You Be the GM: What to Do About Wide Receiver

Dilip Vishwanat

When I was a kid, there was a segment during football games that was "You Make the Call" where you had to be the ref and figure out what the proper ruling was in weird situations. I was a little kid, so I was almost always wrong. But it was one of the things I looked forward to during a game.

Now I'm older, and I don't want to play ref. I want to play GM - like many of us here on AP do.

So with the offseason already upon us here in KC, there are a lot of questions with who will and will not be re-signed this year, whose contracts will be renegotiated, etc. But in looking at our team, I think there are several positions (besides QB) Andy Reid and Dorsey, the new GM, have to make decisions on. They are, in no particular order:

  • WR
  • CB
  • ILB
  • LT
  • DE
  • S
  • P

I'll do a "You Be the GM" for each one of those positions, and today let's start with wide receiver. For argument's sake, I am making the assumption that the Chiefs will draft a QB number one overall. This post isn't to argue QBs or whether that is the right choice. It's to get our eyes off of the QB conundrum and look at the rest of our team. Of course things would change if we don't draft a QB, but in the last 10 years a non-QB has only been taken twice. So let's call it an educated guess, and move on to look at other needs and wants in free agency and the draft.

Okay, get ready for it.

Wide Receiver: YOU be the GM!

Dwayne Bowe is once again a question for the GM. With Bowe we have a high performing, sometimes dropsy wide receiver who can either be franchised again, given a long term contract, or allowed to go the free agency route.

Steve Breaston is an enigma wrapped in a question enclosed in a burrito overlapped with a LOLZ Cat meme. I mean the dude was essentially benched all season. Do you release or keep him?

Baldwin has underperformed, but can Reid and Co. resurrect the hopes we had for him?

Free agents this year may include Greg Jennings, Mike Wallace, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, and Brian Hartline. Free agent WRs last year were scoring huge contracts. So expect to pay through the nose.

There are also some interesting talents to be had in the draft around the 34th pick like DeAndre Hopkins, Justin Hunter, and Robert Woods, and around the 65th pick in Aaron Dobson and Cordarelle Patterson.

Remember, this scenario assumes the Chiefs pick a QB first overall (so assume that dude is starting). You're the GM. What do you do? Do you cut, tag or re-sign Bowe? Keep or cut Breaston? Go after a big name free agent? Or spend a second rounder on a WR?

YOU be the GM!

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