''We can get a QB in the second round just as easy as in the first'': Sports Bar Myths volume 4

Jeff Zelevansky

You know something, I haven't done a post in a while. And since many of you took a steaming pile on my last piece regarding Steve Breaston, I feel like I have something to prove. My pride has been hurt. But what shall I do one on? Lets see....oh, I got it. Rob Ryan getting fired and how he should be our next DC. After all, I haven't seen a post about that on here. Nah, that's a bad idea. I don't want that windbag on the sideline. How about a mock draft? Never see those on here. No, just not feeling that today. I got it! How about your favorite and mine.....SPORTS BAR MYTHS!!!!!!

This team has not drafted a QB in the first round of the draft in thirty years, THIRTY! I was three years old when Pete Rozelle read the draft card that said the Chiefs select Todd Blackledge with the seventh pick in the 1983 draft. My two younger brothers have never lived to see this team invest a first round pick on a QB. This country has seen five different presidential administrations since the last time we took a QB in the first round. And this team has suffered the consequences of not having a first round/franchise Qb in the past thirty years. Since 1983, the Kansas City Chiefs have three playoff wins on their resume.They have tried the free agent rout and failed time and time again. The closest they had to post season success , was in 1993 when an old , beat up Joe Montana led this team to the AFC Championship game. We haven't won a playoff game since.

With Andy Reid being hired by KC , the expectation is that we are going to take A QB in this draft. But where are we going to draft him is the question. Are we going to wait until the second round or third round to select a QB? Are we really going to pass on a QB first overall for a OT, or A DE? I think it is a huge mistake to wait until the second to pull a trigger on a QB. But the more I keep hearing the talking heads lament the fact there isn't a sure fire QB prospect in this draft, the more I start to bite my nails and worry that we are going to wait yet another year to take a QB in the first round.

I am all in with the Andy Reid hire. I am excited for this team to be coached by a someone that had real success in the NFL for a change. Having said all that, I don't know how I would react if we select anything other than a QB with our pick. I trust Reid, but if we take a defensive end or a tackle first, I will cringe. I will be beyond upset , IF that happens. But I keep hearing that it is a real possibility that will happen. And many people on here would be fine with that. There are no shortage of people I hear on AP , on the radio say, ''you can get a franchise QB in the second round, no big deal if we don't use our first on one''. You know when you hear fingernails on a chalkboard how annoying that is? It just makes your skin crawl instantly. Well , when I hear people say that, it is like having a blistering sunburn and someone slaps me on the back as hard as they can. I literally have pain going up my extremities when I hear those words.

Because it just lazy , non researching, echoing the chorus that I despise. On top of that , it just isn't true. It couldn't be more false as a matter of fact. Yes, I know Drew Brees was a second round pick. But chances are that when you use the same example over and over again, it is the only example for that argument. And the only success story I keep hearing of a true franchise QB being taken in the second round is Brees. At least that is the only example I hear of in the past 17 or so years.

What is a can't miss pick and is there one in this draft?

We'll breakdown the second round QB's and what they have done in a moment. But first, let's address why it is we are even talking about this as an option to begin with. Everyone keeps saying that there is not a QB worthy of the number one pick blah...blah....blah. Well first of all, we don't know that right now. The evaluation process has just begun with these guys. There very well could be one or more QB's that break from the pack as we get closer to April. That being said what, is a can't miss guy? And more importantly , why does it only seem to apply to QB's?

You see , we live in a now society. What happened today, last month, last year is the ways things always were to the general populations eye. Context seems to be lacking more and more these days. When people see Luck and Griffin come out at the same time, they automatically forget the past 30 years. They automatically assume that there is always a clear cut number 1 QB prospect in every draft. This in fact is far from the case. But lets say for the sake of argument they are correct. That there isn't a QB worth the first pick. Fair enough. But then we have to ask ourselves, is there a clear cut, slam dunk, ''can't miss'' guy in this draft regardless of position?

Because I never hear that asked. I never hear other guys being brought up as ''can't miss'' prospects from other positions. So why is it OK to pass on a QB because he isn't a sure thing , yet people want a D -lineman that bust out as much if not more than QB's?

I have been following the draft since 1997. That was the year I really started to get into college football and really started paying attention to the whole draft process in general. Since that time, I can only recall a handful of ''can't miss'' guys. Prospects that annalists universally said were going to be stars.

