Letter to Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt Following Loss to Bills

Welp, I got angry and wrote a letter to management after the Chiefs loss to the Bills. Here's what I wrote. Enjoy.

To Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli, of the Kansas City Chiefs Organization:

First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tommy, I am 20 years old and I was born and raised in Kansas City. I moved to San Jose, California about five years ago and I am still a die-hard Chiefs fan. I will always love the Chiefs organization for all that it represents, through rain and shine, through wins and [depressing] losses. The point of this letter is not to belittle anyone in the organization in regards to the recent performances of this Chiefs team, but to make an honest observation about the current regime, and why the fans think it is faltering.

My first complaint is directed at General Manager Scott Pioli. You were welcomed into K.C. as you promised to build a team that "would consistently compete for the Superbowl every year". You used some key pieces that were left over from the previous regime, such as running back Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, Derrick Johnson, Brandon Flowers,Brandon Carr, and Tamba Hali to build your dream team around. As of now, these players are the most promising players on the team (none of them were players you drafted). You brought Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel on board, hoping that Cassel could be the franchise Quarterback here in K.C.

Well, after a one and done year in 2010, an injury plagued 2011, and drafts that have yielded injury prone players, career backups, and a notably ineffective defensive line, we were supposed to see the "real Matt Cassel" shine this season. Well, "the real Matt Cassel" has shown us that he cannot complete a variety of deep passes (as the gameplan features no aggressive field stretching plays), he cannot consistently read opposing defenses, that he panics in the pocket, and that he does not have sufficient velocity on his passes to make tight throws. When I watch passers such as Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers, I feel as though they are in acompletely different league than Matt Cassel, in every facet of the game. I mean those guys really sling that ball around, and they can make any throw you ask them to make. But you know what? It's totally fine if Cassel has his limitations, because under you, Mr. Pioli, the Chiefs are built to be a run first team that plays big on defense right?

Except that in 2012 Jamaal Charles is still trying to get his legs under him, and new running back Peyton Hillis has been running mindlessly into holes that don't exist, as well as fumbling on the goal line. He's supposed to be a powerful, bruising back when in reality he's spending his time bruising the backs of his own offensive lineman. The Chiefs couldn't stop the Falcons once on defense in game one (the falcons put up 40 on the Chiefs at Arrowhead), and they only stopped the Bills a few times (the Bills put up 35, without Fred Jackson). So my problem with the 2012 Chiefs team is this: They aren't consistently running the ball. They aren't consistently playing defense. And now they are relying on the arm of a Quarterback, Matt Cassel, who has consistently proven that he does not have an arm that can be solely relied on to insure a victory. Six out of the last seven seasons, this team has started 0-2.

As a fan that has put forth a considerable amount of time and money into this team for jerseys, tickets, etc., I feel I speak for all of Arrowhead when I say that we as fans deserve better than this. Kansas City deserves better than this. I, a fan who has donned his red in The Black Hole at Oakland and at the Chargers Qualcomm stadium every year for the last five years, deserve better than this. The Chiefs represent something bigger than just an Arrowhead on a helmet, they represent a humble, hard working city, a city that I proudly call my home. So Mr. Hunt, if you get a chance to read this letter, please don't take any hostility from it, because as I said, I will love and support the Chiefs until the day I die. But I sincerely think that you need to take your lumps, and admit that bringing Scott Pioli to Kansas City was a bad decision. As much as I supported Scott Pioli, his guidance hasn't made this team any better, in fact, all the wire tapping allegations against him have made this situation even worse. His choice to bring Cassel in was a gamble, we all knew that and supported him because a gamble was something this organization needed to take at the time. But this organization went a step further by letting Cassel have the keys to the offense for this long without being challenged for the job, when he hasn't shown that he is talented enough to win games. He hasn't shown the ability to get the best out of his teammates, nor out of himself. There are even a lot of rookie quarterbacks that are outplaying Matt Cassel right now, and with that said i'm sick of supporting a team that doesn't put enough effort and money into making sure the team wins on Sundays. A couple of rough years is one thing, but it's been 42 years since we've won a Superbowl, it's been 19 years since we've won a playoff game, it's been 4 years since Pioli has been the GM of this team, and it's been two weeks since all of us fans have affirmed that Scott Pioli and the Matt Cassel experiment have failed, and failed miserably.

Please make the Chiefs relevant again,

Tommy McDowell

Concerned Chiefs Fan

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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