5 Bold Predictions For The 2012-2013 Season (Re-do)



Okay Everybody. It's that time. It's that time, every year, that we really do think that the Chiefs have a shot at doing it big this year. But this year is different. It has to be. It has a different feel. Am I right? (Inspired yet?) This is the most talented roster we've had in a long time. Maybe the best team that has been in Kansas City since the 90's. Yeah. We could be that good. COULD. But will we be? That question is just going to have to wait I guess. While we are all unable to focus at work/school without saying "1 more week." or "5 more days" or "I can't wait until Sunday", I'm going to make 5 bold predictions for the 2012-2013 season for the Kansas City Chiefs.

1. Matt Cassel Will Revert Back to 2010 Form.

Even though about every single one of us (including me) here at AP were once expressing our hate for Matt Cassel through our Keyboards, begging for Scott Pioli to make a move to replace Cassel, I think that Cassel has gotten on to some peoples good sides. I'm one of those people. Matt Cassel has too many quality weapons around him in this offense to struggle. Dwayne Bowe is still here. Jon Baldwin will should progress, Steve Breaston will still be consistent. Tony Moeaki is back along with Kevin Booss at TE, and Dexter has been looking great in the slot in preseason. With all of these weapons, not to mention we have a fantastic running game with Jamaal Charles back and healthy with Peyton Hillis, I expect Cassel to have a big year. A 2010 type year.

2. Jamaal Charles Will Be A Top 5 Running Back By The End Of The Year.

Personally, I think right now that a healthy Jamaal Charles is a top 5 Running Back, but a vast majority of fans around the league would beg to disagree. I don't blame them. But I think that Charles will come back great,better than before. Because there are much more people on this offense to account for than there were in 2010, so some of the attention may be taken of JC. I'm not saying that defense will forget about him in any means, but I think it will be hard to handle the Chiefs offense, and Jamaal Charles will use that to his advantage. Also, the Chiefs Offensive Line has improved a LOT since 2010, and that could only help Charles. So buckle up, and be ready for Jamaal Charles to have a huge year.

3. Romeo Crennel Will Be a Candidate for Head Coach Of The Year.

This one is pretty hard to argue. If you watched the Chiefs last 3 games last year, and compared them to the other 13 games, you would find a difference. A big difference. They were just better. They played harder. Romeo Crennel brought the best out of the Kansas City Chiefs last year, and I expect him to do the same this year. The Players were inspired by Crennel last year, and I expect the same thing to happen this year. But for 16 games, not 3. And that will eventually lead to Romeo being a Candidate for Head Coach Of The Year.

4. Someone Other Than Justin Houston Will Step Up On The Defensive Line.

Everybody has been leaning on the notion that Justin Houston will be just as good or better than he was for the 2nd half of the season last year. I'm not saying he won't live up to the high expectations for him, And I am very confident in him, but we sure are expecting a lot from him. He showed a lot of flashes last year, but will it be enough? Probably. But I think someone other than Houston will step up and help Tamba Hali on the D-Line this year? Who? Tyson Jackson. Even though I've been extremely low on Jackson in the past, so much that I even said it could be an option that he could get cut. But I'm getting much more confident in Jackson, and I think that this year will be his breakout year. Success with guys like Jackson usually comes early in their career, but 'someone important' once said that Success come in time. I think that time has run out, and Tyson Jackson will have a breakout year. I think he'll be a great help to Tamba in the pass rush, and also on the run. Jackson could be the key to the Chiefs having a great defense this year.

5. The Kansas City Chiefs Will Win a Playoff Game.

Yes. Finally! After 17 years, The Chiefs will finally have a victory in the postseason! We have waited far too long for this win in the playoffs, but I predict that it will finally happen this year,. Because Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs stellar Defense will lead the Chiefs to being the AFC West Champions, and then winning a playoff game in the first WildCard round. There's too much talent on this team to not make it to the playoffs, and I believe that once they get there, that there will be a victory brought back to Kansas City. Two victories? I won't go there. But one? That's pretty realistic.

Well, hopefully I got you even more excited for opening day on Sunday. Do you agree with any of my predictions? Let me see all yours in the comments! This may be a big year for the Chiefs. I sure hope so. That's it!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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