Just off the top of my head

Orlando Pace LT

Courtney Brown DE

Lavarr Arrington LB

Randy Moss WR

Calvin Johnson WR

Vernon Davis TE

Reggie Bush RB

Andrew Luck QB

Ndamaon Suh DT

Glenn Dorsey DT

Some of those guys on that list turned out to be busts(which should warn you about always listening to the experts) . But at the time they were drafted, they all were elite caliber prospects.So lets compare the guys in this draft to those on that list. We already know that there isn't a RB,WR,TE that is universally thought of as a stud. So with that in mind , is there anyone that compares with those guys as prospects

Offensive line

Depending on what this team does with Brandon Albert , we could be in the market for a new starting LT. And the number one guy on everyone's list is Luke Joekal from Texas A and M. Offensive lineman are pretty safe to take in the top five because of their low bust potential. But we aren't talking about low bust potential, we are talking about elite players. Pace finished fourth in the Heisman trophy voting in 96. That is unheard of for an OL to do. He was as can't miss guy as it gets for that position. Is Joeakal that type pf prospect? I have heard him compared to Jake Long, who was a solid , but not elite prospect coming into the 07 draft . So no, I wouldn't say Joekal is a can't miss , future HOF prospect

Defensive line

Another possibility is D-line. If we got to a 4-3 defense we are definitely going to need more guys up front. Who are the top prospects on the D-line this year? For D end you have Bjorn Werner and for D tackle you have Star Loteleli. Courtney Brown was the DE best prospect I ever saw at the collegiate level. He had a huge wingspan, he had the quickest first step I have seen to this day. He was as fast as a dear and as strong as an ox. He dominated offensive lineman in his time at Penn State. History now shows he was a bust. He lacked a motor and had durability issues. That is now, lets talk about then. Because then , he was looked at as a once in a decade prospect.

Is Bjorn Werner Corntney Brown as a prospect? I haven't heard anyone refer to him as A once in a decade type player. He is somewhat undersized(Brown was 275) and is nowhere near the athlete Brown was. He is a Chris Long type of prospect. A good athlete that has a really good motor, that should be solid at the next level. An elite prospect he is not

Ndomukong Suh was said to be the best D-tackle prospect ever. He was looked at as the second coming of Reggie White. A huge man with tremendous quickness and strength. He was a finalist for the Heisman trophy in 2009. I have to be honest. I haven't seen a ton of Star. But from what I have seen, he doesn't look like a star on the field. Star is basically Donteri Poe, if Poe produced at Memphis. More productive than Poe, not quite the athlete. He never dominated his level of competition like he should have. Some are questioning his motor and focus. We already have a guy we selected in the first round last year that fits that bill. So is Star Loteleli worth the first pick? Well remember, we can only take can't miss guys . And if Suh is the barometer for what a DT prospect should be, no way do we take Star first overall


We all know the circus at corner we had last year. After giving away Brandon Carr to Dallas, this team struggled to find a competent number two guy to go along with Brandon Flowers(Berry makes the pro Bowl but Flowers doesn't???). The Stanford Rout experiment failed miserably. As did the misguided effort to resurrect the career of Jacque Reeves. Arenas held up surprisingly well in that role last year. But even he got exposed down the stretch. And no one thinks he is a true starting CB in this league long term.

The number one prospect at corner this year is Dee Milner out of Alabama. Milner is big, physical , man to man corner that will stick you. He isn't afraid to come up in run support and lay a lick in. Next question, is he Charles Woodson? Woodson was the only defensive player ever to win the Heisman Trophy. He could play any position in the defensive backfield. He could play in any defensive scheme. Bump and run, zone coverage , he could do it all. He was big and fast and had crazy change of direction skills. His balls skills may be unmatched in NCAA history

Is Milner Charls Woodson? No , not close. Milner is not the athlete, nor the cover guy Woodson was at Michigan. He doesn't have near the ball skills of Woodson. He doesn't have the versatility of Woodson. He doesn't have the speed of Woodson. He isn't the playmaker Woodson was. If the bar is Charles Woodson as ''can't miss'', Milner falls way short of that mark


