Senior Bowl 2013: Mike Glennon goes deep, Ryan Nassib struggles and more from day 3

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Senior Bowl continues with BJ Kissel reporting from Mobile, Alabama. Read on for BJ's report on day three of the Senior Bowl. Click here for all reports from the Senior Bowl.

Chris Harper making a name for himself

For the third straight day Kansas State wide receiver Chris Harper put together a solid performance. I have yet to personally see him drop a pass down here in Mobile at the 2013 Senior Bowl practices. He's projected by many as a mid-round pick and he's doing enough this week to encourage teams to go back and watch his tape from this past season.

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Local watch

Another player that put together a very solid performance today was Missouri Southern's DT Brandon Williams. On back to back plays in team drills, Williams pushed the pocket and got in Mike Glennon's face and then on the very next play stuffed RB Kenjon Barner at the line of scrimmage. It's important week for Williams to stand out coming from a Division II school where he didn't face this kind of competition. He's holding his own and then some.

Mike Glennon's deep ball looks good

For the quarterbacks it was again Mike Glennon's deep ball that impressed. He threw a couple of beautiful fly routes down the right sideline (seems to be his go-to throw) to Chris Harper and Markus Wheaton. These are the same impressive throws that he displayed yesterday in 7 on 7 and team drills. I haven't been impressed with anything other than that one specific route from Glennon but that one has been VERY good.

Not all QBs are playing well

Ryan Nassib struggled today. Several passes sailed high as he tried to get the ball outside the numbers. He hasn't really been that impressive this week. Any talk of him going No. 1 overall should be reconsidered.

Zac Dysert does OK

Zac Dysert didn't impress today but he looks much better in 11 on 11 drills than he does in individual work with receivers. I have yet to see a tight spiral from him though for whatever that's worth. He thrives on getting outside and making plays and echoing what he said to me on Monday night he seems to do better when things break down. He's an improviser and that's not displayed here at all as it's all very basic and structured from an offensive standpoint.

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