Win Journal 2012: Kansas City Chiefs

It was a normal football Sunday in latish' September, the Chiefs were taking a trip down into Cajun country to battle against the winless New Orleans Saints of Super Bowl XBox live XLIV championship fame.

The teams were each staring into the face of 0-3 records, rabid scrutiny from the media, less loyalty from their respected fan bases and everything that comes with being labeled a three time loser with no wins in the National Football League. There isn't a locker room in NFL existence that practices for that stigma with hopes of actually achieving it.

Prior to this epic battle of the victory challenged, our Kansas City Chiefs were being prayed upon by the local media. Two games into the season and local flapping lips were calling for changes in triumphant fashion. Everything from: "Fire Scott Pioli" to "Why the hell does Clark Hunt own this team if he doesn't want to win", could be heard or read in Kansas City. Of course, you also had your typical fire the head coach and offensive coordinator takes as well, but when a team is losing this early in the season with godawful play and little effort, things tend to drift towards the dramatic. Especially in a city that hasn't been back to the big one in four long draining decades of disappointment and dreadful drafting.

Up to their aint's in offseason bounty drama, the New Orleans Saints founds themselves at home for this contest and hungry for a "W." As abysmal as the Chiefs had looked against the Buffalo Bills defensively in week two, this was going to be no easy task in the "Big Easy" for the red and gold.

In fact, some might even say it would take a miracle for the Chiefs to pull this off win. Or perhaps at the very least, a laundry list of unrealistic goals for the team to accomplish in four quarters of on the road football.

Ridiculous things, such as:

Jamaal Charles rushing for over 230 yards and actually having 30+ carries.
Justin Houston smoking piling up three sacks.
Ryan Succop hitting six straight field goals.
The Chiefs having almost twice as many first downs as a team QB'd by Drew Brees.
Winning the time of possession battle by over 16 minutes.
Overcoming an 18 point third quarter deficit on the road.
A 91 yard rushing touchdown.
Also, maybe just one safety to be well, safe.
That's all you need to win guys ~ Romeo Crennel (reading the list to the team pre-game.)

Sounds reasonable enough... right?

Not in the first quarter it didn't. The Kansas City Chiefs defense came out the gate hoping to fend off the Saints with Matt Cassel's dirty unmentionables from the Buffalo Bills game on a stick.

The results?

The Saints went marching on down the field 83 yards in 2 minutes and 42 seconds capped by an easy touchdown pass from Drew Brees to Lance Moore. Matt Cassel's soiled shorts were barely noticed by Saints, but surely the Chiefs would respond offensively... right?

In usual Kansas City Chiefs fashion, they responded... and not with what you are thinking either. It wasn't the sacred three and out, punt tactic. No, no, no, silly's, it was that other Chiefs staple. The field goal. Yep, the Chiefs drove down the field just to stall in the red zone with everything on the line, in a must win game. Bink. Three points.

These shenanigan tactics continued into the third quarter, but then somethings really quickly happened:

The Chiefs were quickly down by 18 points.
Beer was quickly emptied from various containers around the world as Chiefs fans guzzled their seasons hopes and dreams looking for touchdowns in liquid form.
Jamaal Charles lighting quickly remembered that he was Jamaal Charles:Charles_medium

From that moment on, a chain reaction of sorts happened. It's almost like the Chiefs realized the weren't in practice any more... and Brian Daboll said, "You mean Jamaal Charles is available for carries... why the "Speed and Bleed" didn't anyone tell me that?"

Justin Houston bonged his way into the backfield three times in this game, including an epic safety on Drew Brees.
Side Note: Remember when Justin Houston was slightly hated on Arrowhead Pride for being labeled a stoner after being drafted and not reporting to camp on time? Good times, AP.

After missing a field goal in the Atlanta game that had a nice portion of Chiefs fans looking up how to make voodoo dolls of Ryan Succop on Google for fourteen days straight. Our very own Mr. Irrelevent decided to put on a kicking clinic in the NOLA.

Which included the game winning kick in overtime... Way to go Ryan Succop, I'm not going to lie. I thought you would miss almost three or four of those kicks. Props to you for proving us wrong and saving many pets and children from being abused this week.

The Chiefs made me proud this past Sunday. Proud because we needed this team to freaking win and they found a way to do so. No, it was not the way we prefer and it was not the way that makes us feel good about potentially getting a win against San Diego on Sunday and we didn't escape the game without a few injuries at prominent positions. However, it was a victory. For our team, our city, our fans, our players and a coaching staff that was on the brink of being torn apart by questions of why they weren't winning with the most talented roster we've seen in Kansas City since Dick Vermeil was the coach.

True, it was ugly, it was an impossible comeback, it was a heart attack roller coaster that almost killed me, it was not a Matt Cassel triumph, it was against a winless team, but it was a win for the Kansas City Chiefs. As well as the first win entered into this Chiefs yearly journal and that my friends is all win.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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