What is John Dorsey up Against?



Chiefs: Best Player Available - John Dorsey

So stated by John himself, I believe John.

Jags: Position of Need - David Caldwell

Caldwell indicated to Oehser that he's more inclined to lean towards drafting for need in the early rounds of the draft, then applying the "best available player" philosophy in the later rounds, which he should. So, I would guess you can go ahead and pencil in quarterback, defensive end, and cornerback in some kind of order for the Jaguars first three picks. Those are by far the biggest needs.

Raiders: Best Player Available - Reggie McKenzie

- Offense. Palmer is the leader of this team. McKenzie & DA should sit down and let him know that we need you for at least 3 more years, and restructure. Let CP3 tell them what he needs to be successful (coaches/players). They need to all be on the same page as the problem areas, and how to fix it. This side of the ball has to lead this team next year. Find an identity.

Eagles: Wild Card - Chip Kelly

1st time NFL Head Coach with all the power, usually ends poorly.

Lions: Best Player Available - Martin Mayhew

Mayhew typically likes to draft the best player available instead of addressing needs. He has followed that strategy ever since he became general manager late in 2008.

Last season, Detroit's biggest needs were in the secondary and at running back. Mayhew chose to select the best player available instead, and as a result, no member of Mayhew's 2012 draft class had an instant impact. Offensive lineman Riley Reiff saw some playing time, but mostly in set packages.

Browns: Who the hell knows - Mike Lombardi

Also listed on the chart are his top college draft choices as director of the Philadelphia Eagles during 1998 and as the Oakland Raiders’ senior personnel executive during the years 1999 through 2007. We’ve listed all his choices less than No. 100 overall, with the exception of a few cases where No. 100+ choices went on to decent pro careers.

What is absolutely amazing is the fact that just two (by my count) of 68 position players have gone on to attain all-star or near-all-star status, those being OT Robert Gallery and DB Nnamdi Asomugha — although C Steve Everitt, CB Antonio Langham and WR Derrick Alexander had some not-bad years with the Browns.

Cardinals: Wild Card - Steve Keim

Arizona's draft picks during Keim's time as the team's player personnel executive include Calais Campbell, Daryl Washington, Patrick Peterson and Sam Acho.

Citing the core players on the roster in his press conference, Keim expressed his believe that Arizona did not need a complete overhaul, but rather needed to "retool" to be competitive again. He pointed to the team's need to improve it's offensive line during the offseason.

The big question fans will have is the team's plan at quarterback. Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley are all under contract for the 2013 season. In a Dec. 31 press conference, owner Bill Bidwill said that the team was not ready to give up on Kolb. Arizona has the seventh overall pick in the draft this year.

Bills: Twitter - Buddy Nix

The Bills Like the Security of Taking Players From Big Schools

Every single player they chose was from a BCS big six conference, except for a seventh-round kicker and Tank Carder, a linebacker from TCU, which is arguably one of the premier programs in the country. The SEC was the source of three of the first four picks, including Gilmore, Glenn and fourth-round cornerback Ron Brooks, who didn't even start at times while at LSU because of the presence of top-10 picks Morris Claiborne and Patrick Peterson.

Jets: He has been part of Needs based drafting - John Idzik

Idzik has spent the past six seasons as the vice president of football administration with the Seattle Seahawks. There he was actively involved in player evaluations and player negotiations among other responsibilities. Prior to joining the Seahawks, Idzik spent three seasons as senior director of football operations for the Arizona Cardinals, helping to build an NFC championship team. Idzik entered the NFL in 1993 with Tampa Bay and spent 11 years with the Buccaneers, eventually rising to assistant general manager in 2001.

They address team needs, like, seriously.

The Seahawks headed into the draft needing help with the pass rush, talent at the linebacker position , and possibly a talented backup for Marshawn Lynch. Every one of those needs was addressed in the draft – thoroughly.

Three significant pass rushers were chosen along with two linebackers with tremendous potential.

Add running back Robert Turbin to the mix and it feels like nothing was missing in the first place.

Titans: Too early to tell - Ruston Webster

I look at the successful teams around the league over the past 6 years (Reinfeldt's tenure), and, even at a distance, I can generally give you a pretty good idea of their team's identity. Without a clearcut idea of what you want to be, it's impossible to construct a team and make decisions with purpose.

For this article, I'll be evaluating Webster and Reinfeldt as one. Ruston may have more control today, but I'd say it's fair to say that Reinfeldt has an influence on personnel moves and the overall direction of this team. To the point of Webster's drafting, I think it's entirely too early to make a draft evaluation given the sample size (one) and time lapsed. Webster could end up being one of the best drafters in the NFL today, and by all accounts 2012 looks solid. Still it's too early to make evaluations one way or another.

Ruston's picks in 2012:

  • 1 (20) Wright, Kendall WR
  • 2 (52) Brown, Zach OLB
  • 3 (82) Martin, Mike DT
  • 4 (115) Sensabaugh, Coty CB
  • 5 (145) Thompson, Taylor TE (From Dolphins)
  • 6 (190) Martin, Markelle FS
  • 7 (211) Solomon, Scott DE
Can John Dorsey work any magic with this mob?
Go Chiefs

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