Random and Mostly Optimistic Thoughts about the Changes in KC So Far.

I am a very positive and optimistic person. I always try to find the silver lining so to speak.

That said, I am a Chiefs fan. And last season I found out that my silver lining was aluminum foil.

I honestly still have a couple of games to finish watching because frankly I couldn't finish them live. I normally am even kiel. I don't get too high, but I almost never get too low. But after 2010, I was stoked for 2012.

In 2010 we went 10 and 6, but I don't know if anyone was shocked that we didn't go any further than we did in the playoffs. As optimistic as I am, I saw the holes in the team. But making the playoffs almost automatically makes you optimistic for the the next season.

In 2011, we had CRUCIAL injuries to our starting QB, RB, TE, and SS. Three of them Pro-Bowlers the season before. No team in the NFL could have survived that. So of course we were going to stink. And we did. But even then we were a couple of blocked kicks out of the playoffs.

Enter 2012! We not only had a full offseason, but we got all of our injured players back! And we even had young players who turned corners and some of our biggest weaknesses upgraded with better players! Not to mention Romeo had the team believing that they could win! We could do a fraction of our potential and win 10 or 11 games!

And then...................2 and &$@&#ing 14.


We won 2 games and looked horrible for most of the season.

I was seriously pissed because I knew what was coming...... a new coach, likely a new GM, and likely new offensive and defensive systems. In other words, a REBUILD.

Noooo!! Not again.

Then there are questions about Clark Hunt. "Does he even care about the Chiefs?" "He cares about soccer more than the Chiefs franchise."

If the owner doesn't care, the franchise is most definitely doomed. So again, I was not looking forward to what was coming.

So as usual, as soon as the regular season ended there were several coaches available. We knew we were getting someone, but we didn't know that we were getting the likely best coach available (Lovie Smith maybe?) in Andy Reid. I am very excited about what I believe Reid is going to bring to the offense, but I was skeptical on D.

I absolutely didn't want to move to a 4-3. Now that we have brought on a D coordinator who is familiar with the 3-4 I am elated! And we are moving away from the dreaded bend but don't break? We are going to be an attacking D? I can't wait.

I saw some posts saying that Tyson Jackson and Matt Cassel are out. In my opinion, Cassel likely is out, but there is a chance that Andy can make him a good 3rd string option. And he will definitely be restructured if he stays.

Now Tyson is a different story. Tyson is a powerful powerful man. And he showed what he could do when he is allowed to attack a little. I would be FLOORED if we get rid of T-jax. He will be a monster in an attacking 3-4. Many people still don't get that our line was not asked to attack in most cases out of the base 3-4. I don't believe that JJ Watt would have gotten more than 5 -8 sacks in our old system because they were not supposed to be attacking.

I've also seen some saying that D-Bowe will be out because Reid doesn't like big wr who aren't burners. I honestly can't see them getting rid of Bowe unless we get Mike Wallace, and hopefully not even then. The WR core for the Eagles was very fast, but they had some issues and I think the biggest one was size. Bowe has been one of the best receivers with many of the WORST QB's. And someone correct me if I am wrong, but isn't route running more important than blazing speed in the WC offense? Bowe is no doubt a better route runner than Wallace. I think and hope that Bowe will be here.

And to start this last section, I want to say that Clark Hunt is a PIT BULL!!!

I have been so impressed at how he is getting all of these coaches to come into KC. We have had coaches who could be HCs of other teams interviewing to be our offensive line coach! You know what that is telling me? It tells me that Clark is selling a vision that many people want to be apart of. He had our staff full when most of the other teams with vacancies were still trying to find a coach. And then there is the GM position. I was one of the minorities who wanted Pioli to get another shot. With the exception of Russell Wilson, I don't think he had too many legitimate opportunities to get a good QB. I thought that with a pick this high he could remedy that. I never thought that we would end up with a GM who I would believe could be better than the hopes I had for Pioli. We got the best of the best available in many of the coaching positions out there. Then the Special teams coach from the bears? Wow.

Clark has almost single handedly lit my fire for the future of the Chiefs! I have been saying for a while that we will be SB contenders in the next 5-6 years. I started saying it a year or 2 ago, so it's now looking like we are right on track.......I hope.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the draft. I will lose it if we don't get a QB. If we don't, there should be a good reason. I am on the Geno Smith train so far, but there is too much time and too many events before the draft for me to have a definite opinion yet. I don't understand all of the negative energy toward Geno Smith in this draft, but I know that if he lights it up at the combine and or his pro day, many people will change that tune. For all we know the scouts who are saying these negative things about this QB class are hoping that these QB's are still on the board when they pick. Either way I want Geno so far.

Well I think that about covers everything. Go Chiefs!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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