Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Conundrum:Who Should Start Under Center in 2013?

The Kansas City Chiefs found themselves bottom of the NFL at the end of the 2012 season. And though there is no single cause to this, a big issue they had was at the quarterback position. If you're the Chiefs you need to look at what to do about vital position.

The 2012 draft was rich in talented, young, NFL ready quarterbacks, so if you had an early round pick and needed one, it was a no brainer. You had your choice of Andrew Luck, RG3, or any number of first and second round options.

This year, however the draft isn't teeming with obvious NFL ready quarterbacks.

So what should the Chiefs do in the off season to prepare themselves for the coming year?

Well there are a few options they could take?

At present Geno Smith, seems to be the best option in the draft. Geno-smith_medium


He is coming of a good year in college and most experts expect to see him go off the board in the first 20 picks of the draft, and starting games in the NFL this year.

Smith threw for 4,205 yards, completing 71 percent of his passes and throwing 42 touchdowns and six interceptions at West Virginia last year.

He had a great start to the season and a massive game against Baylor, netting 656 yards through the air, completing 45-51 with 8 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Smith could fit into Andy Reid's West Coast offence, showing a good arm, with the ability to hit receivers in stride.

Smith's accuracy is good coming into the NFL and after working with Reid, Jim Zorn—the Chiefs quarterbacks coach, who played an instrumental part in the development of Joe Flacco—and Matt Nagy—the Chiefs new offensive coordinator and former quarterbacks coach for the Philadelphia Eagles—it's sure to improve.

However Smith's success was halted during his 2012 campaign when he came up against Texas Tech and Kansas State, both of whom successfully took away the deep threat.

Smith struggled to find a rhythm, his feet placement wasn't up to par and he struggled to keep drives alive, despite being able to avoid pressure and make plays with his feet.

The Chiefs new general manager John Dorsey has come out of Green Bay, where the draft philosophy is to take the best player available, and he plans to bring the same scheme to the Chiefs.



Smith has not yet shown the NFL that he is a number one pick, so at the moment, I don't expect to see him leaving the board to the Chiefs—assuming they stay at number one and don't trade down, or Smith shows us something special in the Senior Bowl and the Combine to shoot up there Board.

If Geno Smith is the best quarterback in the draft but not worth a number one pick what options do the Chiefs have?

In the 2012 draft we saw the Saint Louis Rams move from the number two pick down to 14. By doing this they collected three second round picks for the 2012 draft and two first round picks this year.

With the Chiefs at number one in the draft they could try something quite similar. Yes they could take someone like Luke Joeckel, but John Dorsey seems to be the type of manager who will look forward to the future, and trading down could do wonders for the franchise.

There is a chance that after trading down that Smith will still be on the board, but if not he is not the only quarterback with talent this year.

Tyler Wilson, had an interesting year at Arkansas, he had some good games mixed in with some decidedly mediocre ones. He threw for 3,387 yards completing 63 percent of his passes, and threw 21 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Hi-res-155977370_crop_exact_medium


Arkansas had a bad year in 2012 however, and although some blame must be put on Wilson, a lot conspired against him too. He missed some big games due to injury. , Bobby Petrino, his head coach was caught up in a scandal and was later fired, and he lost some of his receivers.

Wilson is a big guy at 6-foot-3 and 220lbs and has a had a great arm and a lot of natural talent. Moreover he has an amazing ability to survey the field with a good field of vision.

In an interview with BJ Kissle—staff writer for SB Nation—Wilson said it would be a "dream to play for a team like the Chiefs". An Arkansas native, Wilson grew up in an area with an active Chiefs fan base. He added that playing for a team he grew up following and staying nearby to his friends and family would be an added bonus.

Kissle found Wilson to be a breath of fresh air and a genuine guy.

I see Wilson going in the second round and could see some starts in the 2013 season.

If the Chiefs do trade down the team could see Wilson fall to them later in the first round or even into the second, which again would be a bonus for a team building for the future.

However the seventh overall pick will fall to the Arizona Cardinals, who find themselves in a desparate need of a quarterback as well. Making sure the Chiefs get the right quarterback at the right time will be crucial, and much of their strategy may depend on what the Cardinals do.

If Dorsey and the staff at Arrowhead are not convinced that they can find a starting quarterback in the draft then there are also several proven quarterbacks out of contracts this year.

