QB? Anyone? Anyone? Who is in the Market?


Before we test the "wait until the second round game," maybe we ought to look at who's in the market for a quarterback. I did a quick check down to the bottom third of the's the results: (Where they pick, do they need a QB and why.) 1. Kansas City Chiefs - Hello! 

 2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Yes. It was obvious last year that Blaine Gabbert was a lemon. Given his fear of getting hit, sub-par football IQ and poor attitude, he was destined to fail. It's obvious that Jacksonville needs to find a franchise quarterback. Tim Tebow has been linked to the team, and despite homoclitic ESPN groupthink, he would be a massive upgrade.

 3. Oakland Raiders - Maybe. Carson Palmer just turned 33. He's good enough to get a team into the playoffs if he has good talent to work with and a solid defense to support him, but that's clearly not the case. By the time Oakland rebuilds its team properly, Palmer will be too old to make a postseason run. Unless the Raiders think Terrelle Pryor is the long-term answer, they'll need to bring in a young quarterback to groom behind Palmer.

 4. Philadelphia Eagles - No. 

 5. Detroit Lions - No. 

 6. Cleveland Browns - Maybe. Brandon Weeden will turn 30 in October. Nice first-round pick, Holmgren. Cleveland desperately needs a franchise quarterback that the team has never had since its return to the NFL in 1999. The Browns missed out on Robert Griffin, and now there aren't any worthy signal-callers to draft this April. 

 7. Arizona Cardinals - Yes. This is obvious. The Cardinals have started Kevin Kolb, Derek Anderson, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley, Brian Hoyer and Max Hall since Kurt Warner retired. Arizona will probably select a signal-caller fairly early in the 2013 NFL Draft.

 8. Buffalo Bills - Yes. There's a reason general manager Buddy Nix told the media he was going to draft a franchise quarterback. The Bills haven't had one since Jim Kelly, which is why they haven't been to the playoffs this century.

 9. New York Jets - Yes. Mark Sanchez is garbage, Greg McElroy is not an NFL-caliber starter, while Tim Tebow wasn't utilized for some strange reason. It's obvious that the Jets must move on from Sanchez, but his ridiculous contract won't allow that to happen. The new general manager will have to draft a quarterback this April. 

 10. Tennessee Titans - Maybe. Jake Locker has shown nothing to indicate that he can become a franchise quarterback. The Titans will give him at least one more year to prove himself, but they need to bring in some competition. 

 11. San Diego Chargers - No. The Chargers should draft a quarterback in the middle rounds as a developmental project just in case Rivers is actually broken beyond repair. 

 12. Miami Dolphins - No. 

 13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Maybe. Josh Freeman's late-season meltdown should prompt the front office to bring in some competition for him in 2013. 

 14. Carolina Panthers - No. 

 15. New Orleans Saints - Low priority. The Saints should find a capable backup behind Drew Brees.

 16. St. Louis Rams - No. 

 17. Pittsburgh Steelers - Maybe. Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich are both free agents, so the Steelers will have to find a backup quarterback. 

 18. Dallas Cowboys - Maybe. It seems like yesterday when Tony Romo took over as Dallas' starting quarterback, but he'll be 33 in April. Jerry Jones needs to think about finding a potential successor. 

 19. New York Giants - Maybe. The Giants could use a better backup behind Eli Manning than Curtis Painter. 

 20. Chicago Bears - Maybe. (low priority) Jason Campbell didn't work out as Jay Cutler's backup. He's a free agent anyway.

 21. Cincinnati Bengals - Maybe. (low priority) The Bengals should find a young quarterback to groom behind Andy Dalton just in case he isn't the answer.
 So, if you're counting...that's 5 teams with a serious NEED at QB in the first round. 7 more teams with a moderate need and 3 more who will be casual shoppers. Only 6 out of 21 teams will likely not be looking. Again, how many quarterbacks will be taken in the first round?

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