OFFICIAL AP Mock Draft Thread 1/23-2/4


It's that time again... for those of you who don't remember, we will post one of these threads every week or two, depending on the volume, and encourage all of the Mockers to post their mocks HERE... and not in the fanshots/fanposts/comments.

Moderators will be encouraged to copy/paste mocks that aren't FanPost worthy in the comments of this thread, in order to make sure the numerous, well-thought out FanPosts don't get pushed down the list by a million simple mocks.

This week/weekend is one of the biggest scouting opportunities before the Combine, with the Senior Bowl practices and game. Many prospects help make themselves some money (or lose some) based on how they stand out amongst the nation's top Seniors. You can follow all the action here.

Our own BJ Kissel is on the scene along with the other draft experts, so there is a ton of analysis out there.

I, for one, find it amusing that so many people watching the SAME practices come out with OPPOSITE opinions... which just goes to show you that none of us really know what NFL teams will think of these players, or what their boards look like.

As usual, I'll set my mock out there for your critical pleasure.

1) Geno Smith, QB. I'm happy with Geno or Tyler Wilson, but I think KC HAS to get their guy, and by the time this process is over... they'll have to use the top pick to avoid missing out.

2) Datone Jones, DE, UCLA; I hate to "waste" this pick on a DLineman, but Reid is going to want someone who can get to the QB... I think/hope they'll keep Jackson, Poe, Powe, Bailey and Smith... Jones adds another dimension to that group.

3) David Amerson, CB, NC State: Great value pick and fills the need at #2 CB

3 comp) Stedman Bailey, WR West Virginia: Probably won't last this long, but would be awesome to pair with Geno as they have in HS and College.

4) Nico Johnson, ILB, Alabama: May also be wishful thinking here, but would be an ideal pick for KC, even if they have to take him in round 3

5) Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International: Add more depth to the secondary... has been a stand out so far at the Senior Bowl

6) Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado: An early "Chiefs Interest" at the Senior Bowl, and the new RB coach should be able to make a case for him...

7) Jordan Rodgers, QB, Vandy: Dorsey takes a flier on Aaron's little brother

7 comp) Blaize Foltz, OG, TCU: OL depth... at least we know he's strong...

one of this year's "Freak" athletes due to his incredible weight-room strength. Foltz is credited with a bench press of 580 pounds, an 800 pound squat, an incline bench of 530 pounds and a 430 pound clean and jerk.

"Honestly, we've gotten to a point where we stop him now for safety sake," TCU offensive line coach Eddie Williamson told Feldman. "He could probably do even more than what those numbers indicate if we didn't.

(draft rankings from CBS/NFL DraftScout)

Some Mock Draft sites:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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