What do you call a 3-4 Defense with no Defensive Ends?




Bob Sutton

Kinda funny to get a different perspective like that.

They are talking about him getting Pace, Scott, and Maybin to perform above expectations, that he has to be a good coach if Rex kept him on staff after being hired.

Oklahoma Jets Fan Club

by Rolling Green on Jan 11, 2013 8:52 AM PST up reply actions


That’s what it might look like on the surface. Can’t really get on them for thinking that.

Plenty of people here came up with reasons Sparano would work out.

Gang Green Nation
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by John B on Jan 11, 2013 9:21 AM PST up reply actions

So the Kansas City Chiefs reached for a Defensive Coordinator? Rex Ryan reached for a Defensive coordinator too? Retained Bob, when he got a new Coordinator? retained Bob same as the previous two Jets Head Coaches?

We should call him Retainer Bob. It appears Bob retained our Linebackers coach and Secondary coach. Some think he is a interim DC, or maybe a transition DC for our new 4-3 defense. Bob could be anything to anyone.



I think anyone that can Head Coach Army to a 44-55 record is a damn good coach.

1991 Army 4–7
1992 Army 5–6
1993 Army 6–5
1994 Army 4–7
1995 Army 5–5–1
1996 Army 10–2 L Independence 24 25
1997 Army 4–7
Army Cadets / Black Knights (Conference USA) (1998–1999)
1998 Army 3–8 2–4 T–5th
1999 Army 3–8 1–5 T–7th

Try this guy on. Bobby Ross

2004 Army 2–9
2005 Army 4–7
2006 Army 3–9
Army: 9–25

The Kansas City Chiefs defense is a Black Slate for Andy Reid. We have a number of great players that can play in any scheme. Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry can play any coverage scheme. We have 3 stud Linebackers in Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, and Justin Houston. The Defensive Line we have Dontari Poe. 6 players out of 11. Where do the Chiefs decide to go in this minute are important.

Andy Reid has said to build a football team he needs 2 DE's and a Cornerback on the defense. He wants to attack the positions he feels are important to the offense. The Offensive Tackles and the QB.

Would it be far simpler to draft a 4-3 Defense with what we have in place? Our existing 3-4 is kaput without Dorsey, Jackson, Pitoutua, and Sean Smith. We have no Defensive ends for the 3-4 defense. We have a number of possibilities for 4-3 Defensive Ends and we have a 4-3 DT/NT in Poe. The Chiefs and every other team in the NFL has sub packages that play more than the Base defense. Some teams play a Nickel or Dime more than a base defense as their Base defense (following that!). The Chiefs have a wealth of secondary players and could certainly add more in the upcoming draft.

4-3 Outside Linebackers cover more than they actually play Run Defense. Strong Safeties run defend sometimes more than they cover. A hybrid position based on Speed vs Size? Why not play Big Strong Safeties in place of small Outside Linebackers?

We could recreate the 3-4 defense by overspending for Jackson and re-signing Dorsey but what is the point in re-creating something we might change next year?

I will find the next few months very interesting in who we become defensively. I guess John Dorsey has his job cut out for him in scouting and selecting the future course of the Chiefs defense.

Go Chiefs

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