Breakdown of Geno Smith - My take

Chris Graythen

From the FanPosts - Joel

This is my first post on here and I had the day off so I decided to give my take on what I saw from Geno Smith from every game this year. I am not a professional scout, but I played football for 7 years and enjoy voicing my opinion. With that said take it easy on me and enjoy!

A few side notes -I truly believe Dexter McCluster would fit right into an offense if Geno smith was the QB. Dexter possesses much of the same attributes Geno's receivers did at West Virginia. I'm not saying that DMC is as good as them just their play style is similar. Smaller guys that can run the ball as well as catch it in short screen situations. Why not give Geno some of this to make his transition easier.

-Also with Andy Reid, he could help Geno in his progression to be a solid starter in the NFL. I'm not saying that Andy Reid is a cure all and no matter who he takes he can make them good. Its just AR has some good experience with good QB's. Also taking not so stellar QB's and making them work.

VS Marshall

-A little jumpy when pressured

-Good job on the bootleg

-Stares down receivers a little too much at times

-When he does make progressions does a good job with it

-Great at buying time and is smart with the football

-When he has time to sling it, balls look good and on target for the most part

-Some of his receivers are wide open. Could be due to poor play by Marshall

-Smart when running, gets out of bounds or slides, doesn't look for contact

-Geno's rushing touchdown was him turning nothing into something nice trait but cant count on it every week.

-Deep ball looked to have a little too much air underneath it. (the one thrown at the start of the 4th quarter)

-Nice job on the fade throwing it where only his guy can get it

All in all a solid game by Geno. These were just some of the things I saw that stuck out. Here is the link where I got the video


-First pass was a little squirmy but settled in fine

-Receivers are open once again, probably due to poor play by JMU

-Good at escaping pressure and getting out of bounds, Great athlete

-Good job on the fade

-Ran a lot of screens (That's to be expected seeing how VWU offense is set up for that)

-Talent of VWU WR's helps

-Opened up a little and started throwing down field a little more in the second half. Still fairly accurate with those passes though

Once again another solid game, here's where I got my info

VS Maryland

-Stood up in the pocket to make his throw

-The talent of his WR's really helped in this one.

-Looked like he was trying too hard in the game. Some "easy" looking passes that were incomplete

-Good job escaping pressure

-Love the toughness helmet came off and kept playing. (even though he did throw it out of bounds. 4:02)

-Held on to the ball a little long at times

-Threaded the needle on the ball over the middle right between two defenders. (I love his accuracy when hes on 5:40)

-Very quick release

After watching that it was clearly not Geno's best game. He often forced passes and got pretty lucky. There were a couple of throws that could have been picked off. Also he did take some sacks in this game. Did he hold on the ball too long? Maybe. I know his running back didn't help him out at all. One block he just helped too far outside with his protection and the blitzer ran right through for an easy sack. Another one the RB just got overpowered by the bigger stronger D Lineman. Geno just seemed different in this game. Looked like he was trying way to hard to move the ball and threw some horrible passes because of that. He needs to remember he doesn't have to be super man to win. I think having a strong running game at the next level would definitely help. With all that said he did come away with a win but he could have played better. Here's the link

VS Baylor

-First pass too high on a screen, Ouch

-Baylor's pass defense doesn't look the best

-Although I will probably be criticized I like the decision to run when the middle of the field is open. (1:53)

-Some of his passes a little high would like to see him hit the runner in stride

-Who says Geno cant throw an accurate deep ball? :)

-I'm beginning to like Geno's fades a lot (6:05)

-Reads and his decision making look a whole lot better

-Worked the progressions more in this game and did a better job than last week

-Great long pass in stride (8:15) and (8:30), love his spiral

Well I hope you like numbers cause this is for you. Geno went 45 of 51 for 656 yards with a completion percentage of 88.2. Oh yea don't forget 8 touchdowns! Yea these numbers are impressive but you also have to remember neither of the defenses were very good at all. But still it does take talent to do that but some of the talent was brought by his wide receivers. Going up to get balls and making one handed catches, and speed doesn't hurt either. Regardless I love the fact that Geno was able to win a shootout. Winning is the most important thing and I believe he learned a lot from that game. Also I enjoyed seeing his progression develop more, that was huge. The previous week he threw it cause he was forcing it, this week he threw it because the were open. All in all an outstanding game by Geno. Here's the link

VS Texas

-Great accuracy on the short pass for a touchdown (0:20)

-Does and incredible job escaping pressure but also not afraid to stand in there and deliver it

-Couldn't tell for sure but pass looked to be a thrown a little behind the receiver (0:50)

-Maybe a little too quick to pull it down and run with it

-Had some good throws on 4th down. Good to see no matter what down it is, it doesn't phase him much

-Held on to the ball to much at times but threw it away or took the sack rather than forcing it and throwing a pick.