Lavarr Arrington was a special player at Penn State. Penn State is known as LB university and Arrington was on the Mount Rushmore of LB prospects. He is still the best LB I ever saw play at the college level.I'll never forget the 4th and one vs Illinois where he leaped over the line and tackled the RB for a loss. It is one of the greatest plays on the football field I have ever seen. Arrington could do it all. He was 245 lB's with CB speed. He had raw power and would take your head off if he hit you. He could stay with any RB or TE in coverage. Forget what he did in the NFL. We are only talking about college production. And he produced big time

This team needs LB help. We need a MLB bad. A guy that can be a leader on the field for us and get guys in position. Manti Teo seems to fit that bill. Teo finished second in the Heisman Trophy voting , helping his team to a number one ranking in the polls. He is a smart kid with impeccable character. He has leadership skills that are second to none. He seems like he would he a perfect fit here

Teo is a good prospect, he is NOT on the same level as Arrington athletically. And as you saw against Alabama, he struggles to make plays in space against elusive RB's. He looks like he has stiff hips to me. I am curious to see his change of direction skills at the combine. And besides, with more and more teams going into nickel and dime packages on a regular basis, the MLB is coming off the field more and more. The position didn't have the cache it did when Arrington came out. Teams would almost rather have an Ed Reed rather than a Ray Lewis in todays NFL. All things into consideration, Teo is not worthy of the first pick

Then there is Jarvis Jones. Jones was the best player I saw play all year. This guy can play in any system. He can play in any scheme. Rush the passer, stuff the run, drop into coverage,much like Arrington , there isn't anything he can't do on the field. If you are looking for a guy truly worthy of the first pick in this draft, look no further than Jones

One problem though, he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. SS is a narrowing of the spinal column that puts athletes at risk for neck injuries. It is a scary thing, because you are only a hit away from being paralyzed anyway, compound that with the fact you know have a condition that predisposes you to injury and now it is terrifying . Jones is worthy of the first pick. But not with this condition

So if we say that there is no ''can't miss'' prospect at QB worthy of our pick, then you have to look at all the other prospect on the board. And in all reality, if that is the criteria for not taking a QB , then you can't take any of these guys because none are ''can't miss''. And as we have seen before, ''can't miss'' doesn't mean can't bust. And as we went through the list of guys available this year, I can't guarantee any of them won't be a bust. And in all reality that is why people are afraid to ''reach '' on a QB. Because no one can guarantee they won't be a bust. All things being equal, I would rather take a chance on a QB rather than another position. It is too important to get a QB

''Ya, but we can just trade the pick''. Well first off, who is worthy of trading up to get? We say that no player is worth that pick, yet, we want some other team to trade up. You can't have it both ways. And since five teams in the top ten need a QB, if you trade back too far, you can lose out on a QB. But then again, that brings me to my next point

Sports Bar Myths volume 4;

You can just as easily find a franchise QB in the second round

Like I said earlier, this just drives me insane . Because Drew Brees was a second round pick (by the way, he was the 32nd pick a year before we went to 32 teams) and a HOF player , fans and media alike use that to say you can find a franchise QB in the second round. I have heard it at least three dozen times on here, radio, TV, hell, even my brother . So lets set the record straight and really examine all these franchise QB's drafted in the second round. has to be a shitload....right? I'll go back to as far as 1995 because that is when we went to 31 teams, capiche? Ok,lets get started



Todd Collins,Michigan ,45th pick by Buffalo Bills ,1995

Todd Collins had a very distinguished collegiate career as the starting QB at Michigan. Collins ranks third all time for career passer rating at Michigan. When he left the school, he was their all time passing leader . He had the prototypical size at 6'4 228lbs. He was also blessed with above average arm strength. Up to that point, he was one of the most accurate passers in NCAA history. He still ranks second all time in career completion percentage in the Big Ten. The Bills thought they were getting their QB of the future to sit behind an aging Jim Kelly and learn. Collins time came in the 1997 season when Jim Kelly retired

Was he a franchise QB?

