Broken Bicycle

Ok AP, I was on a bicycle ride just enjoying the hills of South East Missouri and then the damn pedal fell off. The left side pedal fell right the heck off. To my credit it’s my wife’s bicycle and to my discredit I didn’t do the proper inspection prior to operating as I have been taught through my years of being in the Army. I digress. I began to tilt and ate some asphalt. After cursing up a storm and then laughing at myself I had a good 1 mile plus walk back to my lovely neighborhood. As I began to walk back I started thinking about my beloved Kansas City Chiefs. Follow me after the jump

Throughout the first 2 plus weeks of NFL season play we have asked the questions: Who, What, Where, Why and How?!? Who is to blame? What is up with our Defense? Where did the pass rush go? Why isn’t Jaamal and Petyon running like they used to? How did we end up like this? Let me give you my 2 cents on the eve of game 3 vs the Saint’s.


Who is to blame?

Everyone. But that doest solve the problem. Everyone is to blame for the lack of performance. From the GM down to the 4th string CB. Everyone needs a shakabuku:

Shakabuku defined:

It's a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.

What is up with our Defense?

To put it mildly; Lack of depth, still. Yes we did address some depth issues However; we did not address ALL of the depth issues. We need quality depth at Cornerback, Saftey and ILB. If I had to rank the depth Issues I would say we need:

1st: ILB – Possible candidate: Manti Teo Notre Dame

2nd CB – Possible candidate: Jonathan Banks Mississippi State

3rd S – Possible candidate: T.J. Macdonald USC

Obviously we cannot draft them all but these are kids I have been watching this year thus far. This is not a white flag let’s talk mock draft post, just a small anecdote on that lack of depth.

Where did the Pass Rush Go?

Being that we are currently in a passing league and the importance of having 3 quality cornerback to compete is a must; we have not had the time nor presence to get at the QB. Tamba missed week 1 and for all intents and purposes he missed week 2 as well. I believe if we fix the ILB and CB issue the flexibility of our pass rush will flourish. The Pass Rush is there but if Tamba and Justin don’t have time to get to the QB due to the lack of secondary coverage its al for not.

Why isn’t Jaamal and Petyon running like they used to?

It is this APers opinion that Jaamal is still recovering from his knee injury (mentally) and Peyton (from what I have seen thus far) doesn’t seem to have that thumping factor we have seen before. He still trucks defenders but his velocity stops drastically than before. I do not anticipate having Peyton Hillis beyond this season. Which is a shame because I love they guy.

How did we end up like this?

I may be repeating myself but again lack of quality depth. Bottom line. End of story. We did spend money. We did bring in quality veterans. However we did not address all the issues. It’s simple clean cut and clear. WE believed the hype of the paper Kansas City Chiefs and we thought we were better than we are. WE are still missing pieces to the puzzle but it’s not that many. Just a few KEY pieces and we won’t have to temper our expectations.

Just like my wife’s bicycle in which the driving force (the pedal) fell off the Kansas City Chiefs driving force of this team fell off.

Offensively : Jaamal just isn’t back yet (and I hate that saying, like what ESPN has been saying about Manning week 1 “Hes BACK! Week 2 “ Is he really back?” - sheesh) Peyont Hillis may just very well be a stop gap RB until we see what Draughn has or even Cyrus Gray. I don't know, time will tell. Last, the obligatory Matt Cassel sucks reason. Yea he is really mediocre, just like every other QB the Chiefs have had post Montana (Trent Green was not THAT great). Is it a great time to get a QB next year?

Yes.. It’s always a great time to get a Franchise Quarterback. Mr Pioli, if he knows best for self-preservation, will draft a QB to buy him time (not my original thought I heard this on Fescoe in the morning and agree with it), and if he gets the right QB we will be happy. I personally am hoping for Geno Smith but that debate is going to be in January or maybe week 7 depending on what our record is. I digress once again….

Defensivley: Lack of quality depth in ILB and Cornerback. Again as I have stated above, in todays league we need 3 quality cornerbacks. Brandon Carr was a quality Cornerback. Is he worth $50 million? I do not think so BUT as Jerry Jones said” If you want quality players you sometimes have to over pay for them”. So hindsight 20/20 we should have paid Carr and got Routt but I’m not the GM. As far as ILB; Belcher is a stop gap ILB. We need a beastly ILB. We have to have a ILB that can cover because that’s what they do, they rush, they spy, they cover TE’s and cover RB’s on the flat. I believe we should get Manti Teo but I’m a Notre Dame homer.

Love my words or hate them. Leave your comments below and say what you like but after eating asphalt I decided to take my anger out by contributing to the best website on our boys in Red and Gold!

And one last thought: Last year we were in this very same position: Staring at 0-3. I personally would rather the Kansas City Chiefs excel and go to the post season or tank so that we can be in great draft position to actually due something worth while. No I am not saying its another "Suck for Luck" season but until we address the key issues I think are important we may just be mediocre for a while...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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