What Andy Reid to the Kansas City Chiefs Would Mean

Rob Carr

*Note: This post is not about my personal wants or what I think is best for the team. This is purely speculative based on what is known about the career of Andy Reid, the current situation of the Kansas City Chiefs, and the contract statuses of other NFL personnel. I am not advocating for or against the hiring of Andy Reid, or anyone else. Nor is this advocating for or against any potential signing or drafting of any particular player.

In the past 24 hours, the Kansas City Chiefs have jumped into the middle of the coaching rumors with their scheduled meeting with Andy Reid. Of all the potential coaching hires, Reid is perhaps the most intriguing. That is not to say he would be the best, just the most intriguing. He is clearly the most currently sought after head coaching prospect with key meetings being held with the Chiefs and Cardinals within days of his firing in Philadelphia. Andy Reid brings with him a unique style, an up and down history, and a mixed opinion from past fans.

But what would hiring Andy Reid do to the Kansas City Chiefs? Well, this would affect a lot of things.


  • Scott Pioli - This would likely spell the end of Pioli's tenure in Kansas City. With the kind of control Reid would want, Pioli would be relegated to the role of glorified scout. That doesn't make financial sense for the Chiefs or career sense for Scott Pioli. There is of course (reportedly) the issue of his current contract extension. There would have to be some form of a buyout involved, but that can be arranged. As for Pioli's future, I would not be surprised in the least to see him make a return to Cleveland where Tom Heckert has been let go. *Does anyone know the possibility of trading a GM? I know coaches have been traded in MLB, but don't know of any precedent for a front office person being traded.
  • Future GM - The hiring of Andy Reid could be a push for Tom Gamble as the new GM in Kansas City. Though they never worked together in Philadelphia, both men spent significant time with the organization and have many mutual acquaintances. Combined with Gamble's time spent with Bill Polian, that could be enough references to get him the edge in the job. With Andy Reid as the HC, it is unlikely that Clark Hunt will want a dominant GM to run football operations. The only knock on Gamble is that he hasn't yet been a GM. With Reid likely to be a short-term coaching option, this match up of HC and GM makes a lot of sense.

Team Philosophy:

  • Offense - This is where things will change the most for the Chiefs. We have been a run-dominant team for the past few years. Reid will want to get away from that. He won't abandon the run, but we won't be as focused on it. That shouldn't affect Jamaal Charles as much, though he will see more passes come his way. It will likely mean Peyton Hillis is not retained, and Dexter McCluster is likely to go back to the RB spot so Reid can use him on screens. One thing is for certain, our offense will become more dynamic. Whether or not that means it is better remains to be seen.
  • Defense - The biggest knock on Reid is that he isn't a great evaluator of defensive talent. Chiefs fans should probably be prepared to see some of their favorite defensive players leaving over the next few years. Reid simply doesn't put as much stock into defense as he does offense. It is very hard to imagine him re-signing DJ, Flowers, Hali, Houston, and Jackson. At least one or two of them will be on a new team within the next five seasons.


  • Mike Vick - Get ready for it folks, Mike Vick will be a Chief in Andy Reid comes to town. Plain and simple, Reid runs an offense that works to Vick's strengths. This doesn't mean he will be the starter. But he will certainly be in contention for the role.
  • Geno Smith - Andy Reid in KC would all but guarantee that Geno Smith is the #1 overall draft pick this year. Reid runs a pretty similar offense to that of Dana Holgorsen, and Smith is what he would be looking for. With Mike Vick on the roster, Smith would have the opportunity to see how that offense is supposed to work.
  • Ricky Stanzi - Will no longer be with the team. Expect a later-round draft pick to replace him. Colin Klein or Ryan Katz could get looks from Reid.

Free Agency:

  • Mike Wallace - One thing Andy Reid loves is speed at WR. We don't have much of that in Kansas City. Reid will want a WR who can stretch the field, and Wallace does that better than almost anyone. Expect KC to be major players in the Wallace market.
  • Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - Reid kept DRC over Asante Samuel this past year. With DRC coming up on free agency, and the Eagles needing to create some cap space, he will be a likely target for Andy Reid.


  • WR - Despite some big holes on the defensive side of the ball and the (potential) signing of Mike Wallace, expect Andy Reid to go WR early. Jon Baldwin doesn't really fit what Reid likes to do at WR. People could make physical comparisons to TO, but Baldwin certainly doesn't have that kind of talent. Reid will want a quality speedster with good hands to put opposite of Wallace. Steadman Bailey may be his target in the 3rd rd. Bailey compares well to Jason Avant and DeSean Jackson, so it seems that he would be a natural fit in addition to the fact he knows Geno Smith.
  • Defense - Don't expect much. Reid has struggled when it comes to drafting defensive players. Hopefully our new GM has a strong defensive background and can assist in that department.
  • QB - I've already mentioned it, but it bears repeating. Expect to see Geno Smith with the #1 overall pick. And there is a strong possibility of another QB coming later in the draft as well. Andy Reid will want to put his stamp on this team.

Realistically, Andy Reid would bring the biggest change to Kansas City out of any of the current coaches in the rumor mill. If Chip Kelly throws his hat in the ring, he would also come with big changes, but there isn't anything firm on that front yet. Andy Reid's offensive philosophy is something we have never had in Kansas City. The diminished role of the run game and defense would be a stark contrast to what we currently have.

Draw your own conclusions about what this will mean for the future of Chiefs football. This is an aggressive move by Clark Hunt, but it does come with drawbacks. The things Andy Reid is good at...he is very good at them. But the things he isn't good at...he is terrible at. Clark needs to be sure not to give Reid absolute power. There needs to be some balance to the front office if this franchise is going to be successful. Andy Reid can gameplan with the best of them, and he knows how to work towards the specific talents of his offense. However, some major criticisms can be made of his defensive understanding. Fortunately, most of the prime talent on defense is locked in for another couple of years. So hopefully Reid (if hired) could bring the offense along quickly enough to make the Chiefs competitive.

It's good to see the Chiefs jumping right into the thick of things with a pair of quality interviews right off the bat.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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