No B.S. No Conspiracy Theory's Just the Fact's Jack.

I'm about to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth about what's been going on inside of Arrowhead. Why Scooter

hasn't bitten the bullet and been canned. That's right folks I've got the juice here, the goods, the apples, the onions, and

the pears. It's juicy, real juicy. There's drama too, not the chintzy day's of our lives stuff but the real deal. So you want to

know what happened well here it is.

Ol' Scooter and Clarkie (as I know them buy, because I'm an insider in all) were out having some scotch and some cigars. Clarkie is super cheap (as some of us are fully aware) and was making Scooter buy all the drinks. Next thing you know some super good looking girls walk up and the competition is on! They both begin to bust one another's nuggets about one thing or another in jest trying to impress the ladies. Clark starts to feel his cognac and starts playing a little hard. Tells the girls that he swears Scott pitches a tent every time, he talks to Matt Cassel and is always commenting about his blue eyes. The girls laugh. Scooter blushes. "Whatever Clark he replies". Clarkie goes on not knowing when to stop saying "Yah Scott's so insecure he bugged Todd Haley's office". Growing in anger Scooter get's on his phone calling a close college friend. Scooter know's Clarkie's weaknesses, it's red headed women with raspy voices. Fast forward to the end of the night they wind up at Scooter's place were a red head is seducing Clarkie hard core. He can't resist. Behind a glass of scotch Scooter smiles. What Clarkie didn't realize is that Scooter bugs everything, even his own house. Someone left a candy wrapper laying around once and that's all it took. Clarkie passed out and the red head walked out. Scooter goes, "Thank's Matt, I mean Mabel, it's Mabel now right?" and hands her/him a C note.

Clark brought Scott into the office around mid season, I lost track of which blowout game it was but Clark fired Scott. Then Scott showed him the file called, Clark and Matt, or Mabel. Clark, cried and then threw up. He was had, (this all really happened by the way) so Clark did what his father would have done, he called Marty TheSchott enhiemer as we (insiders) call him. When Marty heard he was miffed. Told Clark when it was all said and done they needed to get an apartment together. Clark had to set him straight and told him that he wasn't that kind of guy but was being black mailed by the hapless GM, who had a real problem with letting his work feelings and personal feelings about Matt Cassel get in the way of literally everything Chiefs. Marty asked Clark if Lynn still owed him a favor. "Linn who?" Linn Elliot said TheSchott with some coldness to his voice that's who. He owes the Chiefs a bunch of favors.

As I type this up right now Lynn Elliot is on Scooter Pioli's front lawn with a menacing stare and a his kicking cleat on.

Well there you have it. True story folks. That's were the current and future franchise rest's it's on Lynn Elliots kicking leg once again. Ironic isn't it? Hopefully he (Lynn) get's the lab top and access to the cloud in which the backup file has been stored. I personally find it morally apprehensible that Scooter would do that and I think he should be let go because of the bribery in and of it's self. I told Clarkie that if Lynn get's the job done he should get the chance to kick a field goal at halftime to when 10 grand if he can hit it from 30 yards. You know what cheap O'l Clarkie said? "I'll push him to forty yards." (Everyone knows he couldn't hit a 30, man the greed of this guy!)Happy New Year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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