GIF'D UP: Chiefs offense vs. Saints

Chris Sembower

Beautiful blocking leads to two beautiful Jamaal Charles runs in this week's offensive GIFs. Click here for the defensive version of GIF'D UP. Photo credit: Chris Sembower

Jamaal Charles is very awesome, but it's time to recognize that his offensive line is also quite awesome. At least on his two long runs. Let's take a look at some fine, fine blocking from the Chiefs offensive linemen, tight ends and receivers.

GIF'D UP: Defense

91-yard run

The first two key blocks here are Ryan Lilja and Jeff Allen. Lilja gets to the second level and takes out the middle linebacker. Allen manages to turn his defensive tackle away from the play. Both these players are completely neutralized.

That means if the blocking is crisp on the outside, the play is going to work. Branden Albert basically dominates the defensive end, and Tony Moeaki gets just enough of the safety coming down to spring Charles, who is far too fast for the outside linebacker through the hole. And so he's gone. This was a great run, but the blocking was also great.


40-yard run

The key block on the offensive line here comes from Eric Winston, who does a great job of sealing the left defensive end to the outside. Jon Asamoah does a great job taking out the linebacker, and then the best part of the play...BAM! Terrence Copper destroys the safety. I think this is even more beautifully blocked than the first run.


And speaking of Eric Winston, here's another example of his fine blocking. On this play he seals the defensive end to the inside, again springing Charles. This guy is quickly paying dividends for the offense. Being able to run to the left and right, to the outside, is huge.


Now it's time for "replacement refs are awful but helped the Chiefs win" GIFs. This is our final drive in overtime, and it's pretty shocking to think what might have happened if the following two calls were made. First, we have a clear holding call on Tony Moeaki. This was the snap right before Shaun Draughn's fumble/notfumble, so this drive could have been in real trouble.


A few plays later it's 4th and 1 and...yep, that's a false start on Nate Eachus. How do you like 4th and 6 instead of 4th and 1? That's probably a punt and another chance to win the game for Drew Brees. Yikes.



I think we all saw the game and saw all those terrible, high throws. In lieu of just showing all that awfulness again, here's something that's even worse.

With two minutes left in the game, and the Chiefs needing a tying field goal desperately, Cassel completely ignores the fact that no one is covering Dwayne Bowe. A quick pass here and it's probably a big play. Nope. Cassel is blind.




Earlier in the game, this is how close we came to losing one of those precious, precious field goals. This pass should have been intercepted, but the defensive back totally blew it. Can you imagine if we had lost the game because Cassel had turned it over here? I'd be even more incensed over our quarterback.


Speaking of interceptions, here's the overhead view of Cassel's. Looks to me like he had incredible tunnel vision on Steve Breaston. I don't think he sees the defensive back coming off Baldwin at all.


Oh well. We won.

Here's the Saints version of Darth Maul being super creepy.

Next week: GIFs of Tamba Hali and Justin Houston wrecking San Diego's offensive line. It will happen.

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