Ask John Dorsey: Is there a QB the Chiefs could take No. 1 overall in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Gregory Shamus Getty Images Sport

New Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey talked with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison on 610 Sports on Friday morning and he was asked about Matt Cassel's future as well as whether the Chiefs could find their future QB with the No. 1 pick in April.

Let's get right to it.

Danny Parkins asked Dorsey if there is such a thing as too steep of a price for a quarterback (presumably the right quarterback).

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"I think there comes too steep of a price," Dorsey said. "When you reflect back to last year's draft, that's one of those drafts that come along every two decades. Maybe every three decades. When you have that many inmpact players in the draft and then when you combine with that many starters, that's an excellent class. Now, time will tell if it's [like] the great class of '83. We don't know that. Time will tell that. History has a way of taking care of those types of numbers but initially right off the bat first year, really good class last year."

So, the next logical question, which the 610 guys hit on, is whether there's a quarterback the Chiefs can take No. 1

"I haven't assessed the entire class yet," Dorsey said.

Dang it!! I was kinda hoping for a specific answer there (yes, I hope for things that I know will not come).

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"I think it would be unfair for me to say this guy can play right off the bat," Dorsey continued. "I haven't given a full assessment, and for me to make comments with regards to whether the player is worhty of No. 1, I would like to study the entire draft, I'd like to study the entire board, I'd like to see how the components fit before even making a statement like that."

So then. What about the guys that are here? Can Dorsey see a scenario where Matt Cassel returns?

"You never say never," Dorsey said.

That was the highlight of his answer -- non-committal. The rest of it was about the process they're going through evaluating the team.

"Now with that being said and done, I can tell you the piles on my desk are large. I'm talking large with different things. What I have been doing for the last three days is I have been trying to grasp my hands around everything. Right now as we enter day three of this process, the coaches are finalizing their evaluations of the team, the head coach is going through this team. By tomorrow I will have gone through our team completely and thoroughly to make some assessments of the overall roster, so then we can then begin to build that plan that we've talked about. That's a three or four different component type of plan we're trying to do so that's why we're having these extensive meetings."

OK, so he doesn't know yet if Cassel will be around. That's fair. It's day, what, four?

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