Life on a Clipboard



Well, Maybe more like life via a yellow legal pad attached to a clipboard. My stepdad Joe, was an only child growing up in Farmville (Higgensville) Mo.

I never asked where the Legal pad of chores to do came from, but it was always there for me growing up. Joe was a salesman, a good one. A hard worker in business and off.

Around 1967, My stepdad and our little family moved into a house at Lake Lotawana and commenced to homestead. I remember a field taller than me that was our yard. It didn't stay that way long.

Dad's legal pad had a plan. We (Me even at seven years old) had chores. By the age of ten we were cutting down trees with two man saws as dad directed. Built a pair of Dog pens too. White German Shepards. I remember a litter of 10 from the Gal named Fang. Puppies made up for so many chores and the sweat and the work. We had Dogs, Shetland ponies, and Rabbits. We grew corn. We lived Country in the Suburbs.
Then Dad had a new plan. A store. A Pet shop. He planned the entire thing and we helped build it. Tropical Fish. It was awesome and it was hard. Long hours of work cleaning and maintaining 60 aquariums. My bucket list was endless. I always found happiness in feeding the Fish. We sold Dogs and Birds eventually; We even had a Raccoon and Skunk in the basement for awhile. My love of Animals came from this.



I remember as I got older the tasks got longer and the tasks did not always get crossed off. I don't remember ever my Dad being mad about the clipboard. It was my job, once he put pen to paper.


A plan on a clipboard does not create wins in real life. It gives direction to effort and if the plan is followed success. The Chiefs have the plan on the clipboard. The clipboard is held by capable men.

The execution of the plan has been dismal so far this young season.

I look around my life now. I got a clipboard for my finances, a Clipboard for my latest work project, multiple pads of past thoughts and deeds done now. I work up my posts for AP on a yellow legal pad or as now in Notepad.
The plan is not the seen, hardly ever is the product the original vision.
We can stick to the plan awhile longer? Or Bitch?
We will both :)
Go Chiefs

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