Types of Fans, Pet Peeves, and other Random Thoughts

It’s the off season and even though we have the Senior Bowl, the Pro Bowl, and the Super Bowl going on the draft is still a long ways off and it’s a pretty boring time to be a Chiefs fan. The online bulletin boards are for the most part occupied by us die-hard fans arguing over just about anything. So I thought it would be fun to take a laugh at ourselves and vent on a few pet-peeves of mine at the same time. By the way, if you take offense to any of this, well… it’s the off season (sigh).

Types of Fan Personalities that Post on AP:

You resemble know the type. Their evaluation of a player is the final say. They can prove they’re right a hundred different ways and if you don’t have the football acumen to recognize their player insights then you are to be pitied. Oh, and by the way, the player you like better just sucks.

Statistics, statistics, charts and more statistics. They can help you support any position, or ‘prove’ the other guy wrong. Under the sway of an Authoritative, these guys can be deadly in their support of a position – but just as wrong.
We need Analyticals to give credibility to our discussions – to provide evidence and insight. They have the energy and ability to scour the internet and research almost anything. Facts make the debate fun. They are usually very sincere, but we cannot make the mistake of confusing sincerity with being correct. How many times have you finished reading a complete set of statistics, scratched your head, and asked, "What the heck does that have to do with anything?"

These are the gods of the blog post. Well reasoned and with a depth of football knowledge that is immediately recognizable to all. Never shrill – more of a ‘fan’ than a ‘fanatic’ they give insight and perspective to select issues. They are philosophic in the sense that they are open to higher expertise even while holding a personal opinion. A recent mantra of this type is, "In Reid I Trust, but…"
In reality this is how we all view ourselves, or (ahem) at least, I do.


These are the folks I have the hardest time relating to. It’s almost as if life has beaten them down so much that they don’t want to be happy about anything. They won’t get excited about Dorsey because Pioli didn’t work out. They won’t believe we can have a good team this year solely because we didn’t last year. This type of personality can cite divorce statistics at a wedding. They think of themselves as realistic and it could be true – because you bring about what you think about (or so I believe). I just don’t want anything to do with that type of reality. I love getting excited about my Chiefs and wouldn’t change it.

A great forum has all personality types (even the ones I can’t personally relate to) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The next time you find yourself in a good debate take a moment to ask yourself, ‘what type of person am I debating with?’ And if you are really brave ask yourself, ‘What type of personality do others think I am?


Everyone has pet-peeves and these are mine…

Not Understanding the Difference between Cap Dollars and Actual Dollars Spent
Cap dollars are a budget for player salaries where spending can be pro-rated (spread-out) from year to year. Actual dollars spent is the total of the checks written to players that year – and seldom do they resemble each other. This misunderstanding leads to people calling Clark Hunt ‘cheap’ in years where we have low cap spending but are actually paying more to players than most other teams. It also ignores the $140 million the Hunt family spent out of their own pocket for the stadium renovations, the giant contracts it takes to land personnel like Reid and Dorsey, and the financial commitment it takes to buy out the contracts of former GMs and coaches. This is all simple math and… (oh, never mind).

Resign vs. Re-sign
If you resign a player you kill him or cut him. If you re-sign a player you’re exercising a new contract that keeps him a Chief. It’s simple English and… (oh yeah, never mind).

Saying Players Suck
This just shows a lack of respect – no one at the NFL level sucks. Well, except for maybe Cassell, and Crennell as an HC, and… (ok, ok never mind).

Being Duped by the Media
This probably refers to Jason Whitlock more than anyone – although I think we’re all susceptible to it and need to be wary of all journalists (some more than others).
I watched an entire fan base get pulled into the career scheming machinations of Whitlock and it was enough to make me sick. Jason was basically a nobody when he first arrived in KC but quickly found a tender spot (playoff performance) with a fanatical fan base and drove a knife deep; twisting it year after year until he received the celebrity status he desired and then moved on.
He would say or do anything to give the fan base a target for their frustrations: Carl Peterson.
My purpose is not to make a defense of Carl, but to point out that the enmity displayed by the fans was totally manufactured. Jason ascribed to the philosophy that if you say something loud enough and often enough people will start believing it – whether it’s true or not. Example: Almost everybody in KC believes that Carl had a 5 Year Plan to get to the Super Bowl… wrong. He never said that. Jason made this up. By the way, where did the moniker ‘King Carl’ come from?
Rather than being a Shock Jock, if Whitlock would have told the story of Lamar Hunt’s struggle with cancer, of Carl’s determination to bring him a Super Bowl trophy before he passed (that’s the reason we focused on veteran FAs more than rookie draft picks), of Carl’s loyalty and success in making KC enthusiastic about their Chiefs again… well, that wouldn't have helped Jason’s career, would it?

I see the same thing happening in politics and it saddens me. It is always easier to stir up hate than give thoughtful consideration. We see our politicians practicing class warfare and a media that is more concerned with supporting a point of view than impartial reporting – and it bugs me that more people don’t see through this type of thing.

What are your pet-peeves and what personality type are you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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