6 Big Names the Chiefs Could Target This Offseason

I know it is pretty early to be posting my opinions about free-agency, but I don't care I am getting impatient. I feel like with the Chiefs new GM in John Dorsey they are going to make a big splash via free-agency After a few years in having a cheap GM in Scott Pioli and making minimal free-agency moves, I think that changes this year. I am one of those people that believe you build your future through the draft, but free-agency is just as important. The Chiefs have the talent on their roster to win now and are a few bold moves away from being out of the gutter. Here is a list of six big name players the Chiefs could target potentially target this offseason.

Greg Jennings: Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers

I firmly believe this could happen for the Chiefs, Greg Jennings coming to Kansas City. There had been rumors circulating during the season that Greg Jennings' days with the Packers were numbered with the emergence of Randall Cobb. Now that the Chiefs have connections with the Packers through John Dorsey, this makes this move that much more likely. The Chiefs' new quarterback needs some receivers to work with and I am not sold on Baldwin, Breaston, and McCluster, plus Bowe's future is still in the air. Regardless if the Chiefs bring back Bowe or not this offseason, this move should happen, it would be a great move for our new quarterback and our new offense.

Alex Smith: Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers

With the emergence of Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith is the odd man out in San Francisco. Alex Smith is likely pretty unhappy with the quarterback situation in San Francisco, and Smith wants to play. If the Chiefs decide not to go quarterback number one overall, then they must pickup/trade for Smith. There is nothing Sexy about Alex Smith as a quarterback, but he is a solid quarterback and is far better than any option the Chiefs have on their current roster.

Michael Vick: Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

Many Chiefs fans wouldn't agree on this one, but I believe there is a chance Vick could be a Chief in 2013. Vick had a disastrous season in 2012, but his porous offensive line made Vick struggle to be healthy. The only reason I could see this happening is because Vick has connections with the Chiefs through Andy Reid. It would be cool and all to have Michael Vick on your team, but I don't believe he is the answer for the Chiefs at this point. Again, I don't totally agree on Vick being the quarterback of the future for this team, but it has potential to happen.

Matt Flynn: Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

This is another connection move that could happen for the Chiefs. GM John Dorsey was around Green Bay during the back-up tenure of Matt Flynn for the Packers. Flynn was traded to the Seahawks in Seattle's hope of potentially being the quarterback of the future, but that soon changed after the emergence and stardom of Russell Wilson. Matt Flynn grew fame in the 2011 season in a game against the Detroit Lions in which he threw for over 400 yards and 6 touchdowns leading the Packers to victory in place for Aaron Rodgers. I am not sold on Matt Flynn at all and I don't think he would be the "guy" for the Chiefs, but with the connections the Chiefs have, this move has potential to happen.

Richard Seymour: Defensive Linemen, Oakland Raiders

Chiefs defensive linemen Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson's futures are in the air at this point and the Chiefs don't have much other depth at the defensive line that could replace Dorsey and Jackson. The Chiefs don't have any connections at all for this move, but it could still happen. It appears Richard Seymour's days in Oakland are over after a land slide of a season in 2012. I believe that Seymour could resurrect his career in Kansas City and it would give the Chiefs defense a big boost. If Tyson Jackson is retained by the Chiefs a front 7 starting with Seymour, Poe, and Jackson, along with our strong linebacker corps could be among the best in the league. I am not saying this move could happen, but its something the Chiefs could look at.

Darrelle Revis: Cornerback, New York Jets

The Chiefs have a solid secondary led by Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers right now, but the cornerback spot across from Flowers is a question mark. Scott Pioli screwed over the Chiefs by signing Stanford Routt and letting Brandon Carr walk last offseason. Javier Arenas is a solid cornerback, but with the emergence of all these tall wide receivers in the NFL would put the Chiefs in mismatch if they started two 5'9 corners. Plus I am not sold on Jalil Brown. This is another move I am not saying is likely, but I believe one of the Chiefs biggest needs is at cornerback and Andy Reid has a history of spending big money on cornerbacks (see Asante Samuel, Nnamdi Asomugha, Ellis Hobbs, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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