What I Saw: A Win



The win was ugly with only one TD among the 27 points. Most points were off the edge of Ryan Succop's boot but this was a team victory no matter how you slice it. I don't care how bad Cassel was, this was a team victory.

Sadly all is not well with this victory. We did suffer some casualties in this fight (Dex, Rodney and Hillis we are pulling for you). Oh and Hillis, I hope your ego didn't get damaged any more than it already has.

What I saw after the jump...

  • Defense FINALLY showed up- All I have to say is about damn time. It feels good to know that, for once, the offense didn't have to bail the defense out for a change. Justin Houston went into Beast Mode and had 3 sacks and a Safety, Derrick Johnson had a sack and Stanford Routt had a pick. The rush defense was stout and you were not going to run on this front seven. The shifty backs have been able to do some damage BUT you are not going to run up the gut on this Red Wall. Luckily for the Chiefs, the Chargers will be relying on a still injured Ryan Matthews and former Chiefs Le'Ron McClain and Mr. Preseason Jackie Battle. I am not worried.
  • Puff, Puff, Pass Rush- In the first three weeks the Chiefs have played the best offense, the best defensive line and the best offensive line they are likely to face this season. Once the Chiefs got their pass rush going, Drew Brees was made pretty uncomfortable. The fact that a Chief not named Tamba Hali are the ones getting sacks is showing something. Even Eric Berry nearly got a sack but somehow Brees got the ball away. I have little doubt that Rivers will be comfortable with a UDFA starting at LT (and you thought getting rid of Gaither was a bad idea). Worst day ever anyone?
  • Jamaal Charles is back- If ever you were to doubt whether he would return to 2010 form, have no doubts no more. He shredded that Saints defense for the tune of over 200 yards (even though 130 of those came on two carries, he still had 100 yards otherwise). He had the same number of yards as the WHOLE Saints offense. Either JC is that damn good or the Saints rush defense is that damn bad. I say that it is a bit of both. Glad to have you back Jamaal.
  • Cassel did just enough- Look Matt Cassel was not good today but he did just enough to keep us in. Did he leave receivers out to dry? You better believe it (sorry Dwayne Bowe). But he made a couple key throws that kept them in the game (the scamper 20 yards back to connect with Baldwin being the big one). Keep in mind that he still had 200 yards passing. He may have tried to do too much due to the last two weeks where he has had to put the team on his shoulders. He may not be the QBOTF but he is our best bet.
  • Offensive Line- After Rodney Hudson got injured, Ryan Lilja came in to play Center and that allowed rookie Jeff Allen to play LG. Oddly enough, the line looked better like this. After Hudson went out, Jamaal had his 91 yard TD run. Protection was better and so was the run blocking. I am going to hold off my real opinion until I see more but I liked it. Get better Rodney.
  • Records all around- A few records were broken today. Ryan Succop broke the franchise record for FG's in a game, Jamaal had the longest run in franchise history. There were others too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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