Collins had to replace a legend in Jim Kelly. He also had the misfortune of Marv Levy retiring. Needless to say he failed miserably. In his first and only year as a full time starter, Collins was 5-8 as a starter throwing 12 TD's and 13 INT's with a measly 70 QBR. He didn't show his hallmark accuracy, throwing for only a 55 percent completion rate. After the 97 season, Collins bounced around the NFL as a backup. He played for KC from 98-05. He attempted only 27 passes as a Chief and once went a stretch of three years before he ever even saw in game action. His lone claim to fame was taking over the starting in Washington when Jason Cambell got injured in 2007. He won all three of his starts and led the Redskins to the playoffs. His last action was in 2010 when he took over for an injured Jay Cutler in the NFC Championship game, where went 0-4 and got knocked out of the game. Safe to say Collins was not a franchise QB



Kordell Stewart, Colorado, 60 th pick, Pittsburg Steelers , 1995

Kordell Stewart at one time was seen as the future of the NFL. Before Michael Vick, Stewart was scrambling around ,making plays with his feet and arm. He was a prolific college player that may be best remembered for his hail Mary that beat the Michigan Wolverines in the 1994 season. Blessed with a rocket arm and tremendous speed , Stewart was seen as of the first dual threats at QB . The Pittsburg Steelers fell in love with his versatility and made him their 2nd round pick of the 95 NFL draft

Was he a franchise QB?

At first bill Cowher seemed lost on how to use his talented but raw QB. So he had him returning kicks, running the wildcat(wasn't called it back then , not sure what it was called) and catching passes. I truly believe that had Stewart stayed at WR , we would be calling him one of the all time greats. But he wanted to play QB and got his chance at the start of the 97 season leading the Steelers to the AFC championship game. It was up and down with more down than up after that. By the time the 2002 season came, Cowher had tired of his mistake prone QB and replaced with Tommy Maddox, A guy that hadn't played in five years. Stewarts tenure in Pittsburg was disappointing overall . Most of the success he had can be attributed to the coaching of Cowher rather than the ability of Stewart. Stewart was never a franchise QB , although he was fun to watch



Tony Banks,Michigan State, 42nd pick, St.Louis Rams, 1996

Tony Banks was a three sport star at Hoover High School in the San Diego area. He was so good at baseball that he actually played in the Twins minor league system before eventually transferring to Michigan State University , where he became a star QB for the Spartans. Banks finished his career in the top ten of most of the Spartans passing records. At 6'4 , 230 LB's , Banks had the ideal size NFL scouts look for. He also had the arm and athleticism that make scouts salivate. There were some concerns that he would pursue Baseball over Football. This led to him falling to the Rams in the second round. The Rams, desperate for a signal caller , took a chance on the talented but raw QB. Banks was the first QB drafted that year

Was he a franchise QB?

Banks struggled to read defenses and never really had a strong grasp of the Rams offense. He was wildly inconsistent, flashing all the promise of a NFL franchise QB one week, then faltering the next week. In the three years with ST. Louis, Banks was14-29 as a starter, completing only 54% of his passes for 36 TD's and 42 INT's , with a pathetic 5.7 YPA(Brady Quinn terrain). From there , he was traded to the Ravens , where in 2000 , after going three whole games without the team scoring a TD, he was benched in favor of Trent Dilfer of all people. He was later was released and spent the rest of his mediocre career as a backup at Washington and Houston. Was he a franchise QB? He lost his job to Trent Dilfer. So I will let you answer that one.



Jake Plummer, Arizona State, pick 42 , Arizona Cardinals, 1997

Jake Plummer was a highly productive passer at Arizona State. He finished third in the Heisman trophy voting in 1997. He led the Sun Devils to an undefeated regular season and came within four points of defeating the Ohio State buck Eyes in the Rose bowl. He also led a team that ended the Nebraska Cornhuskers 37 game winning streak.Plummer was known for his ability to make something out of nothing , and was given the name ''the ''snake(after Jake the Snake Roberts , get it...yuck ..yuck....yuck). He was a tough as nails, competitive, mobile QB at AZ State.However, Scouts were concerned with Plummer's lack of size, arm strength and sandlot playing style. This no doubt caused him to fall to the Arizona Cardinals in the second round . He was the second QB taken that year

Was he a franchise QB?

