Should the Chiefs Front Office use Arrowhead Pride as a Tool to Make Their Job Easier

(My opinions are being honed in...) (By debating on here and going over the views and opinions of many individuals regarding the same players I feel we are all gaining a better Idea of what we really have with them...) (Also figuring out where and how to make the moves needed to the franchise to be a contender and house a team of players we are excited about as fans and can really have our guys)

(I dont see us making much happen as far as trades go unless a cant pass up options comes along. Such as the TB trade to get hometown Josh Freeman who I think is just starting to really become an all around QB. Would love Freeman in KC and their 13th pick and a pick next year that would be great) (If TB was to really make that trade to KC it changes everything and expeccially the #1 overall pick as I feel instead of Geno Smith we would draft Jarvis Jones at LB or maybe Milliner and not bring in DRC or Talib but Id rather have the proven vets)

(Arrowhead Pride if your a real chiefs fan or just a real fan of football and like to debate or just find out about the Chiefs or just gain football knowledge Arrowhead pride is a magic place. If you work for the Chiefs or play for the team its a good place to see the honest truth about how we feel and is an excellent tool to use for Dorsey to take note of what the fans want. Not to make his plans or anything but to confirm his plan and just compare what he has planned to what the heart of Chiefs Nation wants for the team. I feel with Dorsey we have somebody that will take in all angles and make the best decisions possible really excited to have a GM in house that it apears knows his chit stinks to and is willing to work cohesively with the other coaches and fans to build this team the right way)

(I love AP and take our debates to heart and am trying as fans to give our new front office detailed reports of what hundreds of Chiefs fans feel about the roster they are now in charge of and with everything Reid and Dorsey have said all stones will be turned over in making the right moves for the team and I know that will include checking out this website to see what the fans think.) (Also watching Reids press conferance it apeared to me he was not real thrilled about the notes left on the players so I have made it a goal to get alot of discussion going on about the roster to help make their jobs easier if infact they do have someone keeping an eye on arrowhead pride witch im sure they do.) (Our opinions and discussions could be very important tool for the new staff to use. I think it is with no way of knowing for sure. We will just continue to debate and go over options and try to find the best moves possible as a cohesive unit of fans in Chiefs Nation and give our staff all the tools they need to make the right moves if they are willing to look and add our thoughts to theirs when they go to the FA board and War room on draft day)

(Along with the best schemes to design for our players with what we have to use and if the current staff didnt leave detailed reports about our players strengths and weaknesses as fans we do know atleast with the starters and players that have been here for awhile they can get the average fans perspective and the detailed over the top fans breakdowns statistic game clips and individual player opinions of some pretty good football minds..) (Over the last few years we have had some really good debates on here and gotten very in depth it is a great thing to have a website where we can put our heads together.)

(This response got alittle long but one last props to Arrowhead pride. I really wish the team had taken the route we on arrowhead pride wanted over the last couple years and after all the clear evidance of everything we wanted last year I was in shock with the draft and am not one bit suprised we are going into this off season with every hole we had going into last year still there with the exception of Poe on D Line and Winston at RT.) (It apeared to me Pioli lost a couple of his targeted players and did not have a deep plan set up and did not use the tools we gave him. If this staff gets in that position I hope they use the tools we have laid out for them) (by kcchiefstd on Jan 17, 2013 3:37 PM PST)

(What is the point of bringing in Jarvis Jones) (We have Houston and Hali. Neither of them needs to be replaced. And adding depth with the #1 pick is outrageous.) (As for the Chiefs caring about what the fans think. As far as I'm concerned, the Chiefs have no obligation to give a rats ass what we think EXCEPT the product we spend our money on. If we're not satisfied, they need to do something about it. If we're satisfied, well how can they increase that satisfaction. But as far as individual ideas, I highly doubt that we are offering up anything new that these highly paid professionals haven't though of already. I'm sure Dorsey, Reid and Sutton looked at all the available information, and in their professional opinions (which trumps mine, yours and any other fan) believe we are better suited for the 3-4.) (I highly doubt that Reid had to read on our players. As far as I know, hes already watched all 16 Games we played this past season. He's seen it himself, so he knows what hes doing. He doesnt need detailed reports on our players strengths and weaknesses. Its his job to review the past season, meet with the players, and so on. And as far as the Defense goes, Reid does have Gibbs and Thomas to turn to in the LB and DB areas.)

(And its funny that you mention you wish the team had done what AP supposedly wanted them to. In that case, KC would have drafted both Aaron Curry and Rolando McClain, who are both struggling and were supposed to be "sure things". Most Chiefs fans did want Berry, and he hasn't quite lived up to expectations (although I think he will eventually). Sure, there are something we as fans ARE right about, but I'd bet my money on the paid professionals that the average fan.) ( by Petey14 on Jan 17, 2013 9:22 PM PST upreplyactions) (As individuals yes the people getting paid to do it are supposed to be good however...)

