Players the Chiefs Must Get Rid Come the 2013 Season

The Kansas City Chiefs had the worst season of football in their history and most say that the coaching staff was to blame. I would have to agree that the coaching staff was bad, but there were many questionable and undisciplined players that shouldn't have been suited up. Now that the coaching staff is set it is that time to get the roster set, this is a list of players the Chiefs need to cut or not re-sign, to new deals come the 2013 season.

Matt Cassel, Quarterback: Do I really need to say anything for this one? Matt Cassel is the definition of emotional roller coaster that describes the Chiefs franchise. Cassel is making way too much money to sit on the bench. He may be the worst quarterback in the NFL and the Chiefs must part ways with him.

Ricky Stanzi, Quarterback: The dude didn't even get to go in this season over the awful Matt Cassel and horrendous Brady Quinn in a pointless seasond, I don't see any need of keeping this guy on the team.

Peyton Hillis, Running Back: When Browns offensive linemen Joe Thomas was quoted saying "Hillis is a cancer to this team." I totally get where he is coming from. Hillis is a fumbling machine and I question his toughness and love for the game of football. Hillis was only on a one year deal, but it would be a bad idea to retain him. The Chiefs must find a new backup running back somehow this offseason, because Jamaal Charles isn't built to run the ball 20 times a game.

Steve Breaston, Wide Receiver: Another guy that is being paid millions to sit on the bench. Steve Breaston seems like he has a bad attitude, but I respected his decision to sit for the Carolina game. Breaston didn't have any production this season and I question his effort. The Chiefs must find a new slot receiver via the offseason.

Glenn Dorsey, Defensive Linemen: I know Glenn Dorsey is a free-agent this offseason, but the Chiefs should not retain him. Dorsey was hurt most of the season and I didn't notice too much of a drop-off from the defensive line unit. Dorsey is a solid player, but by staying in Kansas City he is not going to get paid near as much as his rookie contract.

Steve Maneri, Tight End: I know Steve Maneri plays a limited role on the Chiefs offense, but whenever he was in I did not see many impressive things. From a fans standpoint all I saw Maneri do was commit stupid false start penalties time and time again, and drop Touchdown passes. Depending on Kevin Boss's health for the 2013 season, the Chiefs must find a new backup tight end, because Maneri is not reliable at all when Tony Moeaki goes down.

Allen Bailey, Defensive Linemen: When Allen Bailey was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2011 draft, I was expecting some significant playing time and much needed quarterback pressure coming from the front 3. Two years later Bailey hasn't done squat for the Chiefs. The Chiefs must reevaluate the whole entire defensive line aside from Poe.

On the Brink:

Brady Quinn, Quarterback: I like Quinn's work ethic and leadership, but he should not be the starter. I'd be OK with Quinn coming back another season in a backup role.

Tyson Jackson, Defensive End: Tyson Jackson finally had a solid season in his fourth season of a very disappointing career. Many are saying that Jackson could be a cap casualty, but I would be a little upset if the Chiefs cut him. Jackson isn't worth the money he is being paid, but he is the Chiefs' most productive defensive linemen.

Jon Baldwin, Wide Receiver: This coming season is make it or break it for Jonathan Baldwin. Jon Baldwin is showing more and more signs of being a bust after two seasons and must mature soon or he is going to be out of the league soon. Baldwin has all of the physical tools you need to be an effective wide receiver in the NFL, he just can't put them all together yet.

Dwayne Bowe, Wide Receiver: I believe all of the rumors that Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City. Bowe has a really big ego and I question his effort, but the Chiefs still need to do all they can do to retain him. The Chiefs offense is piss-poor without Bowe and he is by far the best receiver on the team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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