-The sack by the goal line was pure domination by the D End granted he should have held on to the ball. He did have about 3 seconds to throw it. Some people say that's plenty of time to get rid of it though. Also that was Alex Okafor on that sack. He is One of the better D line prospects this year.

-Good job throwing the ball down field, not forcing too much

-To gain 5-10 yards on a QB sneak shows just how athletic he is

-Like his red zone throwing, puts the ball on the right spot

Yea Geno played a solid game he did fumble it twice though. But Texas has a very good pass rush and both of those fumbles were due to offensive line man getting beat. He looked a little rattled but with that much pass rush ill give him the benefit of the doubt that most QB's get jumpy with pressure. He played well and won another shootout. Here's the link

VS Texas Tech

-Once again I like his touch in the red zone

-He got pressured and threw off his back foot. Big no no

-Really did a good job with his passes 10-20 yards over the middle

-Some of his in completions were bad passes, but others came off the receivers hands

-Held the ball too long in some cases then tried to force it

-Shows signs off making his progression through his reads and then is locked on sometimes from the start

-Once WVU was down they looked to just air it out.

Not Geno's best game but not all of it can be blamed on him. For starters TTU had nothing to loose with this game. Also not all of those in-completions can't be blamed on Geno sure there were some bad passes But some of them were gimmes for those receivers. Plus its hard to win a game when your defense lets up 49 points. I think it would have helped if WVU had stuck with what they do best. Short screen game. Once they get them to play up to protect the short passing game that's when they work best at hitting them deep. It looked as though VWU got down and was hoping for some miracle by just letting Geno sling it. Here's the link

VS Kansas State

-When Geno has time he can be effective. But he may hold the ball too long

-Some of his passes were high an he throws into covered areas at times

-Took too much time looking for the big play. Should have hit his check down while he was still open. (2:15)

-His first interception, tried to squeeze one in there and didn't put enough air underneath it. Underestimated the talented k-state defender

-His second interception was much of the same result for the first one, trying to force it, not enough air, and a talented defense.

-Once he got down he decision making weakened. He was still on with his screen and short game but a couple more of his throws were in dangerous territory.

Another game and we start to find out Geno is human. He played a very talented defense. I know he didn't put up many points but its hard to be competitive when your defense is practically non existent. Some of this throws were not the smartest but the two that got picked off I can see his intentions just an athletic play but the other team. It wasn't his best game by far. Here's the link


-The first quarter looked good was on with most of his passes

-Great athletic ability to get something when the play breaks down

-The athletic ability of his receivers helped him again

-Good job with comeback routes on the sideline

-Ran too often sometime he had to though

-Ran the option, having a QB with that capability is nice. Working pretty well with RGIII in Washington. I know Geno is not RGIII.

Its hard to win games when your defense lets up that many points. I truly believe that he would have won this game and a few others if he had a more experienced defense. I was not able to see his interception in this game so I cant really speculate on it. Most of his throws looked pretty good and his decision making looked OK for the most part. Granted not every play was shown he still did good overall. Here's the link

VS Oklahoma State

I cant comment as much on this game as I would have liked. I had a difficult time trying to find footage of this game. I heard that Geno was out the whole first quarter. He still rattled off for a decent day. of what I can see he did OK. Due to not having much info on the game here's an interview from him after the game. . To me this says a bunch about his character. I like what Geno said. He can do everything by himself, it is going to be a team effort to win. Plus he said he needs to go back and check the film and correct his mistakes. There's no problem with that.

VS Oklahoma

-He Stared down a receiver and payed for it with an interception.

-Got lucky with the deep pass at the beginning of the game

-Showed good arm strength to power throws and not have them cut underneath and picked off

-Showed great touch on the deep ball for a touchdown (3:30)

-Shows he can escape the rush and make a smart decision with the ball

-His second pick was a ball that he tried to fit in and was knocked up in the air. Just another athletic play and a defender being in the right spot at the right time. The ball was thrown behind the receiver though.

