Kansas City Chiefs 7 Round Mock Draft

Hey guys I wanted to share my latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft with you, by showing you my Kansas City Chiefs selections, and my thoughts behind them. To see my full mock check out the link. Enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated:

1st Round: QB Geno Smith, WVU

-I must say I don't love this pick for the Chiefs, but Quarterbacks are still highly valued in the draft process and teams will take them even if they clearly aren't the best player on the board. A trade back would be a better idea for Kansas City, but if they are forced to take Geno Smith I think the Chiefs will be happy. He can be a very good quarterback at the next level with good accuracy and good decision making. I think he has nice touch to his passes, and a strong enough arm to make every throw. He fits in well with the Chiefs given their strong line and rushing attack.

2nd Round: DT Jesse Williams, Alabama

-I've not seen one way or another what defensive system Bob Sutton is using. I know he has a lot of 3-4 experience though, and could see Kansas City sticking primarily with the 3-4. I feel Williams can play in either system, but he's best suited at NT in a 3-4. He could allow Dontari Poe to move to DE, where he is probably a better fit given his burst and wanting to get up field. A Williams/Poe line should help ensure their rush defense doesn't finish in the 20's as it did this year.

3rd Round: CB Nickell Robey, USC

-Robey is considered one of the best cover corners in this draft class and would be a nice addition to the Chiefs talented young defensive backfield. He's a little on the shorter side which could be a problem, but he makes up for it with good technique.

4th Round: WR Aaron Dobson, Marshall

-Wide receiver is a moderate sized need for the Chiefs (though one that becomes much bigger if Bowe walks). Jon Baldwin showed some flashes last year, but Kansas City should look to add some more weapons. A guy like Dobson is an interesting case. He put up solid numbers, but given his size and potential you'd hope for more. I think he can breakout at the next level though, and would be a nice pick-up for Andy Reid.

5th Round: TE Chris Gragg, Arkansas

- Gragg has a lot of potential as a receiving tight end and could be a nice number 2 tight end for the Chiefs in a year. He's not a great blocker, but he should develop as a pass catcher.

6th Round: DE Joe Kruger, Utah

-With Glenn Dorsey on the way out and Tyson Jackson a likely cap casualty more help along the defensive line is needed. Kruger could be a base end in a 4-3 or a 5 technique in a 3-4. He's got some pass rushing ability and could be used in at least a situational role.

7th Round: CB Demontre Hurst, Oklahoma

-This is mainly a depth pick, but I think he can play at the next level, though may end up better suited as a FS.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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