Plummer showed a lot of promise his first couple years in the NFL. In his second season, he became a town hero by taking the Cardinals to their first post season birth since leaving ST. Louis and winning their first playoff game (against rival Dallas) since 1947. Plummer was poised to take his spot as one of the best young QB's in the league. However, early in 1999 ,Plummer injured his hand and never regained the same magic he had in 98. He struggled with injuries and turnovers for the rest of his days at AZ before signing with the Broncos in 2003. While in Denver , Plummer led the Broncos to the playoffs in three of the four years he started , including the AFC Championship game in 05. He was traded to the Bucs following the 06 season, but decided to retire instead of playing for John Gruden. So was he a franchise QB? That is kind of tough. He did have some success(mainly in Denver) but he was more of a detriment than an asset for most of his NFL career. I would say he was a solid NFL QB, but far from great



Charlie Batch, Eastern Michigan, pick 60, Detroit Lions

Batch was the definition of a small school stud. When he left Eastern Michigan, he literally owned every single passing record in the book, despite missing all but two games as a junior. He was all team MAC conference. He had good mobility and a solid arm. Many teams shied away from him to to his lack of big level experience. But that didn't stop the local Lions from taking him in the second round of the 98 draft

Was he a franchise QB?

Batch showed a lot potential early in his career. He looked like he could be the QB of the future. But the combination of Barry Sanders sudden retirement and a rash of injuries derailed what looked like a promising career. He then went to Pittsburg where he has been Big Ben's backup for the better part of seven years. Batch never was a franchise QB. It's too bad. He seems like a really nice guy. At least he got a couple of Super bowl rings out of the deal



Shaun King, Tulane,50th pick, Tampa bat Buccaneers , 1999

King was one of the first QB's that excelled in what would eventually be known as the spread offense. King led the Green Wave to an undefeated season in 1998.He set NCAA records for passing efficiency (183.3) and was the first player to have 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing in the same game. He also finished tenth in the Heisman that year. Rumor has it that Bill Walsh (who was serving as the 49ers GM at the time) really wanted King with their pick in the second round. The Bucs, however , beat the 49ers to it an took him with the 50th pick that year. There were questions whether or not King was a good QB, or the result of a pass happy college system.

Was he a franchise QB

King started out on fire his rookie season. He or should I say the Bucs defense , carried the team to the 1999 NFC Championship where they lost to the eventual world champion Rams.After that, it was all downhill from there. King was replaced after the 2000 season and never was a full time starter again. He was 14-10 as a starter and had a career QBR of 73. King was not the franchise QB Walsh or the Bucs thought he would become and actually held back a team that had a championship defense. If the Bucs had a good QB in that time period, they would have won another Super bowl



Drew Brees ,Purdue,32nd pick, San Diego,2001

Drew Brees was one of the best QB's the Big Ten has ever seen. When he left Purdue, he set Big Ten records in most major passing categories. He also took home the Maxwell award and was both the Outback bowl and Alamo Bowl MVP as well as the Big Ten MVP. He was known for being a tireless worker as well as a leader and committed to academics. He was also very active in community work. He finished fourth in the Heisman trophy voting that year. But many scouts saw him as short with a weak arm. They also didn't care for the system in which he played in. He was originally slated to be a top fifteen pick. But he didn't here his name called until day the second round of the 2001 NFL draft

Was he a franchise QB

Obviously Brees is one of the greats that have ever played. He is the guy people point to and say''see, you can get a franchise QB in the second round''. In fact, I truly believe that if he was a first round pick, I wouldn't be typing this post right now, because no one would be making an argument about second round QB's. He is the outlier,the anomaly. And besides, he was taken before we had 32 teams. Had he been drafted the next year at that spot, he would have been a first round pick. The odds of getting Drew Brees in the second round are astronomical . I could almost stop here. But I am having too much fun, so we continue on



Quincy Carter, Georgia, 53rd pick, Dallas,2001

Carter was a two sport star and recognized as one of the best athletes in the State of Georgia. After his playing days at Southwest Decalb High School were over, he decided to pursue a baseball career. He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs with the 53rd pick in the MLB 1996 draft. After not working out in baseball , Carter decided to give football a try. He chose Georgia over Georgia Tech, becoming the bulldogs staring QB as freshman. Carter had an up and down college tenure that was mired in inconsistency. But unlike Drew Brees that went before him, Carter had all the physical tools that scouts look for in a pro. The Cowboys drafted him hoping he could be coached into a franchise Qb

Was he a franchise QB?