-Goes with the check down and takes whats there doesn't force it. (4:30)

-Great athlete, hes able to get away from pressure and make something happen (5:10)

-The ability to thread it is something that makes QB gurus salivate (6:05) Also stood in there and took a hit on this play

-The ball he threw on the 2 Pt conversion was right on the money just a drop by the wide out.

-Once again love his fade

-And his deep ball shines again (7:30)

Geno played considerably well in this game. I know he had two picks but overall he played well in this game. There towards the end of the game bad blocking by the o line might have cost them the game. The two point conversion and the last drive proved that. I loved his deep ball in this game. The ability to thread the needle so to speak is just outstanding. He could use some more practice or reps throwing some of those passes. Some were just head scratchers. Here's the link

VS Iowa State

-First play had a guy wide open but just a really bad throw

-Once again shows his athletic ability and then the smarts to slide

-Some easy short throws were missed

-Some of his in completions were result of batted balls at the line of scrimmage and dropped passes

-Bad throw in coverage lucky it wasn't picked (5:55)

-End around shuffle toss play works

Once again Geno made some good plays and some bad plays. He did however get his team a win. He showed great ability to escape pressure and tackles and make something more of the play. A few early throws seemed simple but were missed big time. There were a couple of passes Geno threw that were batted down and were dangerous throws. He was lucky they were not picked. Here's the link

VS Kansas

-Fumbled snap on the QB sneak at the goaline. Hopefully fumbling issues when his under center is not a recurring problem.

-Stood in the pocket to make some good throws

-Once again Geno benefits greatly from athletic receivers.

-Was on target

-Could be poor play from KU that allowed WVU to shine

He overall played well. Yea he threw another pick but one thing I liked about this game is Geno was real accurate. All of his throws looked real good. The one thing that makes me wonder is the fumble he had under center. It could just be bad luck seeing how other QB's fumble while running the sneak. Either way I would like to see him take a lot more snaps under center. Again the receivers busted there butt and made Geno's numbers look better. Here's the link

VS Syracuse – The Pinstripe Bowl

Although I could not find just Geno smiths highlight I found the entire game. I also watched this game live. I must say it seemed the weather had a little bit of a factor. It just seemed Geno Smith could never get things going. His 3 interceptions were mostly due of him trying to force things. I wonder if he was more worried about improving his draft stock rather than just going and playing football.

I'm not trying to bag on any of the other schools, some of them are just not considered powerhouses


- Geno holds the school record for passing yards and completions in a season.

- Heard many reports that he is A football junkie. Always in the film room.

-Utilizes the quick screen and speed of his receivers. This is why his completion percent is so high.

-Works well from play action. (this is nice cause we have a dangerous running attack)

-So many of his snaps come from the shotgun. This kinda worries me

-Very accurate with his passes, even the deep balls

-Does hold onto the ball a little long at times, (id rather see a sack than a pick though)

-Including the bowl game WVU defense let up 38 points a game, hard to win games that way.

At no point am I saying Geno cannot throw the deep ball he does a pretty good job of it in the videos. It is clear though that short passes are his strong game.

Obviously it is still early but Geno has a lot more to prove in the coming months to prove he is the top QB in the draft. I did not like the fact that he decided to sit out the senior bowl. I felt it was needed after a poor bowl game.

Geno's stats obviously were helped by the strong play of his receivers. But look at Matt Barkley. He has two of the nations best receivers playing for him and his stats were not near as good as Geno's.

I did notice that Geno started out games a little rough but once he got settled in he played a lot better. Yes he did have a rough stretch through the middle of the season with some loses, but then again the defense was horrible. His stats are good but winning is the most important thing. He seems like a committed player that just wants to win.

My overall breakdown of Geno is this guy has some talent. Sometime he played worse than the numbers show though, He did get lucky on plays and the fact that he doesn't take as many snaps from under center makes me wonder how easy of a transition he will have to the NFL. It will be interesting in the few months to see what he is able to do at the combine and individual workouts. I went in being pretty high on Geno, but after watching this I do wonder. What do you guys think is he still the best prospect out there? Do you guys want him?

My goal in the coming weeks is to due this to the other top QB prospects. I tried to be as serious and not be biased at all.(Might have gave to much love to k-state though) Leave your comments below on who you would like to see or any thoughts or suggestions you have on my first post.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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