Best Laid Plans

First Let me say, Im not going QB with the #1 overall pick. I would Franchise Tag Albert if not let him walk... Has major impact on the #1 overall pick no Albert almost have to take Luke Joekel keep Albert things open up.

#1. Talking QBs out of the top 15 in the league including Russell Wilson 66% of those are 1st rd picks. 20% are 2nd rd picks and 14% where taken in rd 3 or lower. So you can deffinatly find your guy anywhere, not just the 1st overall pick.

#2 We are going 4/3 witch means we need LBs I expect both FA and draft additions...

#3 Center was a major issue for us and something that needs to be solid for a young QB. Barrett Jones I feel will be a Pro Bowl Center multiple times I feel we must make it happen. In order to get him we need mid to late 1st rd pick... Seatle has both as GB will likely take him so my first chooice of trading with SF is now out the window. Matt Flynn is solid not as sold on him as Alex Smith but he has more potential to stick.

#4 TE We need competition at TE several options this year to improve through FA.

#5 FS/CB We need another star next to Berry I really feel the right player is already on the roster. With Javier Arenas the skill set is ideal for what you look for in a FS Excellent Ball Skills, Good Vision, Excellent Open Field Tackler. He fits best at FS and I think he is All Pro multiple Pro Bowl potential at the position.

That being said there are a few really solid CB set to hit FA and some good ones in the draft. What moves I make 1st - Trade with Seatle, K, Lewis (4th rd value)T, Jackson (2nd rd Value), 2014 2nd rd and 5th rd for Matt Flynn and their 1st rd pick. Thats a 2nd and 5th for Flynn and a 2nd and 4th for their first rd pick may have to add in alittle more do it... We have Matt Flynn and an extra 1st rd pick..

FA wr-Jennings is more than likely out in GB no matter what happens WRs like to play for Andy I just think Greg will want to be here.. TE - I dont think Micheal Bennet is going to resign in TB there are a few others but this is the player that could really upgrade our TE position.. OLB- only two really stand out that might hit the market, Henderson, minn and Durant, Det get one of them atleast preferably Durant from Det. CB - NE most likely wont want to pay Talib he is an excellent player and Reid has a nack for getting good DBs. Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, is set to hit the market was playing for Reid in Philly and I have a good feeling he will be wearing red on opening day.. excellent pick up for us...

Then here is the draft... 1a - Milliner, CB, Alabama 1b - Barrett Jones, C, Alabama 2 - Arthur Jones, OLB, K State 3 - Niko Johnson, MLB, Alabama 4 - Mushak Williams, OLB, K State 5 - Collin Klein, QB/TE, K State 6 - Doug Florence, QB, Baylor 7 - BPA,

Those moves would fill all our holes and leave us these players to position the best way possible at their given positions...

DE - Hali, Houston ( I feel Houston might be able to play weak side LB the 4/3 aswell) Bailey and we have a couple PS players who I feel have a better chance in the 4/3 and Studbaker to compete..

DT - Poe, Powe, Smith, Toribio

OLB - Brown, Durant/Henderson, Williams ( DJ on some plays)

MLB - DJ (most Plays), Johnson

CB - Flowers, Milliner, DRC, Talib, Brown, playing in the AFC West we face Elite pass throwers to equal that we need a superior secondary that is an Elite CB field.

FS - Arenas, Hartman ?

SS - Berry, ? Even if we where to only keep those DBs active on Sunday Milliner and DRC are both capable of playing in space at safety and inside.

Offense OT - Albert, Winston, Stephenson

OG - Allen, Asamoah, Hudson (playing all three inside as swing player),Lilja

C - Jones, Hudson,

TE - Bennett, Moeaki, (Klein if he doesnt win the starting QB job moves to full time TE dont Tebow him find his spot and get him mastering the craft great player just have to make sure he is in the right role) Maneri.

WR - Bowe, Baldwin, Jennings, DMC, Breaston, Wylie

FB - Demarco, Moeaki, Hillis

HB - Charles, Hillis, Gray

QB - Matt Flynn, Klein, Florence. I feel Klein and Florence are both really solid QB prospects and will not be suprised to see one or both of them develop into really good NFL QBs. Flynn gives us a good option as well and someone we know can get the job done. Why not a QB earlier and then these two late Klein has very similar abilities athleticly and with arm strength as Donovan Mcnabb I feel Reid could work very well with the hard working dependable Collin Klein, Doug Florence just reminds me of Rich Gannon and I would like to give him a shot I personally dont see any more flaws in his game than the QBs being talked about going in the first rd this year I see two great prospects in Klein and Florence and feel this would be an exciting training camp battle to watch. Flynn ove Alex Smith only because we would lose our Center not getting on the board before GB...

What do you think about that off season...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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