Carter was a mistake prone QB his entire career. His enormous talent never translated into enormous production,as attitude problems dogged him his entire career. He finished with an 18-16 record as a starter and threw 32 TD's and 37 INT's in four years in the NFL. He was released by the Cowboys following a reported failed drug test and constant clashes with cowboys coach Bill Parcells. He played one more season in 04 with the Jets and then bounced around to the CFL, AFL and IFL. He now is a High School QB coach(yikes!!!!). ''Hey kids, see this tape of me playing QB''? ''Don't do anything on this tape and you will be OK''



Marques Tuiasisipo, Washington,59th pick, Oakland Raiders,2001

Sopo was a Qb in a LB's body. He was fearless and ran over defenders with ease while at Washington. He had the ugliest delivery this side of Jared Lorenzon. But he was effective while at the University of Washington. He led the Huskies to a Pac ten title and the first Rose Bowl win in team history over Drew Brees and the Boilermakers. He was the Huskies first true Freshman to start a game .He finished eighth in the Heisman trophy voting as a senior. But his height and playing style were seen as negatives going into the 2001 draft. He was expected to go in the sixth round. But the great talent evaluator Al Davis(that was a joke btw) shocked the world and took him in the second round. The Raiders hoped he would be the eventual replacement to Rich Gannon

Was he a franchise QB?

Sopo 's career never took off the way MR.Davis had envisioned . He only had two starts(losing both) and threw 2 TD's to 7 INT's for a pathetic 42 QBR. He only attempted ninety passes in his brief NFL career. He is now the QB coach for the Huskies



Kellen Clemens, Oregon 49th pick, New York Jets 2006

Clemens became the Ducks starting QB his Sophomore season and responded by setting an Oregon Sophomore record for TD;s thrown, passing Oregon legend Dan Fouts. Going into his senior season,Clemens was third all time in passing yards in Oregon history. He went a school record 178 passing attempts without throwing an INT. Clemens went into his senior season as one of the favorites to win the Heisman and a possible first round pick. But that would never be as Clemens broke his ankle in the second game of the 05 season. The Jets thought they could get a steal by selecting Clemmens in the second round to replace their own injury prone Chad Pennington

Was he a franchise QB?

Clemmens never got a chance to start his rookie season, as Chad Pennington stayed healthy and took home the comeback player of the year award. When he finally did get an opportunity to start ,he was ineffective. In 07 while filling in for a yet again injured Pennington, Clemmens was 3-5 as a starter completing 0nly 52% of his passes with 5 TD's and 10 INT's. His only significant action since then was a stretch when started for an injured Sam Bradford in ST.Louis.He went 0-3 as as a starter there



Tavaris Jackson ,Alabama State, 64th pick,Minnesota Vikings ,2006

Jackson was a highly sought after athlete that chose Arkansas because every other team wanted him to play defensive back. Upest with playing time he was receiving, Jackson transferred to North Alabama. Despite being highly productive on the division 1 AA level , Jackson was an unknown heading into the East West shrine game. But he quickly made an impression on scouts with his performance on passing drills. There was starting to be a buzz for the talented but raw QB. The Vikings took matters into their own hands by trading up to get Jackson in the 06 draft. They thought with some time and coaching, he could develop into a solid NFL starter

Was he a franchise QB?

Jackson could never handle the pressure of starting in the NFL and was a turnover machine. He had 35 INT's and 25 fumbles in 34 starts. He was clearly outmatched when in his lone playoff game against the Eagles, he completed only 42 % of his passes. The Vikings decided to entrust their future to a forty year old Brett Favre for the 2009 season. Meanwhile ,Jackson is now a backup with the Bills. It is his third team in three years. Tavaris Jackson isn't a franchise QB



Kevin Kolb, Houston,36th pick, Philedelphia Eagles, 2007

Kolb was one of the most prolific passers in NCAA history. He left Houston as the fourth all time NCAA division one history with 12, 964 passing yards. He threw for 3,000 yards every year at Houston. He had a record fifty starts . He held almost every record for a Houston QB including most rushing TD's by a QB. Although he wasn't the biggest or strongest QB in the draft, scouts were enamored with his quick release, ball placement and accuracy. The Eagles made him their second round pick in the 07 draft

Was he a franchise QB

Kolb filled in for an injured Donavon McNabb in 09 and went 2-3 as a starter. But apparently it was enough of a showing for the Cardinals to give up a second round pick for him. But since he has been in AZ, he hasn't been able to stay on the field. He has missed a total of seventeen games in two seasons with the Cards. And it wasn't like he was winning games when he was healthy.He is 5-8 as a starter since he came to the desert. The cardinals are now in the market for a QB in April's draft



John Beck,BYU,40th pick,Miami Dolphins

Going into his senior season, Beck was rated as the second QB prospect in the nation by ESPN . And he sure didn't disappoint . He completed seventy percent of his passes , 38 TD's and only eight INT's with a 170 QBR. He ranked second all time in passing yards by a BYU QB and second all time in 300 yard passing games by a BYU QB. He also was the Mountain Wests all time leader in total yards. Even though he didn't have a strong arm, the Dolphins took him in the second round

Was he a franchise QB?

