Mr. And Mrs. MNchiefsfan coming to Arrowhead for the Ravens game

So... yeah. It's finally happening.

Thanks to the always-awesome JComp, I'm finally making the trip down to KC to see the Chiefs play live. Finally, I'll get to experience Arrowhead up close and in person. I could NOT be more excited...

Anyways, I'm hoping the Chiefs take care of business tomorrow so that the game against Baltimore carries more meaning and doesn't look like as much of a sure blowout (which I'm very afraid of right now), but whatever. More importantly, I want to hear from some of you you are from the area.

Where to eat Saturday Night

First and foremost, Mrs. MNchiefsfan and I will be arriving in KC and spending the night with some old friends. I initially thought they lived in Olathe these days, but turns out their KC residents. What does that mean? That means my meal options just opened up for Saturday night.

My wife and I have exactly one meal on Saturday evening to try out KC RESTAURANT barbeque. I need to know the absolute one place I need to go and the one thing I need to order (preferably a giant order, as I plan on starving myself all day in preparation). I know opinions differ on this, but all suggestions are appreciated, as I've got one shot at this before returning to the barren BBQ wasteland that is MN.

So I want to know, if your last meal was going to be at a BBQ joint in KC, where would it be and what would it be? (and no, H2E, I'm not averse to eating at whatever ghetto joint you name. I want the best food possible).

Next, and even more important...

Tailgating the day of, Touring Arrowhead, and seeing a few of you fine folk

From what JComp tells me, the lot opens up at 8:30. I plan on hassling him into getting there as early as possible, because I want to see it ALL. With only one day, to do so, maybe we won't have time to see everything. I have no idea how much there is to see, quite frankly. Advice in that area would be appreciated (although JComp knows his stuff, it's always good to get other perspectives as well)... with one day to see Arrowhead, what is there to see?

And then, of course, there's tailgating and all of you crazys. Here's the deal, I want to meet some of you, and I want to see what actual KC barbeque tastes like. From what I hear, no restaurant in the city can hold a candle to the type of food floating around the parking lot on gamedays at Arrowhead.

So the most important thing... Is there any way possible to organize a group from here? I know it's been tried before with success at times and no success at other times. But I'd love to meet some of you in real life. So there's two possibilities

1) We decide here a general area to be in the parking lot for an "Arrowhead Pride meeting"

Last Minute Note of utmost importance- our fearless leader, Joel Thorman, has personally said that he could stop by an organized AP tailgate. Holy crap, it just got real up in here. Those of you who know about such things (the ins and outs of an organize tailgate at Arrowhead), let's MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

2) People let me know how to recognize them and find them (which, if you're uncomfortable doing here in an "open internet forum," you're more than welcome to email me if you're interested in meeting up in person for a while)

3) I dress in such a manner so as to be recognized. I'm still trying to talk my wife into letting me wear a shirt that says, "I'm MNChiefsfan." (we'll see where she lands on that idea).

No matter whether I get a chance to meet any of you in person, I'm just STOKED about this. I can't decide whether I'm more excited for the restaurant, the tour, the tailgating, or the game... OK, yeah, it's the game. But it's pretty close.

Hit me back with advise/meet-up plans/insults/whatever here in this post or via email. Hope to see some of you soon!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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