Alex Smith, played well for the San Francisco 49ers, before being replaced by Colin Kaepernick midway through Week 10. Up until that point Smith lead the team to 6-2 start to the year. In 2012, Smith was responsible for leading the 49ers to a playoff run, beating the heavily favoured New Orleans Saint before losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champoion New York Giant,



Smith has proved he has a good arm with good accuracy, completing 71 percent of his passes in the first eight games of the year.

Anyone who followed the Chiefs 2012 season knows that they had trouble scoring touchdowns, and turning over the ball.Smith does not have this issue—in the first eight games of 2012 he threw 12 touchdowns and only five interceptions.

By comparison, Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn collectively threw for only eight touchdowns and 20 interceptions on the whole season.

Michael Vick also looks like he will be available this year too, and we know that Reid likes him.



After his stint in jail, Vick returned to the NFL in 2009 to play in Philadelphia. There was a lot of talk about whether Vick was ready to play , or if he should even be allowed to, Most franchises would not touch Vickhowever Reid gave him a chance.

In 2010 Vick threw for over 3000 yards, 21 touchdowns and only six interceptions. He completed over 62 percent of his passes on his way to a passer rating of 100.2 on the season.

He also gained an additional 676 yards on the ground in only 100 carries. His legs also netted him a further nine touchdowns; that's one more than Cassle and Quinn's eight through the air, and all this in just 12 games.

Vick would have posted a similar rating in 2011 if not for a significant increase in turnovers . He threw 18 touchdowns to 14 interceptions and was also responsible for several fumbles, which contributed to his much less impressive numbers.

Vick also only scored one touchdowns on the ground, and had an average year.

Vick was injured in Week 10 and forced to sit out the remainder of the year. However unlike Smith, Vick did not have a strong start to the season, completing 58 percent of his passes for 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, ending with a rating south of 80.

Should the Chiefs have a hard look at Vick? I don't think so, but then again I was one of the people predicting that he wouldn't succeed in the NFL in 2009 and for two years I was wrong, If it results in success for the Chiefs, then I am more than willing to be proved wrong for a third time.Tim Tebow had a horrible year in New York playing for the Jets, and now it seems like he will find himself on the open market, much to his relief.

Just like Vick, Tebow's 2012 season puts me off him quite a bit. However, he found himself in a gadget package that can't have had much thought put into it, which wasn't entirely his fault.



He played at a receiver position, that he had neither the ability or training to do, not really his fault at all.

He didn't fit into the scheme that the Jets were playing, once more that's not his fault. So you might look at this and say, yes Tebow had a bad year but is he to blame?

Well there are reports that Tebow put in such a poor performance in practice that to ever consider him as the starting quarterback was sheer madness.

Tebow stayed in collage an extra year to see the Gators go 13-1 and beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Tebow finished his collage carrier with records, the Hisman Trophy and 170.8 passer rating. He was truly dominant.

When Tebow announced that he was staying with the Gators for the fourth year, I thought he had made a mistake. He should be in the NFL, why is he wasting his time in collage?He needs to think of his carrier.

Now, part of me thinks that although Tim Tebow was great in college, he will never transmission into the pro game.

He only has glimmers of brilliance and he doesn’t bring the constancy of of Alex Smith or Matt Ryan.

With all this said, however he dose bring something to the table. He has a massive fan base, he is loved nation wide. Tebow sells merchandise and packs out stadiums, something the Chiefs are in dire need of.

He also went 5-1 as a starter in 2011 with the Denver Broncos—Tebow is a winner. It's not pretty but it gets the job done, and when your team goes 2-14 a winner is exactly what you need.There are a lot of other options for the Chiefs in 2013, I haven't mentioned Matt Moore, Vince Young or Matt Barkley.

The point is, KC needs to do something about the position and they know it. Even though it might have been better to be in this situation last year there are still some good options. Especially when you're building around a talented young team.

I don't claim to know it all when it comes to the draft, or signing players, but I personally think one of the most important things the team can do in the draft is to trade down.

But when all is said and done, there are a team of scouts and personnel at Arrowhead that are paid to deal with this sort of thing and I'm sure they have done more research than me.

If the Chiefs make some good decisions this off season—which I am expecting now that Scott Pioli is gone—the Chiefs should have a much better 2013 than 2012.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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