Beck should hang out with Brodie Croyle so they can talk about all the big wins they had in the NFL. It would be the shortest conversation in history. You know why? because Beck was 0-7 as a starter. He was cut after only one year in Miami and then was picked up by the Redskins. He spent 2012 as a backup in Houston , where he saw no game action. He is a free agent this year. Lets sign him guys, what do you say Osu-spartans-solid-at-qb-2_medium


Drew Stanton, Michigan State, pick 43, Detroit Lions 2007

Once upon a time , Stanton was a big time pro prospect. He has a huge arm and is a good athlete. I have to be honest, he was a guy I wanted the Chiefs to take a look at in this draft. He had a knack for big comebacks. He led the Spartans to the largest comeback in NCAA history against Northwestern. He was an academic all American. He had everything you wanted in a QB except......durability. He made a china doll look like a piece of titanium. He was hurt every year while at Michigan State. It no doubt affected his draft stock as he fell to the middle of the second round to the hapless Lions

Was he a franchise QB?

His fragility came into play once again ,as a knee injury cost him his entire rookie year. In 08 , A thumb injury kept him out of training camp.He didn't get a real opportunity until 2010 when he filled in for three games for the injured Matt Stafford. He went 2-1 as a starter.He then was traded to the Jets who then traded him to the Colts. He serves as Andrew Lucks backup. I'll tell you what. Everyone talks about bringing in this QB and that QB off the street. Why not bring in Drew Stanton? At one time he was the best QB prospect in college football. I would love to see what he can do with the right coaching. He's worth the small risk it would take to bring him in



Brian Brohm, Louisville,56th pick, Green Bay Packers

Brohm emerged from the shadows of his older brother Jeff to carve out a decent career for himself at Louisville. He was the favorite for the Heisman Trophy until a thumb injury forced him to miss a month. When he returned to action,he led the Cardinals to an Orange Bowl berth where they won their first ever BCS Bowl game. A game in which he also won MVP. Everyone was expecting him to declare for the 07 draft. According to many scouts, he would have been the first QB taken. However, he surprised everyone by declaring he would return for his senior season. While he did have his best year as a passer, Louisville had a disappointing 6-6 season. This hurt his draft stock,as he fell to the Packers in the second round

Was he a franchise QB ?

The move caused a stir because this was the first year or the Aaron Rogers era. Many people questioned why the Packers would make such a move with such a high profile QB on the roster. But the worry was all for nothing , as Brohm never played a single snap for Green Bay. He was released and picked up by the Bills. Brohm has completed only 51% of his passes with 0 TD's to 5 int's. He last played in 2010. He now works as a short order cook at Joe's chicken shack in downtown Louisville KY (kidding BTW , at least I think I am)



Chad Henne, Michigan,57th pick, Miami Dolphins,2008

Henne is one of those guys that just kind of creeps up on you. He never really had any real big games or memorable moments. But then you look up and this guy is somehow the all time leading passer in Wolverine history. What??? What did I miss? Henne was a physically gifted Qb. Blessed with a strong arm and prototypical size, he was a big time NFL prospect. But you always felt like something was missing. Despite all he accomplished, it still felt like he somehow underachieved. Much like another Wolverine QB Elvis Grbac, he seemed to lack a leadership quality. Nevertheless , He was the Dolphins second round pick in 08

Was he a franchise QB?

