Repost: From November 2008

I wrote this FanPost in 2008 on AP. I don't even have to reword it for our current Chiefs 4 years later. This is a verbatim repost from 2008, when Carl and Herm were in charge. Has anything changed 4 years later? Do I even need to change a word of this...4 years later?

Here is the link to my original FanPost if you want to compare (I tried to hyperlink it, but apparently SB Nation version whatever hates iPads, so cut and paste like it's 1999).

This wasn't written about 2011, it wasn't written about 2012, it was written about 2008... 4 freaking years ago.

4 years later, 2 GM's, 3 Head Coaches, 5 Offensive Coordinaters, 3 Defensive Coordinaters, 4 QB's and we are in the exact same place we were then. SUCKING.

Chiefs Fans, You Are Excused. An Open Letter to Clark and the Fans. November 23, 2008:

The Chiefs dismal performances aren't new territory, but fan sentiment is. Chris wrote about losing the Arrowhead Advantage and, now, I feel it merely sitting at home.

At moments today, I thought I wanted to write a scathing post about the Chiefs game against the Bills. Then, I realized, I don't care enough to write it anymore.

I'm not abandoning our team by any means, but we are drained as fans. We are drained of optimism. We are drained of anger. We are drained of embarrassment.

Clark, fan anger is profitable. Apathy is dangerous.

Even during the late 80's, I never reached this point. I have now. Much of it stems from the fact the things we rail against today are things we argued over last year and years before that. The problems have simply not changed, and the will to continue the same arguments/positions, when we all know the only answer, has subsided.

Are we defeated? Maybe. No more debates. No more arguments. No more, "Ah, buck up, son. We'll get 'em next week."

There is only one thing to do anymore. Wait it out.

Until the GM and Coaching staff change, nothing else will. Our frustration will remain, our apathy will grow, and our PRIDE will continue to wither.

We need leadership. We need an owner who will lead the way by showing up to a Chiefs game when he has better things to do...just like the fans have better things to do.

Clark, you show up to the poor performances, even though you have somewhere else you would rather be, to provide stability, to provide LEADERSHIP, to say, "I am here with you in these tough times."

The owner, by choosing to not watch our crap team today, gave every fan a pardon for the rest of his tenure to choose to do something else rather than go to the games. Fans, you have been excused.

Yes, I know his beloved soccer team was playing in a championship game. Clark has stated that soccer is the sport of the future. Do you know anyone who watched it? If he didn't go to the soccer game, would the KC Star have written about it? Would the soccer fans have taken it personally...and if they did, would it have cost Clark the money that neglecting the Chiefs will?

Do you think Clark would have skipped today's game if the Chiefs were 7-3 heading into the game? No, he had a winning team to watch. He had something more productive to do. From here on, so do we.

I/We will still watch every game, but until the GM and Coaching staff changes, I never want to hear anyone blame a single Chiefs Fan for not going to the game.

Clark can go to the games for free. We pay through the nose. He chooses to not watch it in person. You have the right to not watch it in person.

If Clark wants to continue his Soccer Quest in the US and the UK, he may need to pay attention to the business that pays for it, and the people who pay for it.

In the meantime, Clark, try emphasizing the "Home of the Chiefs."

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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