving the ball

-Breakdown by the defense, good job recognizing the open guy. (5:30)

-His first INT. was not his fault. Just a bad job by the receiver, off his hands and right into the defender, bad break.

-Did a good job in this game throwing sideline routes.

-Drops really hurt Glennon in this game.

-His second pick he had single coverage and just took a shot. Good play by the defense.

-Here is the video link

I really though Glennon was going to have his best game up untill his first INT. I am not blaming the pick on him, but it just seemed that ever since that INT, some of the throws he was making earlier in the game were just off. Sometimes just barely other times not even close. Also UNC's defense's pass rush seemed to step up in the second half and that also didn't help Glennon.

VS Virginia

I couldn't even find highlights of this game. I am truely sorry folks, I am just using youtube. If you guys know of a website on where to find better game film please let me know. Looking at his stats though this was the only game where Glennon did not throw 200yds or more. He also completed only 50% of his passes with 1 TD and 3 INT. Not too good at all.

VS Wake Forest

-Glennon looked good on the deep pass.

-Like that he hit the open running back for a TD.

-Great pass down the sideline to hit his runner in stride for the TD.

-Heres the video link

The stats show that Glennon played better than he did the week before. Thats not really saying much. All I found in the highlights was two deep passes and a check down to the runningback. Not real crazy because thats what everyone said Mike was good at. I'm not real sure about the rest of the game The stats show he had a pick as well, but with the footage I found it just didn't share it.

VS Clemson

-First pass on an out was short, not good from a guy who claims his best trait is his arm strength.

-I think we can all agree Glennon has a canon. (1:00)(1:35)

-Drops, Drops, and more Drops.

-Dangerous pass near the goaline that could have simply been picked off.

-Great job with the blitz to get the ball out of his hands quickly and pick up a first down.

-Nice job avoiding pressure and then flipping it to the running back (4:00)

-Another pass that very easily could havebeen picked off.

-Didn't step into his throw, hes lucky it wasn't picked off.

-Put too much air underneath the ball and did throw it deep enough in the back of the endzone. Easy play for the defender.

-Held on to the ball too long and paid for it with the sack and the fumble.

-Had some bad throws in the 4th quarter, but his recievers dropped a few as well.

-Here is the video link

Overall Glennon did a decent job in this game. He put up 48 points the only bad part. the defense gave up 62. He had one pass that was picked off, but i thought there was a couple more that should have been. Once again another school with good pass rush got to him.

VS Boston College

-Buys time on the deep pass and then again on the rollout for a touchdown. Good to see he has a little mobility

-Good job placing it perfectly between defenders for the touchdown.

-Here is the video link

The stats showed the Mike played pretty good. Without being able to watch all the tape it is hard to see how he really did. I know his defense helped out a little bit with a pair of interceptions and some good field posistion. What I did see in the highlights nothing really stuck out too much. It just seems that we can conclude with Glennon can throw the deep ball.

VS Vanderbilt - The Music City Bowl

I couldn't find tape on this game that really showed Glennon much. I did however watch the game and Glennon just looked on ease the whole game. His interceptions looked like he was forcing the ball just way too much. He started moving the ball on his first drive untill a bad snap put the ball way over his head. After that it looked like vandy never turned back and Mike was trying too hard. He finished the game with 383 yds 1 TD and 3 INT's. He completed 66 percent of his passes, but I also believe (I could be wrong) that he was credited with 2 fumbles as well, even though one of them was a bad snap.

Senior Bowl

Sorry once again no video. But according to ESPN, Glennon went 8-16 for82 yards, no touchdowns, no picks. Even though his stats were not outstanding none of the other QB's really shined either. I guess you could make a case for Manuel, but this is about Glennon. I really liked the fact that he went ahead and decided to play in this game. I look at it as this is a big way to help your draft stock and get to work with some NFL coaches. I have heard from some places that Mike actually helped his draft stock with this and I have also heard that he really didn't do too much to hurt or help it. Either way you look at it He had a chance to get in there and try and take the spot light away from what many believe the top prospect Geno Smith who declined the invitation to train in florida.


I know I said it a lot throughout the games, but I truely am sorry about not having film on every game. I would love to watch it myself. But unfortunately I am just an average guy with average means to view film. If you guys know of a website or can find more film on these games please share below.

I would have liked to have seen what Glennon could have done with a stronger run game. His leading Rusher only ran for 694 yds and 3 touchdowns. As a team NC State only ran for 1444yds. Would a stronger run game help him?

One thing that kind of bothers me is that his overall stats for the year looked good. Over 4000 yds passing and over 30 TD's. His senior year though he only completed 58.5% of his passes. Plus he played in the ACC and only won 7 games. I know in college numbers are not everything and all it takes is for a coach to fall in love with them, But I think I would feel more comforatable if he had done this against the SEC, BIG 12, or PAC 12.

There was only 2 games this year where Glennon's completion percentage was over 70%. Those games were against South Alabama and Citadel. Not exactly strong schools. There was only 5 times that his completion percentage was over 60%.

I see if Glennon gets pressured he does kind of tend to throw of the back foot. His arm strength helps him get the ball out to where it needs to go on short throws, but I hope he doesn't try that with his deeper passes.

If KC drafted or got ahold of Glennon somehow, I think an addition like a Mike Wallace would help him alot. A solid playmaker that can stretch the field. This would allow Glennon's deep ball to shine at it's fullest potential.

One thing I like is Glennon takes a lot more of his snaps from under center. The pro style offense NC State ran should make a little bit easier transition to the NFL.

I know this is the case with any young QB, but I really do think a strong running game would make Glennon a real Sucsessful player. Having the arm strength to sling it from playaction could really help. Also seeing how he is a big QB he is not very mobile. A strong running game would put more guys in the box allowing better throwing lanes.

My overall take on Glennon is he has talent, but plays way too inconsistant. The ability for the deep ball is great and his prototypical QB size is a plus as well. The thing that hurts him the most is one play he can look like a first round talent and then the next looks like a 3rd at best. He goes out there and relies on his arm to much, whether its not stepping into a throw or just flat out overthrowing or underthrowing a pass. I would like to see a little more consistency out of him before I would feel comforatable with him as a starting QB in the league. I am not saying he will never be succesful, this guy has talent. Look at Russel Wilson. Size does not make or break a QB. Also this is just what I see from him. I know I didn't see every play, but I feel I have a pretty comforatable idea about how he works. By no means am I claiming that I know everything, otherwise I would be an NFL scout. This is just my opinion on what I saw.

I would love to hear your feedback and also let me know which QB you would like to see "Brokedown" next. Thanks again for Reading!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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