A Way Too Early Look at the 2013 NFL Draft

Hey guys, if you're like me then the one thing you do all year round is scout college talent and drool over who you want the Chiefs to draft. Mocks at this point are a total crapshoot because nobody knows where anybody is going to be drafting at come draft day...but, I like coming up with short lists of people I want the Chiefs to draft, if nothing else it makes me enjoy watching college football even more. This year I'm sticking to QB's and Defensive starters/depth for my short lists of people to watch, therefore, Pioli will most likely be looking at tight end haha.

1. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas
2. Geno Smith, West Virginia
3. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

- I don't like Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, or Logan Thomas for the Chiefs but Wilson seems like a legit franchise guy as does Smith and with time and maturity Bray could as well, he also may not come out this year and then look for him to be top dog come 2014

Defensive Line:
1. John Jenkins, NT Georgia
2. William Gholston, DE Michigan State

- There are a few other guys that fit a 3-4 that will be fringe 1st rounders like the DE/DT from UNC whose name escapes me but I honestly see this being a year where we go away from D-line picks. Ro has been doing a pretty fair job and I wonder if we don't at least try to re-sign Dorsey for a team friendly contract or let Ro try his hand at the DE job. I do like Poe long term at NT but I've been all over Jenkins since last year and he is a total mammoth and already plays the Zero tech we all covet so much. Would be interesting to have him and move Poe to DE, not sure if he could cut it there but it'd be fun to find out...kinda. Gholston seems like a good 3-4DE prospect at 6'6' 280lbs just hope he doesn't pull a Vernon (his cousin with the same last name, ask the Jets if still not getting this)

Inside Linebackers:
1. Manti T'eo, Notre Dame
2. CJ Mosley, Alabama
3. Nico Johnson, Alabama
4. Shayne Skov, Stanford

- T'eo is the total package, only concern is does he fit more the 4-3 MLB role or can he be a beast as a 3-4 ILB? He brings a ton of leadership and vocal capability which I think the defense could use a la Ray Lewis and he could captain the defense for the next 12 years. That and I really believe we would have drafted Kuechly at 11 if he was there makes me think this is a possibility. Belcher would make a solid back up huh? The Alabama guys are obvious, Saban coaches a mean 3-4 defense with perennial pro talent ready to go from day 1. Skov is interesting to me, despite injury in the past he has been a beast for the Cardinal's D and could be found in round 2 or 3 most likely, interesting prospect if overlooked by other teams, already plays a 3-4 type look.

Outside Linebackers:
1. Jarvis Jones, Georgia
2. Chase Thomas, Stanford

- Jarvis Jones is a freaking stud. I have been alllllll over him starting last year and he is the reason I was also looking at Jenkins because Jones is just ridiculous. Elite first step, always has to be accounted for on passing plays. If he works on the run stopping and pass coverage aspects he could be truly elite. That said I really hope we're not crappy enough to be in position to get him. Thomas is a great prospect who could be anywhere from a late 1 to an early 3 but has experience and production in a 3-4 look and carried the defense when Skov was out. There are also a ton of guys who could make the transition to OLB like Lemonier from Auburn, Jeffcoat possibly from Texas could make the transition. I'm not sure we'll be drafting this position but it really wouldn't hurt to have some depth behind Hali and Houston (see the Atlanta game for further details)

1. Dee Milliner, Alabama
2. David Amerson, NC State
3. Johnthan Banks, Mississippi State

- these are the studs who I think will be gone before we pick and I also think Milliner will overtake Amerson come draft day due to more exposure, better competition, and better man press coverage ability

6. Micah Hyde, Iowa
7. Carrington Byndom, Texas

- these are the guys who might be there in round 3 to 4 and add quality depth without costing a first or second round pick. Hyde makes sense given the Pioli-Ferentz-Iowa connection thing going on (see Moeaki, Stanzi...) I do see the Chiefs picking a CB as they do every year I just think it will be rounds 3-7ish when they do it not 1 or 2.

1. Kenny Vacarro, Texas
2. Eric Reid, LSU
3. TJ McDonald, USC

- again these are the studs who I don't think we will be drafting, although I honestly would love to see Lewis be relegated to back up duty...I love Lewis and my saying of this means that our safety position would be LEGIT if Lewis was relegated to back up duty because I believe he's the most underrated piece on our defense.

I personally want us to go after Tyler Wilson, the problem is I think he could go #1 overall. But if any year is the year to get a QB it's now, I think we are all of the understanding that Matt Cassel can do well managing games but neither the fans nor front office feel comfortable putting the game solely on his shoulders, we need someone who can.

A special scenario I've devised that is totally nonplausible but super sexy is a tag/trade of Dwayne Bowe to the Rams with our 3rd rounder for the higher of their 1st rounder and get Wilson followed by the coupling of our remaining 1st and 2nd to move up for T'eo. Drool on that one.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I'd love to hear anybody's thoughts and or other lists of people who you are following. If this should be a fanshot instead please move me there and I apologize in advance!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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