Know your strengths

Consider this a plea from a fan to a Coach. last year as we neared the end of the season, I saw something in KC I haven't seen in my 30+ years as a Chiefsfan, I saw a team rally around the Defensive Coordinator as he was stepping up to fill the hole left by the far too late firing of Todd Haley. Not just the Defense but the whole team, the closest thing to this I can remember is the support of the fans and team when Gunny got the call to try his hand as a HC (anyone care to remember how bad that went?)

I'll get to my point after the jump.

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Defense? You are a Career Defensive coach, you have been a position coach for defenses, you have been a DC, and you have tried your hand as a HC, now for the 2nd time. And on both occasions your Defenses have failed as a result of not getting your attention. Granted I will concede that you were not surrounded by Talent in Cleveland, nor were you completely without it. But here in the Stadium that Boasts 116 decibals on Game day, the land of Defensive Legends, DT, Neil Smith, Hasty, Carter, you have ample talent on the 1st string at least, and granted most of them have been limited by injuries but you have to see even with blinders on that it's the scheme that's not working. Either they can't play it or you can't coach it, but something needs to be done!

Let's start with the antiquated Cover 2 Defense, the infamous "Bend don't Break" defense. IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE AN OFFENSE THAT CAN ESTABLISH A LEAD EARLY!! Sorry for yelling Romeo but I worry that you might not hear us, the fans, because as you may have noticed we aren't in the stands anymore. We're at home watching because no one wants to cry in public. But I digress, the Defense...You need to start utilizing your talent, you can't expect to rush 3 and put consistant pressure on QB's, you must use Hali, Houston, DJ, Berry, Arenas in Blitze packages to pressure the opposing QB, we don't have the luxary of a Tom Bradyunder Center that can lead us back when we lose a step on D, we have "the 7th round draft pick that never started in college but Scott Pioli absolutely refuses to admit that he's wrong because his father in law is the Big Tuna so he must know football Matt Cassel" under center. So that means you have to have an aggressive Defense that puts the ball in his feeble hands as many times as possible because as you may have noticed, Cassel needs roughly 10-12 3 7 outs to get into rythem and start putting TD's on the board, this means your Defense needs to give him that many in the first quarter in order to get ahead!

Ok, Ok, i know that's not realistic, how about instead we look at it this way, if the Defense takes the ball away then they don't get scored on. Simple enough? I understand that "it takes time" for a Defense to gel and beable to know that your safety is there when you make a play at the LOS, it takes trust to know that the other 10 guys will cover you....but why does it take your defense longer than every other team in the NFL? MOST of these guys have been playing together longer than you've been in town, which begs the question ...Is it a coaching issue?

Romeo, in the recent press you have "looked like" you are throwing your team under the proverbial bus to CYA, that doesn't feel, look, or sound like the RAC that we know & (at least used to) love. Take ownership, admit that maybe being a DC and a HC might be a bit much for you, get some help Romeo, and I don't mean a DC, I mean an asst. HC maybe, to let you work the magic I know you still have in you on this Defense and get us back to where we should be before it's too late! If you Can, you might just save your job, Piolis & heck maybe even Cassel (he can still hold a clipboard next year)

This is all said out of Love Romeo, love for you, love for the players, and Love for the best fans in the NFL.

What started as an earnest plea for the Defense may have turned into a Cassel bashing, but let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy a little Cassel bashing? Go Chiefs!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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