Got questions about the new Arrowhead Pride?

Confused about the layout? Want to know where to find the schedule and roster? Find answers to those questions and more here.

Hey everyone,

We're two days into the new Arrowhead Pride era and I wanted to open up this thread to chat about any questions you have about the new layout and new tools we have. Before that, I wanted to address a few common questions we've been getting.

Q: How is the home page arranged?

A: The "cover" is the section above the fold with the pretty background pictures. The content that goes into the cover will be the content we think is the most important at that time. The posts in there will be timely but not necessarily the newest posts. One thing I hated about the previous layout was that great work by our columnists (KaloPhoenix, MNChiefsFan and others) would get pushed down the river too quickly. The cover is for highlighting the best, most important news at that time.

The "river" is everything below the cover and is in reverse chronological order, just like the old Arrowhead Pride site layout. One difference you may notice is that if we update a StoryStream, we will bump the entire StoryStream back into the river as an updated piece of content. One support request we've filed is to have time stamps on the home page, instead of just the date. I think this will help you figure out what's new and what isn't.

Q: Where can I find links to the schedule, roster, FanPosts and FanShots?


You can also find FanPosts and Fanshots on the left and right side of the home page, respectively.

Q: Sometimes the links in the river or cover go to another site, for example. How can I tell what is from a different site other than Arrowhead Pride?

A: Our support team is working on making the call out to the source of a link/story in the river visible from the home page. This should help distinguish between AP content and others.

These few questions should get us started.

What else do you have questions about? I'll answer them in the comments.

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