Accepting Mediocrity



Well, what to say? I think the Angst has been articulated pretty well. I don't think there is much room for more, although the case could be made that the entire team (including coaches and GM) should run wind sprints until they puke. What should Pioli do with this team? I'm for pulling the pin. A major shake up right now, today, is the only chance this team has to make significant change. It most likely won't happen but if it did and it failed, what have we lost? We are headed for disaster at worst and missing the playoffs at least, on the current course anyway.

I've heard many fans still clinging to their slim (and probably misguided) hope that this team can turn it around. All the comments about how it's only 2 games, there are still 14 to go and look how this team turned it around last year after Romeo took over, are of course constantly (and correctly) refuted with the "teams that start out 0-2 only make the playoffs 12% of the time" argument. Really folks, what have you seen from this team that makes you believe that these two games are just some aberration? That somehow, magic kicks in this week and it turns around and we still win 10 or more games this season? Conversely, what have you seen from this team that reminds one of the Cleveland Browns from 2005-2008?

All we have is what we've seen on the field and what we've been told from the coaching staff and some players, ad infinitum, about how they've got to 'figure' it out and how they've 'got' to get better. Frankly, that song has been played so frequently it's becoming the Chiefs anthem. I'm tired of hearing it, and I think many of you are too.



Once again, the Chiefs find themselves facing an uphill battle after only 2 games of the season that literally puts redemption farther away than it was when they started. Once again this year, we head into game one without being at full strength because of injury and suspension.

That's Ok, the proletariat Chief's fan base said, we just have to bow up and kick some ass anyway. It didn't happen. Matt Cassel and the lunch bucket brigade started out as if they actually had a plan. To a certain extent, they did. They had changed up 2011's Keystone Kops, which three and out technique do we use this week offense, to a more passing friendly, Brian Daboll, can we please throw the ball out of the shotgun offense. This was something that I and other Chiefs fans had mentioned as something we'd like to see.

Right out of the gate, it looked like it might work. Cassel and the offense moved the ball down the field and actually scored some points! Wonder of wonders! Could it be that the Chiefs anemic offensive production could finally be on the mend? Would we finally get to see some high scoring Chiefs football?

We got to see some high scoring all right--from the other team. The Chiefs defense played as if there wasn't a nickel's worth of difference between it and last years rendition. So, what did we learn? I don't know about you, but I learned that a defense can suck with or without an off season to prepare, a player lockout by the owners and sparkling camp reports about how well the team is doing.

What did that offense do after such a promising start? They folded up the tents and began playing like rank amateurs when Succop missed a FG. There was no more innovation, no spark and nothing but dejected faces coming off the field time after uneventful time. What did we learn from that? I learned that my concerns about Daboll were well founded. Any OC can put together a passing attack. Only a select few are true game managers capable of changing plans on the fly to adjust to what they see on the field. Right now, I have nothing to make me think that Daboll is one of the latter and not the former. Week 2 merely added fuel to that fire.

In Week 2 we returned to full strength, adding back in those players (primarily Flowers and Hali) that oh so many of us thought would change the outcome. We were playing a team that was struggling in it's own right and had put up a similar showing to ours in week one. Injuries were finally hurting the opposition and not us. It was gonna be a great week to get well. Not so fast said coach Galey. You gotta beat us first.

It didn't happen. In fact, in week 2, I would say that most fans would be hard pressed to say that the team improved on the field at all. Some might even be inclined to say that they played worse. Given the score in the game, it's hard to argue against that. Kalo just released his analysis of our defense last week and low and behold, based on what his eyes saw, the defense didn't adjust to the play on the field. Contrary to popular belief, running the same package over and over and expecting a different result is not called adjusting. Actually, it comes close to the definition of insanity.



Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result has been referred to as the definition of insanity. I'd at least call it inept and disappointing. Call it whatever you want, it isn't getting us any wins. Those are the facts of the case and they are not in dispute.

So now what? It's week three and looking back once again at Romeo's record, he's never won a week three game as HC. Ever. Can he beat the trend? Will it make any difference? Going into NOLA and trying to win versus Drew Brees and the Saints is a tall order under the best of circumstances. Actually, going in and playing them this season, given the troubles they have had should be in our favor. If our coaching staff had shown any ability to motivate players and scheme the offense and defense, we might just be in position to win this game. Now? Now there is nothing to hold onto except Romeo and Daboll's increasingly declining win/loss percentages. That ain't gonna feed the Bull Dog.

If this team looks similar this week to what they looked like in week 1&2, this season is a bust. The odds are very long already for this team to make the playoffs and another loss this week is just about the final nail in the coffin. Have you looked at the Injury Report this week? It looks like Dr. Frankenstein's shopping list. Gotta love a coach that coddles those players with hang nails and broken eyelashes.

With upcoming games against San Diego, Baltimore and Tampa Bay the road doesn't level out, it gets steeper. A loss tomorrow may just be insurmountable for this teams 2012 season. If they hit the bye at 0-6, who'll be betting that they have a winning record, much less make a playoff game?

I know you all are tired of hearing me discuss the actual performance of this team in relationship to my concerns since the end of last season. That's cool. The reality of this team's abysmal performance this season has turned out even more disappointing than I had thought. K-man has already cut and run from AP based on what he's seen in the first two games. I wonder how many others have already tuned out? Babb and Mellinger have laid the blame squarely at Pioli's feet. Unless you believe we have stellar coaching and idiotically incompetent players, you have to admit that's where it does belong.

I'm still nursing the smallest of hopes that somehow magic does indeed return this week. The Saints are as weak as I've seen them in the last 2-3 seasons. The possibility of getting lucky does still exist. The problem is, it's Drew freak'in Brees for crying out loud. I'll wait to see what happens tomorrow before I write it all off, but I gotta tell ya, the fact that hunting season is just around the corner is becoming more and more important to my Sunday afternoons.

Good luck tomorrow Chiefs. I hope you are not willing to accept mediocrity. I know I'm not. Loosing an arrow on this



Is a whole lot less mediocre than watching another three score loss on the football field.

Genesis 9:2

The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth and upon every bird of the heavens, upon everything that creeps on the ground and all the fish of the sea. Into your hand they are delivered.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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