My 7 Round Mock for my Super Bowl bound 2013 Chiefs

Greetings Arrowhead Pride,

I have been a daily viewer of this blog for a couple of years now reading everything I about my Kansas City Chiefs and I finally made an account. I, like every Chiefs fan, am KC's #1 fan and as a #1 fan; I need to make a mock draft.

So here it is (this is my first post so be nice)

Round 1: Geno Smith QB West Virginia



Geno Smith has displayed his talent countless times at West Virginia. Great pocket presence, cannon arm, great vision, ability to extend the play, stellar throw-on-the-run ability, smooth play fakes. Every year he's played he has gotten better. He has an incredible football IQ and has all the intangibles you want in a QB. THIS man can do it all and THIS man is our QBOTF

Round 2: Matt Elam SS Florida



Matt Elam!!!! He is a do-it-all athlete that makes up for his lack of size with physicality and great cover skills. Not only can he line up in the box and provide excellent run support, he's a natural in coverage. Can play either FS or SS. I made this pick because Kendrick Lewis has too many injuries and good lord Abe Elam is horrible. Putting Matt Elam back there with Eric Berry in our secondary would make it "Berry Scary" (excuse my puns)

Round 3: Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia



I'm making this pick not to replace Bowe or Baldwin because I think Geno Smith will make them great. I'm making this pick to replace McCluster. As much as I like DMC, he's not a WR, there have been too many times that the ball bounces off of his hands, resulting in INTs. This is where Stedman Bailey comes in! Stedman Bailey is a speedy receiver with incredibly soft hands, he is a reliable pass catcher as there is in this draft. He catches all the easy passes and is extremely well at making all the difficult catches look easy. On top of that, this man is always open! He had an OUTSTANDING 113 catches for 1627 yds and 25 TDS this season with our future QB Geno Smith at the helm. This pick gives Geno someone he is already comfortable throwing to on our team.

Round 3 (compensatory pick): Margus Hunt DE SMU


NCAA record for blocked kicks (via MattyV53)

Hopefully he will be here, I believe he will shoot up draft boards like Shea McClellin and Derek Wolfe did last year. But this is MY mock draft so I decide what happens. Margus Hunt is a BEAST of a man at 6'7" 290 lbs. He plays like his hair is on fire and is extremely powerful at the line. Versatile and an athletic freak, can play 4-3 or 3-4. He has been very productive at SMU and would be a great fit for our defense. I make this pick because I sense that we are close to parting ways with Glen Dorsey.

Round 4 Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU



Tyrann Mathieu is a football freak. This team needs playmakers and the "Honey Badger" is about as good as you can get. He has a history of drug problems, but so did Justin Houston. People knock him for his size at 5'9" but size isn't everything, one of the best CBs in the NFL is 5'9", our boy Brandon Flowers. He wouldn't need to be our outside guy, because Jalil Brown is getting better. Either way, it adds competition to a secondary that needs improvement.

Round 5: Braxton Cave C Notre Dame



Braxton Cave is a solid center that has started for Notre Dame the past 2 seasons. Has the ability to play Guard and Center. He is a smart center that could provide much needed depth across the interior line.

Round 5 (compensatory pick): Nick Florence QB Baylor



The NFL is a copycat league and the Redskins hit two home runs when they drafted RG3 and Kirk Cousins last year. Speaking of RG3, Nick Florence quietly broke RG3's single season passing record this year and has performed really well against big time teams. Would be a perfect pick to back up Geno Smith.

Round 6: Michael Williams TE Alabama



Michael Williams is a tremendous blocking tight end on the edge of the Crimson Tide offense. He's a huge guy 6'6" 270lbs. Can catch the ball when needed. Good speed for his size. I like this pick to compliment Moeaki.

Round 7: Steve Greer ILB Virginia



I like this guy. Steve Greer isn't the biggest ILB in the draft 6'2" 235lbs but he is a tackling machine. He had 122 tackles in his senior season at Virginia. He is a great leader and can play special teams. He could give Siler a run for his money.

So there it is Chiefs fans! Your 2013 Chiefs Draft Class!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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