Doug Pederson, the new Chiefs Offensive Coordinator?

Well, if you let Alex Marvez tell it that is:

So, who is Doug Pederson?


Well, we know that he is the guy that may be putting that same autograph on a Kansas City Chiefs coaching contract to become Brian Daboll's replacement as the offensive coordinator.

What some of us may not know... is that Doug Pederson started out his NFL career in Miami as a 25 year old quarterback sitting behind Dan Marino for seven games in 1993.

We may not know that Doug Pederson didn't throw his first touchdown until 1998 with the Green Bay Packers against the Minnesota Vikings with Tyrone Davis being the recipient of that 11 yard TD pass. Also, none other than Andy Reid was his QB's coach for that special time in Doug's life... moments later, he threw another TD pass to Bill Schroeder (this one, for 16 yards.) Good times.

In 1999, when Andy Reid left Green Bay for the head coaching position of the Philadelphia Eagles. Guess who followed him?

If you said Doug Pederson, you must be the smartest person reading this post, because you, my AP friend are absolutely correct. In 1999, Doug Pederson started nine games for Eagles, he threw seven touchdowns, he won the same amount of NFL games that year as the entire 2012 Kansas City Chiefs football team.


Not really, the Chiefs only won two games... remember?

Does a guy with 522 NFL passing attempts really have what it takes to lead the Kansas City chiefs offense under Andy Reid in 2013? Would a guy like Pat Shurmur or Brad Childress make more sense for our offensive offense?


That said, Andy Reid knows a lot more about football than I do and if he thinks Doug Pederson is the man, Doug Pederson is probably the man. He has never called plays before in the NFL, but he has been a QB with four NFL clubs and that counts for something in my book. Besides, "The Doug's" middle name is "Irvin," just exactly how can you go wrong with a name like "Irvin" in the NFL.


Nevermind, I Digress Irv.

So, some of us may now know that Doug Pederson was an NFL QB, and that he played sparingly from 1993-2004. That's all well and good, but just how did he get to the point where he is being hired as the Chiefs new OC.

Does he have any coaching experience at all?

Well, after he retired, he was hired as the head football coach at Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, LA. The Cavaliers were in the state football playoffs all four years that Coach Pederson led the program and finished with a record of 33-7 with an 8-3 post season record.

Scott Ferrell – sports editor of The Shreveport Times – said that there were several reasons that have led to success at Calvary. via From Here.

(Shreveport Times)

“One thing you they got when they hired him (Doug Pederson) was instant credibility,” Ferrell said. “You have a guy that had a long career in the NFL and had a great college career at an area university. He knows how to coach young players and a guy with Pederson’s kind of experience can surely make an impact on a young player. You add that with the addition of disenchanted former Evangel students and you knew they had a chance to be successful. They have been able to develop some great facilities out there (Calvary) and that has obviously helped as well.”

In 2007, Pederson led the Cavaliers to the state semi-finals and a 12-1 record on the season. Calvary was quarterbacked by Jake Booty – the youngest brother of Josh and John David who played their careers at Evangel.

He seems to have some good qualities outside of football as well, such as this:

Pederson is involved with numerous community and charity works including youth groups and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
He is also involved in foundations associated with Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy and hosts the annual Doug Pederson Celebrity Golf Tournament in Choudrant, La.

From here

But focusing on the football side, the Eagles obviously took notice of his coaching prowess. The same month that Scott Pioli took over the GM job of the Kansas City Chiefs (Jan 2009.) The Philadelphia Eagles hired Doug Pederson as their offensive quality control guy (think Jim Bob Cooter in 2012.)

Pederson was promoted to QB's coach on Feb, 8th, 2011 and worked with the Philadelphia Eagles stable of quarterbacks for the last two years under Head Coach Andy Reid.

The last two seasons of the Eagles don't really scream great QB's or please hire people on our staff to fix our offense in Kansas City. So... on the surface, this hire would scare me. I get that Andy Reid is a great coach, I get that he will find us a QB and that we will throw the ball a lot in his version of the West Coast Offense. I get all of that.

But is Doug Pederson the right guy?

I don't know Arrowhead Pride. First of all, I'm basing this entire post off of a tweet from Alex Marvez, so it might prove to be false and meaningless. But, if it's true, is this the right way to go?

Some fans complained a lot in Kansas City about having Todd Haley (the golfer) as our Head Coach, with several people claiming that he just couldn't possibly understand the game without ever really even playing it.

Now, we have a young coach (44) coming in that might work for one of the best head coaches in the league in Andy Reid that has actually played QB in the NFL and it still may not be good enough for some... myself included.

Though, I'm a positive fan. If this is the move, if this is the guy. I'll get behind him, I'll have some hope, I'll break out the Kool-Aid and start pouring KC Super Bowl shots in January. But that's just how I roll... downhill and delusional.

It's great to have some excitement again about this team. Everyday this Andy Reid hire is growing on me and growing on me like a mustache. Personally, I'm putting a lot of pressure on Reid and Hunt to get these hires correct. Am I alone in this thought process, or is everyone else worried too?

Discuss our potential new OC...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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