QBOTF revisted - not a white flag yet

This new format is killing me and yes I know this is short and should be a fanshot but Im having difficulty adjusting to the new format soo... Here is my holy crap idea that may never happen BUT

Draft Geno Smith.. no thats not the holy crap idea.. but sometimes we think it is and its a running joke given we havnt selected one since I was born.

Moving forward: Select our QBOTF if you dont like Geno fine.. Tyler Bray anyone but Barkley or Landry Jones. Moving forward we see an opprotunity and seize it. Pioli takes a gamble(good one in IMHO) to then trade back into the first round giving up say (and I am no expert on draft pick point value) 5,6,7 2013 picks and a 1st year 2014 pick so that we can select Manti Teo ILB Notre Dame. Ok Ill be the first to admit that I am a fightin Irish Homer but let me elaborate.

Pioli has constructed this team by building a foundation. He has selected players dor depth and compliments. Some of which we do not agree with or scratched our heads the others we were like HECK YES!! ERIC BERRY! WE have Tamba Hali, master of pass rushing and due to a 4-20 issue we ended up getting Justin Houstin Tambas compliment. Both can feed off each other and when Tamba goes off to the big green pastuer of FA or retirment we have Houston in full prime of his career. But what about DJ? He is no spring chicken. He needs a compliment ILB to mold and mentor but also to feed off of. It is the opinion of this APer that Manti Teo is the Hawiaan version of DJ.

Moving forward if you are still with me...Come second round Snag either TJ Macdonald Sfatey USC or a CB from Missisipi state. I cannot recall the CB from Missisipi staes name but hes rranked fairly high as a second round talent as is TJ Macdonald wich, in my opion, would be a very good counterpart to Eric Berry.

Now in the Bingo 3rd round pick we stick with secondart. 3rd round go after Mathieu former LSU CB/S. Yes the honeybadger. Ok Ill duck for a second and embrace the insults. Think about this though: Houston 1st round talent screwed up and is now with the Chiefs with a mentor. He was given a second chance is in full blossom mode. If in fact the honeybadger is there is the 3rd we snag him. He is a versatile CB/S and would help with not only the 3WR sets we face in the NFL BUT being a reliable option on Nickle and Dime packages.

4th round go after another DE/OL for depth behind Tamba and Houston or quite possibly a backup for TJAX or Dorsey whos contracts and or future is unknown to all of us.


1A – QB Geno Smith WVU
1B- ILB Manti Teo Notre Dame
2, S TJ Macdonald or CB from Missisipi State
3. S/CB Mathieu (the honeybadger)

I decided to write this post in light of all of us here at AP finally agreeing this is the year for a QBOTF and we have commented on it so much. I am not waiving a white flag on the season just merely stating my holy crap idea so I can have the dedicated fanatics of AP tear it shreds as we scour the internet for Chiefs news and quite possibly the end of the Ref Lockout.

Agree with me dont agree with me, Love it or Leave it AP tell me what you think! Stay Classy KC and remember to bring Kleenex's for Rivers on Sunday at Arrowhead!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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