(If Reid was giving Philly all he had witch he was... How long do you think he spent studying other rosters that where not in the division and the only time you might face them in a meaningfull game is the SB witch KC has not been potential for that so until the interview process that was not that long ago I would say he didnt know much at all except rookie reports he might of had from when these players where prospects and he might of studied our up comming FA incase he wanted one in Philly but that would be it Im sure Reid did not spend his time in Philly discecting the KC Chiefs)

(I know there is others on here I may not work in the NFL or been mature enough as a kid to stay through school and have a chance to play on sunday or even give myself the chance but I was being scouted by college scouts in the 7th grade due to being around other really good players that I grew up with such as someone I played with on a dailey basis as young kids growing up was Brian Casey who spent time with the Atlanta Falcons at TE and Marlus Mays who was on the Cincinatti Bengals Roster as a WR,... There is two examples of good professionals as you would call it that I grew up training with... Neither one of them catch anything on me, or are able to cover me) (I have three real passions in life that have been lifelong areas of intense study and hard work although I didnt do my best in the class room and was a slacker when it came to preparing myself with dedication to school.... I was skipping school but I was working on my race car behind my dads back cause he would not of allowed me to skip school to tinker on my car, When not in the garage I was working out period a thousand shots a day on the basketball court atleast 500 push ups and would hit all the workout stations at the park on my way by everyday from 6th grade on I was a bad kid I had that routine 4 - 5 days a week depending on one race on the weekend or two, and went to school 2 days a week. I still made top grades until I did the dumbest thing possible skipped the last two weeks of freshman year including the finals and lost my eligability to play, eventually dropped out and made poor decisions)

(None of that matters the point is there are alot of so called just fans outthere like me. I have studied football with a passion, love for the competition, respect for the amount of work that goes into being an elite athlete or skilled craftsman in any craft... I have watched football since I was born and started playing at 5; I started doing film study of my Idols then to John Elway, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Natron Means, Eric Metcalf, Mike Singletary, the Fridge, Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Howie Long, Dan Saleamua, Willie Davis yes i loved me some willie davis, Danon Hughes was alittle later but I got to get that in there I miss having tough HANDS WRs like Hughes with the athletic ability of our current guys if they played with the heart that Hughes played with we got somethin...

I may not get paid to do this but there is nothing Im more comfortable with then Football I know the game like the back of my own hand... I have absolutly no clue how to manage the Cap or run the front office of an NFL team but when it comes to being a professional when it comes to ALL things on the football field YES I am and if you have the time to learn I can teach you but there is alot IM at 25 years of determined study with a passion I have spent over 40 hrs this week alone on the stuff Ive put on here for fun... Ive done this deep of evaluating since I learned to do book keeping around 12 yrs old... Im 28 gonna be 29 next month.... I am a professional football mind... I do not have knowledge to hold a position in the front office of the Chiefs but without a doubt Im as capable as ANY scout currently employed in the NFL... I know what it takes to be the best, I have won a National Championship and point series championships in racing... I did put the time in on the field, the track, the film room, hands work, I will bet anyone anytime Throw me ten in a row I will catch one left handed then one right handed vise versa until all ten come at me and if I dont I will pay you $500 When I do i will shake your hand and leave I love catching footballs, throwing, tackling, trying to make pre diagnosis of plays analyzing individual players throughout the coarse of the game)

(Growing up and competing since the age of 4, and having film study originally for Motor Cross PW50 is what I raced at 5 yrs old... David Bailey taught me in his instruction videos and he is one of my idols... You do everything fundamentally correct and then repeat and the speed will come. that phylosophy goes with everything sports, throwing, shooting a basketball, tackling, running routes, sprinting even as a kid even with runnin im still a 4.4 40yd person why I believe because I spent three to six hrs a day as a kid running, running routes, playing basketball, My agility is even better and my burst. why from competing and pushing myself always when it comes to competition. Thats something that took me years to understand, life needs to be aproached the same way)

(So once again I say that arrowhead pride is full of THE AVERAGE fan, the Hardcore fan, and fans that have professional football minds... There 3 people on here that have been active for years putting in a ton of hrs that I do think would make excellent scouts for ball clubs there are a couple on here that without letting people know are proffesionals or used to be that give really good insight sometimes) (Yes I feel someone working in the front office with 10-20 minds would look at the collabaration of a 1000 minds knowing that atleast 100 of those people have a good understanding of positions talent scheme rules all that 50 have an excellent understanding and 15 - 25 of those people have professional level of knowledge and a basic sense statement 2 heads are better than one well when a thousand come together on an agreeable plan I would sure hope that out of a 1000 people comming together.

You really think 20 people can do that amount of research and also you think they should not even consider what 1000 minds comes to an agreement on) (WOW I can see why your probably never going to be in a lead position when it comes to organizing anything..., you are really thinks 20 minds without 1000 minds help is better than 20 minds looking into what 1000 minds minimal thinks... that is just WOW)

by kcchiefstd p>

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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