Henne flashes at times in the NFL. But he never seems to be able to put together a string of good games. He always seems to just get by. He also has had durability issues. He is now Blane Gabberts backup in Jacksonville.He is 1-9 in his last ten starts. It doesn't look like right now he will ever develop into a franchise QB



Pat White, West Virginia,44th pick,Miami Dolphins,2009

Pat White was another one of these multi sport athletes to play college football. White turned down an offer to play pro baseball in favor of playing college football. White was one of the most exciting players to watch at the NCAA level ever. He had over 10,000 total yards and over 100 TD's in his career at WV. He also finished sixth in most wins by a college QB . And finished seventh in the Heisman voting in 09. That Dolphins thought they were getting a versatile Qb that was a proven winner

Was he a franchise QB?

You know, I am starting to wonder if Bill Parcells was giving Scott Pioli QB advice. Because this was the second major gaff Bill made as GM of the Dolphins with a QB. Remember how the wildcat was going to change the game? Remember how it was unstoppable? This was a pick to help out the wildcat. And it failed unimaginabley bad. To think we are laughing now at the idea of drafting a wildcat QB. But in 08 , Parcells was looked at as a genius for making this pick. White never completed a pass in the NFL. And all he had rushing was 89 yards on 21 carries. Yep, if Bill Parcells says he can fix your QB problem, you better run for your life. Now we know why Bill was never allowed to shop for the groceries



Jimmy Clauson ,Noter Dame,48th pick,Carolina Panthers

Jimmy Clauson was a legit first round prospect at one time. He had the moxy, the poise, the accuracy,the confidence . He had everything you wanted in a West coast type QB. He didn't have the a great arm and wasn't an elite athlete.Then again , neither was Tom Brady. But he had many of the other things you look for in a QB. The hype around him got so big , that he was called the next Joe Montana. But he also had some flaws. He had a toe injury that required offseason surgery. He also had an elbow injury that many believed took away a lot of his velocity. He was also rumored to be aloof and have an attitude problem, distancing himself from team mates. But I remember a lot of people in KC wanting this team to draft him pretty bad.

Was he a franchise QB?

It probably should have been a red flag when the man responsible for making him a star(Charlie Weis) Lobbies instead for a 165 LB scatback . But the Panthers drafted him anyways. In his one year as a starter, the Panthers saw enough to say they needed a better option at QB. Clauson was 1-9 as a starter , completed only 53% of his passes and threw 3 TD's to 9 INT's . It seems the Clauson experiment only lasted one yearAndy-dalton-tcu_medium


Andy Dalton , TCU,35th pick,Cincinati Bengels ,2011 draft

Dalton was a talented player from perennial big , small powerhouse TCU. Dalton is the all time leader in passing at TCU . He was the most accurate passer in the 2010 draft. He also had great pocket presence and good mechanics. Still, he had his share of doubters. His arm strength was questioned as was the system he ran in college. That is probably why many other QB's went after him.

Is he a franchise QB?

So far so good. Dalton brought respectability to the Bengels QB position they hadn't had in years. He is 0-2 in the playoffs. That would concern me if I were a Bengels fan. But he seems to be better this year than last year. The more pieces you put around the guy, the more I think he will flourish. As of right now, he looks like the best QB taken in that draft Colin-kaepernick_medium



Colin Kapernick,36th pick,Nevada, San Francisco 49ers , 2011 draft

Kapernick was a dynamic athlete at Nevada.He is the only player in NCAA history to have over 10,000 yards passing and 4,000 yards rushing. He had a huge arm and incredible mobility for his size. But , like many QB's that run the spread option, it was questioned whether or not he would translate to the next level. He also had a funky delivery that gave teams pause. He was never really asked to read defenses. He was thought to be a long term project at best.

Is he a franchise QB?

I think the world needs to slow down on Kapernick. Put it to you this way. Alex Smith was a bust before Jim Harbaugh got there. Now,people talked about him as an MVP candidate before he got hurt. Now Kapernick is coming in like gangbusters. I think his success has more to do with Harbaugh than Colin as a QB. I think next year he gets exposed, but only time will tell


Man oh man, my head is killing me talking about all those horrible QB's . Haven't I suffered through bad QB play enough? Why do I do it? I do it for you the fans. That's right AP, I do it for you. Someone gave a great analogy the other day. I can't remember who it was(wish I could give them credit) But they likened taking a QB in the second round to waiting to go to a garage sale Sunday afternoon. Sure, you might get better deals. But all the good stuff will be gone. That is how I feel about this QB class. If you don't think there is a guy worth the first pick, what makes you think there will be one there in the second round? Thank you as always for reading



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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